Linking up with Anne in Residence for her Currently series. Today we are sharing what we're currently gettinggoingplanningposting, and thinking.

{It's Bluebonnet Season // April 2022}

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday so we decided to take a topless backroads drive to see the bluebonnets and pick up some sushi! This is one of my favorite spring-time traditions of ours! 


What an awesome weekend we had!! It was full of just the perfect balance of busy and productive! We enjoyed time with family & friends, worked an awesome Jeep event, and did some major yard work at home. Here's a look at our weekend...

{Chicken Coop Update // Easter & Spring // 2022}

The last time I shared my coop it was decorated for St Patrick's Day. Quickly after decorating for that holiday, I learned that I was not a big fan of the green on my coop! But, I stuck it out until after St. Patty's Day. And then I had to stick it out a bit longer due to the weather! lol. I was finally able to get in and redecorate for Spring & Easter. I am loving these colors so much better! So, here is my chicken coop in all it's Easter & Spring glory and boasting that new sign I made...

{Weekend Wrapup // March 2022}

 Getting back to the basics of blogging around here (or trying to, at least). I used to do these weekend-wrapups all the time and I loved them. It's so much fun to look back at a weekend in our lives at a certain time/season in our lives! It's crazy how weekends change over the years. This weekend was a good mix of busy and being at home. Those are the best kinds!!


When we first reno'd our chicken coop, I made a round wood sign to hang on the top of the coop. I loved it and it was pretty adorable. I made the flowers on the sign to match those in the flower boxes. However, at the time I didn't think about changing out the flowers in the boxes with the seasons! So then the flowers on the sign never matched those in the boxes and that bothered me. lol. Anyhow, over time the sign started to weather and it was time for a new one. So, I whipped this one up...

{Welcome to the family, Skye // 2022}

While we were at Canton First Monday picking out our new hens Mason somehow talked us into letting him get a new pet...

Meet Skye...

{Welcome to our flock // Dixie & Dolly // 2022}

 We welcomed two new girls to our flock this past weekend! Meet Dixie and Dolly...

{St Patrick's Day Chicken Coop // 2022}

 A few weeks ago I shared my chicken coop all decorated for Valentine's Day. Well, I just updated it for the next holiday...St Patrick's Day!! 

{Mason // Skateboarding // 2022}

 Mason is obsessed with all things skateboarding right now! The other day it was absolutely gorgeous out so we went to play on our skateboards! 

{New Mexico Trip // Ruidoso Sledding and Funtrackers // Day 3 // Feb 2022}

Day three of our New Mexico trip was spent in Ruidoso. We did all the touristy things...

{New Mexico Trip // Cloudcroft, Alamogordo, White Sands NP, & Ruidoso // Day 2 // Feb 2022}

 On day two of our trip, we planned to drive over to Cloudcroft and then down into Alamogordo/White Sands. We'd make a day of it. We love taking the backroads from Ruidoso over to Cloudcroft. It's so beautiful! I get so excited every time we see wildlife, snow, reservations, etc. 

{New Mexico Trip // Ruidoso // Day 1 // Feb 2022}

 One evening we were visiting with my sister's family and they mentioned wanting to make a trip to the mountains in Ruidoso. All I needed to hear was the word "mountains" and I was IN!!! We told them we'd love to take them there and show them around since we've been there several times before! Thus began the planning of a Ruidoso trip!!

{Valentine's Day Chicken Coop // Feb 2022}

 One of my favorite things about my coop is being able to change out the decor for each holiday! I have two window flower boxes that I switch up the flowers in and I usually hang a decorative sign on the door. I recently decorated for Valentine's Day and I am loving the pops of pink and red! 

{Ice & Snow // 2022}

 Texas got another February snow & ice storm! While we were anticipating the worst, it wasn't nearly as bad as last year. We at least kept our electricity this time, and temperatures didn't drop quite as drastically. 


 Our sweet Willow Jade...


Sailing during a pandemic...

What was it truly like??


 I wanted to share a quick little tour of our stateroom (7614) on the Disney Wonder cruise ship! When we were planning for the cruise, it was hard to fully grasp what the room looked like and what we needed to expect. There were general pictures, but I know if I were able to find a specific video/tour of our exact room, I would have been ecstatic.


 Day five of our cruise was our disembarking day. We were so bummed to get off the ship. We had so much fun and could have easily done a few more days. Our wishes were somewhat granted when we couldn't get to port due to heavy fog! They closed the channel and we had to wait several hours until the fog lifted! More time on the ship...

{Currently // January 2022}

 Linking up with Anne in Residence for her currently series. This month we are sharing what we are currently anticipating, organizing, reading, resolving, and scheduling. 


 Day four on the ship was another day at sea (sailing back toward home). This was also Nathan's birthday!! What a lucky guy to get to celebrate his birthday on a cruise!! 

{DISNEY CRUISE // DAY 3 ON THE SHIP // Cozumel // 2021}

 On day three we arrived at the beautiful Cozumel, Mexico!! Nate and I went out on our verandah for a bit to watch other boats and see the beautiful waters!! 


Day two of our cruise was at sea! It was a full day and night of sailing towards Cozumel. We started our day off with a little time out on the verandah, watching the waves and water! I loved having this option to get some fresh air any time we wanted or needed it! 

{Disney Cruise // Covid Test, Embarking, & Day 1 on the ship // 2021}

Monday morning came and so did all the nerves. We were all so anxious and had so many mixed feelings and emotions taking up residence in our minds. As a Mama, I wanted this so bad for Mason. I couldn't bear the thought of his disappointment if we weren't able to go. But as a sister, daughter, friend, etc. I was so bummed for the ones not able to come with us. And so bummed at the thought of it not working out like we hoped and planned. 

We checked out of our room, grabbed some breakfast, and headed to the parking garage/shuttle.  We didn't know what lied ahead...

We got to the cruise terminal with plenty of time to spare. Everything was moving pretty smoothly so far. We checked in our luggage and then waited until it was our turn to get in our first line. We didn't have to wait too long before that time came. It started getting more real by the second. However, we had to keep reminding ourselves to not get too excited just yet. We still had a Covid test we needed to pass...