{Easter at the Lake}

Two of my mom's sisters have lakehouses right across from each other on Cedar Creek Lake. This year we decided to have a full day of Easter celebrations at the lakehouses on the Saturday before Easter. It was such a fun time. There were nearly 60 of us there, and it was just amazing. It was our first family gathering since Granny passed, so that was different. But, we all enjoyed each other's company.

{Weekend Wrap-up // Field trip, lake, Waco Zoo, Bluebonnets, birthday celebration, wedding dress shopping}

Although the weekend went by entirely too fast, it sure was a good one. And I'm not even mad about starting a new week because it's one week closer to summer! Mason and I are counting down the days. We live for our sweet, sweet summers around here. Here's a look at our weekend.

{Five on Friday // Five other things that happened in April}

Happy finally Friday!! It's been a long, crazy week. Mason was off school on Monday and Nathan stayed home because he was not feeling well. And because of this, our days were so thrown off all week! Wednesday was bring your kid to work day at Nate's company, my brother had to have surgery yesterday and then Nate and Mason are on a field trip today. I've been working and cleaning the house in between while the boys are gone and just remembered I never finished this post. So, here's a little Five on Friday...Five other things that happened in April. (still playing catch-up)

{Chasing Sunsets // Spring 2019}

If you've been around my blog for any length of time then you know that taking a backroad in the Jeep to chase a sunset is one of my favorite things ever! We usually catch some really great sunsets over the lake or a farm just outside of town. This spring has offered us some really great sunsets so far!

{January, February, March and April update}

It has been quite a while since I have touched this space! While I have thought about blogging many times throughout the last few months, there just wasn't enough time in the day. But I do know that when I go to look back at my blog one day I will be sad about the gaps that I missed. So, I am going to make an attempt to make time for my little corner of the web. I have a lot of catching up to do so I am going to catch up on the highlights from each month.