{Pinterest to Project // vol. 10 // Tic Tac Toe game}

When I first stumbled upon this pin I knew I had to make it! Mason loves playing tic tac toe. And, I knew it would be a perfect little something to take camping with us. There's always a bit of downtime when camping and sometimes we like to play games. This DIY Tic Tac Toe game takes up no space at all and the game board holds the actual pieces! Here is how I turned this DIY Tic Tac Toe game Pinterest to a Project...

{Wheeling at Hidden Falls in Marble Falls, TX}

This past Saturday we road-tripped with some friends to Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX. It's about three hours south of us, but it's a fairly easy drive. We had a complete blast and we're already ready to go back. This is my 2nd favorite off-road park so far (first is Hot Springs Off-road Park in Arkansas).  It was beautiful and offered so many great views and photo ops! The trails were also very clean and pretty well marked. Oh, and the map was one of the easiest to read, which is a plus. So often the trail maps are hard to follow and you just end up winging it. But, not the case here. If you're an off-road enthusiast and ever in this area, I highly recommend it.

{Weekend Wrap-up // Movies, Jeeping, Sunday-ing}

Happy Monday! Another weekend gone by too fast. I looked at the date this morning and it literally took my breath away. How is it already June 24th? Summer is going by way too fast for my liking! I mean, we must have been having fun for it to go by so quick, but STILL! More summer, less school! Anyhow, here's a look at our weekend. Spoiler alert: it was a good one!!

{What to pack for a day of off-roading}

We are going on a wheeling trip this weekend and as I was making my list of what to bring on the trip I had an idea to share it here on the blog. I don't think many off-roaders follow my blog yet, but it may help someone in the future. So, without further ado, here is a list of things to pack for a day of off-roading.

What to pack for a day of offroading - Hall Around Texas

{Pinterest to Project // vol. 9 // Homemade Jello Popsicles}

I don't know about you, but I am all about summer right now. Every time I search something on Pinterest lately I've found a common theme; summer activities, summer recipes, summer crafts, summer playlists, summer, summer, summer. So, when I stumbled upon this pin for Homemade Jello Popsicles I knew we had to make them.

Hall Around Texas Homemade Jello Popsicles

{GP Officer Memorial Run with the Jeep Club}

On Saturday we had the honor of riding in the memorial Jeep run for a fallen officer in our home town of Grand Prairie, TX. One of our friends that runs a Jeep club coordinated the event and did such an amazing job doing so. We all met at the Walmart in Grand Prairie where everyone gathered to pray, set-up their flags and make donations. There was a donation box as well as a Paypal you could give to. There was a large number of Jeeps, a car club and several different tow-truck companies there to show their support. It was so amazing and pulled at my heartstrings. All of those thin blue line flags did me in!

{Bridgeport // BFG & Discount Tire Vendor Event & Wheeling}

The weekend before last we attended a really fun Jeep event at Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport, TX. The event was hosted by BFGoodrich Tires and Discount Tire. They had vendors set-up as well as some amazing raffles! We put out some feelers and quickly realized we had a pretty good group of people interested in going with us.

{Weekend Wrap-up // Movies, Police Memorial Run, Father's Day}

Happy Monday! Another weekend gone too soon. :) We did have a good one, though! Mason spent the night with his cousins last night so it's just me here this morning. Feels weird! But anyhow, here's a look at our weekend...

{Supper at the lake with friends}

At 3:46pm on Monday afternoon I got a text from my sweet friend Keri saying something to the tune of  "we are going to have supper at the lake this evening if y'all want to join us". Umm, yes, please! I texted Nate to check with him even though I knew what his answer would be. He wrote back  (very quickly) "I'm down"! We love having friends close by that has all the same interests as we do! We all get along so great and our kids even declared themselves best friends by the end of the night! Oh, how I love it. Sunset suppers at the lake with dear friends is what summer is all about!

{Another evening at the lake}

Am I getting a bit repetitive here? We just can't help it. We enjoy our evenings spent at the lake something fierce. A couple of weeks ago we loaded up the Jeep, grabbed a pizza & some drinks and headed for the lake. The water was a bit warmer for Mason (not that he cares) and it was just a really nice evening. We love this lake because it's fairly small and its a quiet & relaxing area.

{🍉 Summer is served 🍉}

There is just something about the first watermelon of the season! 🍉 Am I right? It's like the ultimate start to summer for us! Because with the first watermelon there is usually a day spent outside and a grilled meal for supper. That just screams summer to me. Well, the first Saturday of our "official" summer was that day for us. And, you know it had to be documented.

{Hello Monday // Weekend Wrap-up // Horse Races, Jeep Event, topless}

Hello Monday! It's been a busy one so far. I'm just now getting to work on my weekend post! We had another great weekend and I am sad to see it go. Mainly because Nate is back to work. We sure do miss him! Anyhow, here's a look at what we did this weekend.

{How we do school Lunchbox Notes}

I know, I know...it's summer time for most of you and I am talking about school lunchbox notes. What am I even doing? haha. But, this is something Mason and I have really enjoyed this year and I wanted to share here on my blog. This is how we do lunchbox notes...

{Currently // June 2019}

Happy summer!! Oh, how I love that word...S U M M E R! I love having my boy at home with me and getting to kiss his sweet little face any time I want! I plan to make this the summer of fun, but mixed with a little (okay, a lot) of organizing. I blame Lindsay. :) She's inspired me to get my butt in order and organize all the things. But for now, let's take a look at what's currently going on.  Here is a look at what I am currently pickinggoingwishingwearing, and celebrating.

{Mason, TX // Annual Memorial Day weekend trip}

Memorial Day weekend was our annual trip to the good ole Texas hill country for camping at Mason TX. Or, "The Garrison Family Reunion" as the signs said when we pulled up. I love it! One of my favorite weekends with some of my favorite people.

{Hello Monday // Weekend Wrap-up}

Hello Monday! I'm not even mad atcha. It's summertime and summer Mondays are better than any other Mondays. Right? I just wish Nate got a summer break like Mason does! Then it would be pretty golden! At least we have the weekends. Speaking of weekends, here is a look at our weekend wrap-up...