{National Infertility Week // Our Story}

Today I am changing things up a bit. Instead of the normal Five on Friday I wanted to talk about infertility. This week is National Infertility Week {April 23rd through the 29th} which is a week to bring awareness to infertility. I am sharing our story and journey through infertility. We are currently about 5 years {combined} into this ride and now in secondary infertility.

{The Guys Behind the Blog // April edition}

Time for the Guys Behind the Blog - April edition!! I love getting to feature Nate on the blog each month and always look forward to his answers! Most of the time I can predict exactly how he would answer them and sometimes he totally surprises me. Here are his answers for April's edition of The Guys Behind the Blog.

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{This Past Weekend // Sleepovers, Antique Alley, a day at home}

Happy Monday!! What another great weekend we had. It was one of those that I didn't really want to end. Or at least not so soon. It was filled with the perfect balance of busy and relaxation. I am already looking forward to the next weekend. Here is a look at our past weekend...

{Five on Friday // Storms, Mason & Diesel, Art Gala}

Happy Friday!! This week was fairly uneventful for us. We didn't do much besides church on Wednesday and an Art Gala at Mason's school on Thursday. Other than that we were just at home. Oh, I gave up all diet sodas a week ago on Thursday. I started having some health concerns and decided I was done with soda. I've had nothing but water and a couple of sweet teas since. I feel so much better and can definitely tell a difference. And I tried sushi for the first time. It was a fried roll with avocado, jalepeno, cream cheese and crab. This is big for me because I eat ZERO seafood and I am not adventurous when it comes to food. So, maybe it was kind of an eventful week for me. Mason had a couple of rough days at school, so that was a bummer. One lunch lady keeps putting the entire cafeteria on "no talk lunches" and if you know my son then you know he doesn't do 'no talking" very well. He said, "Mom, I can't not talk. It makes my brain hurt." I totally get it, buddy. I do. That was Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week was better for him. Tonight is bible study and we are looking forward to that. Here's a look at our week...

{Five things that are bringing me joy right now}

We wrapped up a bible study at church about true joy and how it's God's will for us to experience joy. It is so easy to feel weighed down by drudgery & everyday things and so I want to document the things that are bringing me joy right now. I hope to do this every so often. Today I am sharing five things that are currently bringing me joy.

{Easter 2017}

Easter 2017 was nothing short of amazing and could easily have been one of our best Easters yet! It was the perfect day filled with celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and family time.

{This Past Weekend // New Glasses, Lake, Easter}

Happy Monday! This past weekend was one of those weekends you never want to end. It was filled with so much amazing; family time, church time, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and so much more. I feel so grateful and humbled to be living this life with these amazing people. Thank you, Jesus. Here is a look at this past weekend...

{Happy Easter}

Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

{Little Letters // Vol. 4}

I found the Little Letters link-up by Kristin at Taz and Belly's blog back in December and I couldn't wait to start linking up. I had so much fun writing my Little Letter's post in January and February and now March! If you haven't checked out this link-up I highly suggest it. It's nice to take a break from all of the serious and to just write a fun post! Here are my letters for April...

{Five on Friday // Easter Bunny, PTO Convention, Magic Jelly Beans

Happy finally Friday! I know I said last week was long, but this week takes the cake. Nathan and I both got sick with allergies and I have a cold as well. With that being said, we didn't go to church on Wednesday and that totally threw off the week. It was so weird to be at home on a Wednesday, but we needed the rest. I was asleep before 9 pm that night and it was glorious...until I woke up wide awake at 2:30 and couldn't breathe or sleep. I didn't fall back asleep until sometime after 4 am and then was back up at 6. And on top of everything else I have been dealing with some back issues this week. Not sure if I pulled a muscle or just slept wrong or what, but it's pretty annoying. I am falling apart. haha. Anyhow, I'm happy it's Friday. Here's a little bit of what went on this week...

{Reading and Writing with Ben the Rooster}

I was first introduced to Ben the Rooster through Dara at Not in Jersey and thought it was such a neat service. I loved seeing her son reading and writing to Ben and knew that Mason would love it, too. Our boys are the same ages! Ben the Rooster is a monthly barnyard penpal subscription service for kids ages 2-8. It was created to help kids grow a love for reading. What parent doesn't want that for their child?

{The Kids Behind the Blog // April edition}

Time for the April edition of The Kids Behind the Blog. If you're new to the blog and not really sure what this link-up is all about you can read all about it here. Basically we provide you with 5-7 questions to ask your kid(s) each month. Then you blog about it and come back here to link-up. My co-hosts and I love to hear the things that kids say and that's why this link-up was born! This month we focused on questions about Spring and Easter! Here are Mason's answers for this month...

{Easter Basket Link-up}

Today I am joining some of my sweet blog friends for an Easter Basket link-up! Every year I have so much fun collecting things for Mason's basket. And, I am always curious what other people put in their little's Easter baskets so I love this link-up! I hope you'll join us.

{12 ways to have a Christ-centered Easter}

How to have a Christ centered Easter
I mentioned in my Easter Scripture post that I want to be intentional about Easter with Mason. It's so easy to get caught up in the Easter bunny, the candy, the festivals, the egg hunts, etc. and we forget about the true meaning of Easter. Which is that Jesus died for our sins and rose on Easter Sunday, giving us the gift of eternal life. The cross meant to kill is our victory!! As Easter nears {and always} I want to Easter to be a sacred celebration and a time to reflect on the hope of His resurrection. Below are some of the ways that I do this. Some of these dates have already passed, but maybe you can incorporate them into your Easter in the years to follow.

{This Past Weekend...}

Another great weekend in the books! Man, I just love weekends. Our week days are usually really good. Mundane, but good. But our weekends? Oh how I just love those. They are filled with so much friend, family and church time and I just can't get enough. This weekend we switched things up a bit which I am sharing about below...

{Five on Friday // And an announcement}

Happy Friday! Man, I just love Fridays. Especially Friday's that we have Bible Study and fellowship with some of our favorite people. I just can't think of a better way to start a weekend!! We are also having Easter with my family on Saturday and we're very much looking forward to that. And if the weather cooperates then we'll have Sunday Funday at a lake after church!! But for now, it's time for Five on Friday...

{Spring Break // By the Numbers}

I was horrible at keeping up with the month of March by numbers. Awful. But, I did great at tracking our spring break trip by numbers! Go figure! Here's a look at our spring break trip to the Texas Hill Country by numbers.

{What We're Reading // Vol. 4}

We're back for our fourth edition of "What We're Reading"! Thank you to all you that have linked up with us thus far. It's been fun to see what everyone else is reading. My book list is now never ending and I love it. I've recently rekindled my love for reading. Here is a look at what we are reading this month.

{Scripture for the tired and busy Mama}

Scripture for the Busy Mama

Truth is, I stay tired. I’ve always been borderline-anemic and now have Hypothyroidism which basically gives me no chance at being the energizer bunny that us moms sometimes need to be. No matter what medication or how many vitamins I take I am still tired. 

{This Past Weekend...}

Another amazing {but flew by way too fast} weekend in the books! It was another super busy one for us, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We have been making so many incredible memories lately and cultivating special relationships. You just can't beat that! I'm starting our weekend on Thursday because really that's when the fun began. Here is a look at this past weekend...