{Happy HOWL-oween}

Happy HOWL-oween from my furbabies; Lexi and Diesel! Have a wonderful day and be safe trick or treating!!

{Halloween Happenings at Mitchell RV Resort // 2018}

This past weekend was our Halloween camping weekend that I've been talking about for months! It was a complete blast! This was the 8th annual Halloween Happenings for Mitchell Resort, but only our 2nd time to go. We went last year for the first time and just loved it. This will for sure be a new family tradition for us for sure.

{2018 Pumpkin Patch #1}

If you've been around my blog for any length of time you would know that Pumpkin Patches are totally our jam. Do you know how many we have been to so far this season? One. ONE. It's basically been raining almost every day of this month so far. It's really cramping my October style. Anyhow, the little pumpkin patch we went to was a church that sells them as a fundraiser. Mason and I went when he was off for a Fair Day. They don't have anyone attending the pumpkin patch during the day and use an honor system. Mason and I took a bunch of pictures and he picked out all the best pumpkins. This patch is right next to Nathan's Grandma's assisted living facility so Mason picked out a pumpkin for her and we took it over to her and visited for a while. We had the best time and we barely beat the rain!! I'm so glad we were able to get this little pumpkin patch date in because it may be the only one we get this season! (cue all the tears) Get ready to see all of these on the ol' gram for the rest of the month!

{Pinterest to Project // vol. 4 // DIY Harry Potter Wand}

I am still movin' and groovin' on this Pinterest to Project thing. It's been so fun to watch these pins come to life. In case you missed my first three posts (DIY Fall Door Hanger , DIY Tin Can Pumpkins, DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtain} I started a Pinterest to Project series here on my blog where I share with you some of the pins that I've turned into actual projects. I have way too many things saved that I want to do!! Today I am sharing a DIY Harry Potter Wand that Mason and I made together. Mason has a dress-up day coming up at school where he gets to wear a Harry Potter robe & shirt and take his wand.

{Annual Hocus Pocus Movie Night // 2018}

Happy Tuesday!! This weekend Mason and I got to have our annual Hocus Pocus movie night!! And Nathan joined us, too. We had planned on doing it Friday evening but forgot that we had a wedding to go to. Then we planned it for Saturday evening but our Bible Study ran a little long. So then we finally had it on Sunday evening! It actually ended up being perfect. I was able to make treats throughout the day and take my time preparing. And Mason had Monday off school, so, again, perfect!

{Five on Friday // Mason's haircut, Hocus Pocus, Spirit Stick, Lunchbox Notes}

Happy Friday! What a week it has been. Temps in the 40s and rain. So.much.rain. I am over it. We have a couple of things going on this weekend that will get us out of the house. To say that I am looking forward to it is an understatement. I think I've got a bit of cabin fever. Rainy, dreary, gloomy cabin fever. Tonight we have a wedding for our Youth Pastor and his fiance and tomorrow we have Bible study with our small group. I am looking forward to both events. Tonight is a date night for Nathan and me because Mason is going to his Grandparents while we got to the wedding. Can't wait to date my man! Anyhow, here's a bit of what our week looked like.

{Texas State Fair 2018}

The Texas State Fair is one of our traditions in the Hall family. We do it mostly for Mason because that kid is a true thrill seeker and really loves the rides! We have started going on Sunday mornings right when they open as we find that is the time they are the least crowded. We go straight for the rides and let Mason ride before lines get unbearably long. Then we play games, eat, see Big Tex, look at the car barns, go through the Texas building and call it a day! This has been our routine for years and it works for us. This year was no different. We had a complete blast!!

{Weekend Wrap-up // Lauren Daigle, a day off, taking shelter, Texas State Fair}

Happy Wednesday! What a week it has been so far. I couldn't muster up enough energy on Sunday after the fair to write a post. Then Monday was the AT&T Armageddon that swept across Texas. If you didn't hear, lightning struck facility a bit north of us and caught fire. We were without Internet for over 13 hours. It was a nightmare. I mean, if I didn't work at home full time I wouldn't have minded it. But, it was stressful not being able to do my job. And we live in somewhat of a black hole and with the weather we had almost zero cell service at home. It was a long 13 hours. Anyhow, Tuesday was spent playing catch-up on all the things. So, a weekend wrap-up on Wednesday it is.

{Five on Friday // Hallow lunch treats, Lauren Daigle, Pink Jeep, glorious skies}

Happy Friday!! This week went by pretty fast for me (no complaints here!). I had Monday off and I have today off. I could really get used to working only three days a week and having every Monday and Friday off. If only. I'm still getting over some terrible allergies/head cold, but feeling much better. Anyhow, here's a little bit of what we have been up to this week.

{Our marriage secrets // What works for us}

Nathan and I recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and on November 1st we will celebrate our 22nd year together. When people hear how long we have been together and see that we are still crazy in love we get questions like "how?" or "what are your secrets?" and even "and you're still happy?" And the answer is yes, we are still happy! Today I am going to share all of our secrets with you!

{Pinterest to Project // vol. 3 // DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtain}

I am movin' and groovin' on this Pinterest to Project thing. It's been so fun to watch these pins come to life. In case you missed my first two posts (DIY Fall Door Hanger & DIY Tin Can Pumpkins} I started a Pinterest to Project series here on my blog where I share with you some of the pins that I've turned into actual projects. I have way too many things saved that I want to do!! Today I am sharing a DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtain I made.

{Weekend Wrap-up // Screams, Oklahoma, Rest day}

Happy Tuesday! I was off yesterday (Hallelujah!) and spent the day with my sweet little love. He had no school because of a fair day, so I took off too! We had a nice day together. I'll recap that soon, but for now, I want to recap our weekend. We had a great family filled weekend!

{Five on Friday // Autumn Glory}

Happy finally Friday! What a week it has been. I covered another desk this week and let's just say that I am so glad it's Friday. It has been one long and trying week. We have a lot of fun planned this weekend and I am just ready to get it started. But first, here is a little Five on Friday...all about Autumn!

{2018 Fall Bucket list // Update 1}

Are you guys loving this season as much as I am? We are having so much fun checking things off of our 2018 fall bucketlist. This is such a wonderful time of year filled with so many activities. Here is a look at what we have accomplished so far.

{Currently // October Edition}

It's the first Wednesday of the month which means it's time to link up with Anne @ Anne in Residence for a Currently October edition. This month we are sharing what we're currently wearingcollectingmakingtaking, and planning. I absolutely love these posts each month and love to read what all of my blog friends are currently up to. 

{Prime Purchases // October edition}

Happy Prime Purchase day! I love seeing all of these posts and getting a peek into what everyone has bought lately. Ya know, just in case I am totally missing out on something. In my last Prime Purchase post, I hadn't bought much at all. Well, I more than made up for it within the last month. Here's a look at what I bought...