God is GREAT!!!

What an awesome weekend!!!! Friday and Saturday were busy, but nice. We shopped and looked at tons of baby stuff. We bought some more neutral things and bought our first box of diapers. We figured we'd start stacking up on them now!!

Sunday = amazing!! Church was wonderful as always, but very special this Sunday. We had an announcement from the Children's Church teacher that a child from our church was diagnosed by doctors that he would never walk again. Well, he walked (by himself) into children's church this Sunday!!! Praise the Lord!!!! How amazing is that?!?! And then we had this awesome member get up and give some devotionals and sing some awesome Gospel music. The whole congregation was on their feet before the end of her 3 soungs!!! Then, after an awesome God delivered message by Gary Morgan...that kid walked into the sanctuary and onto the stage!! It was such an amazing experience to see first hand God's work and one of his miracles. I will never forget this service!!! God is great and to him be all the praise and glory!!!!

After church we went to my Aunt Donia's for my Grandma's birthday party. It was loads of fun, but I sure was tired!!! I usually take a nap after church. =] Anyhow, Granny did her famous string/gender test on me. Pictures and results to follow in another post.

Until then - xoxoxoxo


Intelligender says...

We finally took the test this morning!! You have to take the test in the morning and I wanted to do it on a Saturday when Nate and I are both home. Anyhow, the results - I know that's all yall care about!! =]

And it says, it's a .................................................................................................................................


Now we are off to Hachie to shoot some photos!!!!!!!!!!!


9 Weeks

Wow, I have never been so tired in my life. All I want to do is rest/sleep. It's crazy. I have never been one to take naps...but now I will take them any chance that I get. Also, the last few days I have been feeling really crappy. Nausea 24/7. For a couple of the days my body was achy, like I was getting/fighting off the flu. No fun! But I am better now, just the normal nausea. It's all worth it though, for our precious baby!!

I thank God for giving me such an awesome husband. Nathan has been so great ever since we learned that we are pregnant. He is so thoughtful and considerate of how I am feeling all the time, it's amazing. I am so happy that I have him by my side. It's a very exciting time in our lives and I can't wait to experience parenthood with the most amazing man in the world!!! I am confident that we are going to be great parents. We've always dreamed of having a baby, and we are so blessed to have our dream come true!!!! I am excited to watch my wonderful husband become a daddy. It's going to be great!!!

And needless to say, our baby sure is going to be spoiled!!! Between us, grandparents and friends - better watch out!! Saturday Nathan, LeeAnn and I went to the Martin HS craft fair. There was baby stuff EVERYWHERE! It was fun to look at, but frustrating at the same time. We wanted to buy so much stuff, but couldn't because we don't know if Baby Hall is a boy or a girl. =] That's okay, though. We will find out all in God's perfect timing. LeeAnn bought a really cute blanket for Baby Hall. It has the prettiest colors and has monkeys on it. So cute! And then she bought me a "Pregnancy" scrapbook. Can't wait to fill it in with pictures. I bought a new charm for my charm bracelet. The only thing I could find that was baby related was a high chair. It's adorable, though. I also found my cousin's baby a really cute onesie and headband!! Score! After a couple hours at the craft fair we headed on to our next adventure. BABIES R US!! Wow, awesome but overwhelming. We spent 3 hours just looking around. That place is amazing. So much stuff!!! We picked out a few things that we'll definitely be going back for. Nathan and I bought a stuffed monkey (adorable), a neutral colored pajama set,  some socks and a few other things. LeeAnn bought some bibs, an ornament and I can't remember what else. It was a blast!!!  Come January/Feb - Canton better watch out. We will be on a mission!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we spent most of the day transforming the Guest room into our nursery. We cleaned out the dresser and put those clothes in the attic. Nate moved his gun safe out. I organized our closet and packed some stuff for the attic. Nate moved out an old tv and some other things. We made some progress, but still have a long road ahead of us.

Today I had lunch with Holly. She bought Baby Hall his/her first Ranger shirt and socks. They are so cute!! Picture below. Since Mommy and Daddy are big Rangers fans, Baby Hall will probably attend his/her first Ranger game at just a few months old I am sure. Go Rangers!!

That's what we have been up to lately. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Friday (not sure yet), Saturday - 2 photo shoots, Texas Country Reporter Festival, baby shower...Sunday - Church and my Grandma's birthday party gathering. Lord give me strength!!!!

