Christmas lights just make my heart so happy! I love pulling up to the house in the evening and seeing it all lit up! This year we opted to buy new Christmas lights for the exterior of the house.  I think we have been using the same set of lights since we bought the house (in 2007).  It was time! While I love looking at all lights, I love all white for our home. Nate was so kind to get them up before Thanksgiving so that I could enjoy them longer!! 



While Nate worked on the lights, I decorated the porch. I went for a more simple theme this year and I love it.  I'm finding so much beauty in Christmas simplicity this year.  

I'm on the hunt for a huge nativity to put in our yard. I haven't found the one I have pictured in my mind just yet, but hopefully soon!

Do you decorate the exterior of your home? White or colored lights?

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