For Mason's birthday this year, his uncle Ty and Aunt Michelle gifted him a gift card to an arcade and another gift card to a comic book shop. They picked him up for an afternoon of cashing in on those gift cards! 

{Southern Wags Pup Co // Lexi's Bandana}

 One of my sweet friends and her best friend opened up a dog bandana shop. They make the cutest bandanas for dogs! They were so kind enough to send Lexi one. Look how cute she is!

{Camping at StillWater Resort in Tyler TX}

For Memorial Day, we went camping at a brand new RV resort in Tyler TX. We were so excited about this campground and its amenities. This RV Resort has a lazy river, pool, adult-only pool with a swim-up bar, a pond with obstacle courses, an arcade, a restaurant, and so much more. However, unfortunate events happened the week we were supposed to camp and closed down many of the amenities.  There was some flooding that washed sod off into the lazy river, family pool, and pond. The only thing open was the adult-only pool & arcade. Such a bummer, but we made the most of it.

{Mason's 12th birthday}

 How can this sweet boy be 12 already? He's now a preteen and my heart is not okay with that! These 12 years may have flown by, but what a treat it has been. I have loved every minute of watching him grow into the sweet little man that he is. For his birthday, Nate took off work to spend the day with him. We started off the day with gifts at home. Mason had already received his big gift before the weekend (a new XBox). 


 While we were gone for the weekend at Go Topless, Mason shopped and got us some welcome-home gifts! He went shopping with his Nana and used his own money to buy us gifts! How sweet and precious is this boy??

{GO TOPLESS // Crystal Beach // 2022}

 Nathan and I didn't plan on going to the Jeep Go Topless event at Crystal Beach this year, but we got an invite that we couldn't pass up! We were invited to stay in the house with the Jeep Girl Mafia president and a few others! The house was right on the beach and wouldn't have to "drive" which is a plus! We were so excited that an opportunity came open for us to go! We had a complete and total blast!



 For a Jeep meet for Jeep Girl Mafia, we went to a Texas Ranger game! It was so much fun to take up an entire section or two and cheer on our Rangers! We had such an amazing turnout, too! 

{Del Norte with Friends}

 We were invited by some friends to go to Del Norte for a life Texas Country show. We of course obliged! We love live music and this venue was beyond amazing!! We can't wait to catch more shows there in the future. 

{Lunch with a Sweet Friend}

 Y'all, this is what over 34 years of friendship looks like...

{Mother's Day 2022}

 For Mother's Day this year, we started out the day at church and ended the evening with dinner with Nate's family. It was a sweet day of celebrating the mom's in our lives. 


 Nothing screams TEXAS like a Jeep meet at Bucees!! Am I right or am I right? It's honestly the best place to host a Jeep meet! Everyone can go and get whatever they want, and then we gather in the parking lot to talk Jeeps and look at Jeeps! Always a fun time. And, the sunset sure did show out for this particular night/meet!