{Weekend Wrap-up // PTO, Hockey}

Happy Tuesday, friends!! Hope your week is off to a great start. Ours has started out busy - but what else is new? Today I am sharing about our weekend. Spoiler alert!! It was a good one!

{Roadtrippin' // Kincaid's Burger // Fort Worth, TX}

Sometime early last week, Nate sent Mason and me a Tik Tok about Kincaid's burgers in Fort Worth! It had been on our radar all week because it looked so amazing. Saturday after hockey we decided to give it a try...


{Weekend Wrap-up // Corporal Pinning, Hockey, Ft Worth, Reset Day, Coop & Eggs}

Happy Wednesday! It's been quite a week already and thus the reason I am just now getting to share about our weekend. Work has been absolutely insane this week. I told Nate that it feels like it's rapid-fire email week. As soon as I finish one, seven more come in. Monday evening we had Mason's first hockey practice with his team he will be on for league. More on that later! But for now, here is a look at our weekend. 

{Five on Friday // Willow, School, Hockey, Eggs}

Happy Friday! For whatever reason, this week feels like it flew by in a flash. I'm not mad about it! We had a pretty good week! Today I am sharing five random things for Five on Friday...

{Summer Bucketlist Update // What we did in June & July}

Sweet, sweet summertime. How I love you so! I do not love the Texas heat (I feel like a broken record over here - but it's miserable here) but I love the freedom that comes with summer. We have put a pretty big dent in our Summer bucket list in June & July. Here's a look at all that we have done! 

{Not Just a Mom link-up // What's in my Handbag??}

Happy Tuesday! Linking up with Dara, Adrienne, Jen, Joanne, Lauren, and Sarah for the "Not Just a Mom" series. Today we are sharing what's in our handbags! This link-up went live - but I usually share our weekend on Mondays.  

{Weekend Wrap-up // Epic Central, Birthday Party, Hockey, Back to School Bash}

Happy Monday!!  Hope you all had the most incredible weekend. While ours was jam-packed, we had such a good, good one. It was filled with so much family and friend time and so many moments that were good for the soul. Here's a look at our weekend. 

{10 on the 10th // August edition}

 Happy Thursday!! Linking up with Marsha in the Middle for 10 on the 10th. I love these kinds of posts and I'm so happy I saw this link-up on Dara's blog

{Waxahachie Wednesday // Farm Luck Soda Fountain}

Happy Waxahachie Wednesday! Today I am sharing about one of my favorite places in Waxahachie, Farm Luck Soda Fountain and Dry Goods. It's the cutest place in downtown Waxahachie!! 

{Weekend Wrap-up // New hair, Hockey, thrifting, New appliances}

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. We sure did! It was the perfect mix of going & doing and staying & being productive! I love those kinds of weekends when you feel like you had some fun but then you were really productive at the same time. Here's a look at our weekend. 

{Farmfresh Eggs}

Back in February, I started over with a whole new flock of chickens. My hens are all getting to the "laying" age, so I have been on egg watch like a crazy chicken lady. Although, I haven't been too hopeful due to the heat in Texas right now. You can imagine my surprise this weekend when I found THREE eggs in my chicken coop!


{Currently // August 2023}

Happy Wednesday!! Today I am linking up with Jennifer for the August edition of "Currently". It's a two blog posts in one day kind of day because I had already scheduled my Waxachachie Wednesday post. Anyhow, today I am sharing what I am currently loving, looking forward to, starting, thinking, and wearing.

{Waxahachie Wednesday // A Place in Your Heart, Texas}

Waxahachie has been deemed the "movie capital of Texas" with over thirty movies filmed here and three Academy Award films.  One of those (Oscar-winning) features was "Places in the Heart" featuring Sally Field. It's because of this film that Waxahachie adopted the slogan, "Waxahachie: A Place in Your Heart, Texas."

{The Roaring 20s // A themed birthday party}

Our sister-in-law threw Nate's brother a surprise birthday party this past weekend. It's his last year in his twenties so the theme was the "Roaring 20s". Everything about the night from the location, the decor, the attire, etc. was just perfect!