Have a great week!

Boy or Girl?

Okay, I am about 97% sure that we are having a boy. I've had several dreams about our baby being a boy and it's just a feeling I have. =] A few more months will tell us, though! I asked family to guess if we are having a boy or girl and below are the responses. It will be interesting to go back and read these later:

Me - Boy - 7lbs 8oz

Mom & Donia - Girl - 7lbs 12oz (yes they guessed the exact same)
Kira - Girl - 8lbs 9oz
Leslie - Girl - 6lbs 11oz
Laura - 8lbs 2oz (same as when I was born)

I will update this as I get more updates.


First Sonogram Pics

Muenster here we come!


Here are some pictures from last night, 8 weeks preggo

Baby H

Today was our first sonogram and our very first time to see Baby H (H for him or her, or Hall). It was the most amazing experience Nathan and I have ever been through. Just to see our little baby's heartbeat and body was breathtaking and lifechanging, for sure. We started with a belly sonogram, but after chatting with the technician about the amount of twins in our family she asked if I'd be okay with a vaginal sonogram as well. Of course, if it means more pictures and more time at looking at our precious angel!!! A vaginal sonogram gets you closer to the uterus and allows her to see more clearly the baby and number of babies and heartbeats. She took several pictures for us, showed us the size of the baby, the heartbeat, the blood flow, the yolk sac, etc. It was just indescribable. We were on a mission to find out how many babies there truly was, so that kept us quite focused. Otherwise I am sure I would have been balling my eyes out. Like I have done since leaving the doctor and looking at our baby's first pictures. By the measurements of the baby it showed that we were 7 weeks and 5 days. Which is only about 5 days off than we were originally told. But they are keeping our due date at May 21st. They only change the due date if the measurements appear to be 2 or more weeks off.

So far we have been really blessed with a great nurse and a great sono technician.

Oh and the baby's heartbeat was 158. Boy or girl?!?!?

Again, we just can't describe how excited we are. I think this sonogram really put things into perspective and made it more "real" to us. We can't wait to meet our little miracle.


7 Weeks 2 days

We are 7 weeks and 2 days today!! Our baby is starting to develop hands and feet. Our baby has doubled in size and is now the size of a blueberry. =] So exciting.

I am still feeling pretty nauseous. I have it in the mornings, afternoons and evenings!! Not sure why they call it "morning" sickness. And I think yesterday I had my first hint of indigestion. I've never had it, so not sure what it feels like...but have a good feeling I am getting it. I think it was the sausage in the burrito at church yesterday. But, it's all okay and worth it to me.

We went to Canton this weekend. It was so fun to look at all the baby stuff and what we might like to buy when we find out what it is. Which, will not be until another 13 weeks. We can't wait!!! I am not sure how people go the whole 9 months without knowing. That's just insane to us!!!

Can't wait til our first sonogram the 12th and to hear our precious baby's heartbeat!!!!


1st Appt

Nathan and I had our first prenatal appt today. It went really well. First I took the urine test, then filled out tons of paperwork, then we met with our nurse, Odessa. She's great. Nathan and I both loved her and even asked if we can request that she be in the delivery room with us!! She went over everything with us and gave us a welcome kit. Then it was off to the lab for a cazillion vials of blood!! Geez! Why do they need that many? 8 or 9 tubes, really? Ha! But, if it means a healthy baby I am all game! It wasnt that bad at all. I mean, I was already nauseous so it was nothing!! Our first sonogram is October 12th. Can't wait for that!!!

Tomorrow we are off to Canton!!! Very excited, but I know it's going to be hard because we'll want to buy everything. Boy or girl? Pink or blue?


Getting nervous

...anxious...excited...scared...all at once! Tomorrow is our first appt. I think we are both just ready to hear the nurse/doctor confirm the great news. Well, I have been extremely tired lately. I went to sleep at 8:30 last night and slept until 6:15 this morning!! It felt great. I did have some cramping in the lower pelvic region again last night though. I am hoping it's just "stretching" or whatever like the websites say. I am definitely going to ask about it tomorrow though!

Nathan took the first pics of my belly last night. I came home from work and it was poofy and so he took a couple with his cell phone. =] It was kind of weird!! I would post them on here...but I was in a dress...which I lifted up when he took the pics. haha! Too revealing for this blog. I will get some decent pictures tomorrow though. Or sometime over the weekend.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog after our appt.