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Happy Friday Friends! Linking up for Five on Friday.

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This has been an off week for all of us. I think we were all just in a funk. I'm glad it's the weekend. I need to refresh! Mason got a fire ant bite on the inside of his right knee and he swelled so bad. His right leg was bright red from the knee up and he had fever in it. Needless to stay, it would itch {along with other bites...helllllooooo summer} and keep him up all night...all week. 

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Tuesday Mason came in my room and says, "Mama, I don't want this pellet up my nose anymore" - I freaked the freak out. He looked up and showed me what it was. It was a tiny green pellet that goes in a toy pellet gun. I told him not to move and ran for tissue. We were able to "blow" it out. Then I had to have the talk with him about how nothing goes in the nose. ever. He was freaked out himself. He says, "oh yes ma'am. I won't do that nooooooo more. I just wanted to trick you that I had a big booger in my nose. Boys! Never a dull moment.

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The other day at bath time Mason was playing with his shark and asked me if I could be the helicopter that flies over the ocean to look for sharks! I love how his little mind works.

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Last night I looked outside and saw so many beautiful colors in the sky and knew the sunset must have been something to see. So I ran through our back property into my inlaws {because they don't have trees blocking the view} to get pictures! How beautiful is God's artwork?

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This morning I heard Mason's little footsteps, but he was taking a while to get to my office. He normally just runs straight in. So I was heading to the living room to check on him and found him creepin' to my office. He was going to try to scare me with this mask on! haha. Always the jokester!

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Oh man I am glad it's Friday! Even though we have a ton of stuff to get done this weekend. Nate's middle brother is getting married on the 14th, so we have lots of preppin for that. I have to find a dress for both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, find Mason some black Chuck Taylors, get his tux pants hemmed, etc.

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?

{Backyard Ocean}

**I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a free product in exchange for my honest opinions.

Nathan and I were driving home from a trip several weeks ago and I started checking my email because I hadn't had service all weekend. I saw an email from Backyard Ocean asking if I'd like to review a product on my blog. First of all, I do want to mention how personalized the email was and the kind words it said about my blog. 

I was given several different options, but chose the Deluxe Square Party Pool. That just sounds fun, doesn't it? I loved that it had a seat in it for those times Nate and I just want to lounge and get our feet wet while letting Mason play.

We received the pool several weeks ago...but Texas and it's bipolar weather kept us from getting to play! The weather this Spring has been wild. We will have a nice day...and then it's so windy and cold {or rainy} the next. I know I shouldn't complain because we will go straight to 110 degrees in the blink of an eye!

My first thoughts when getting the box from the UPS lady was "wow, this thing is heavy" - that must be a good sign! We finally had a weekend of good, warm weather and Mason was begging to swim in his new pool. We obliged, even though it was still not warm enough. The cold water didn't stop Mason, though!

 Nate used his air compressor to fill it with air. Mason was so excited he kept wanting to get in before it was even filled with air or water. Nate complimented how well it was made when he was filling it with air.

Once we got it filled and out in the yard we were surprised with how big it actually was. It's 90x90 and 22' tall. Perfect for a family! Nate, Mason and I could get in there and easily have room for others. I also love that it has built in cup holders. Ain't nobody got time for getting out of the pool to go get a drink!

I heard Nathan telling someone "how cool" the pool was! And Mason couldn't stop saying how "awesome" it was. He stayed in it for 2-3 hours that day. I know he would have played longer if it were warmer out. 

So...easy to use, durable, easy to deflate & clean, and fun. That's a win/win if you ask me! I know that it will serve us well over the Texas summer. Go take a look...Backyard Ocean has a lot to offer and they are also having a big sale.

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{It's the Little Things - Happy Birthday my sweet FOUR year old}

My dearest Mason,

I absolutely cannot believe you are now a FOUR year old. FOUR! That's hardly a baby anymore {although you will always be Mama's baby}, but still. I now know the true meaning of 'the days are long, but the years are short'. Boy do I know it. Too well. You are growing so much and becoming more of a little gentleman each day. You have the best manners and the sweetest little soul. I want to bottle it up and put it on a shelf for when you're a teenager and you don't like me so much. 

You fill mine and your dad's hearts with so much joy and you make us the proudest. Just when we think we couldn't be any more proud you prove us wrong. You are very smart...sometimes too smart for your own good. You are also very witty and ridiculously funny. You keep us laughing until our stomachs hurt. I don't know where you come up with some of the things you say... You are also equal parts frustrating and amusing. For example, when I ask you what you want for breakfast, lunch or supper you throw out things like 'dinosaur' or 'a tree swing' or an 'alligator'. Always something random and never an actual food.

Your newest gig is throwing out the 'but I am four now' thing on the daily. But, it hasn't worked yet. Mostly because it's things like 'I don't need my carseat anymore, I am four' or 'Can I say bad words now that I am four?' {side note - bad words to you are dang it, stupid and shut-up. please stay this innocent} or 'I can stay home by myself, I am four now' - not gonna happen baby, not gonna happen.

I think four is going to be fun! I mean, it has to beat the 'threenager' stage. Not that it wasn't fun, but it sure was challenging and your Daddy and I earned a few grey hairs. 

Happy fourth birthday #mywild. I hope you know just how much your Mama and Daddy love you and most of all that you feel that love in a big big way.

I love you Mason Lane,

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{Texas Tuesday - Cooper's - Llano, TX}

Hey Y'all!

Happy Texas Tuesday!!

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Cooper's BBQ in Llano has been on our bucketlist for a really long time now. We got to cross that one off in March...but never did we think we'd be there a mere 2 months later. And I have to say, it was better the 2nd go 'round {Nate even agreed}. This time we got to introduce the goodness that is Cooper's to Nate's parents. They were not disappointed. 

I think the fact that this location is in the Hill Country makes it even that more grand! Your experience starts outside with the old' time bbq pits. Here you pick out your meat and they slap it on a tray for you. Then you carry it in and they cut your meat and package it up for you. Inside they have all kinds of homemade sides. Nate got a jalepeno & bacon macaroni and cheese. He said it was amazing. I skipped on the sides because they have all you can eat beans and bread in the dining area. Their beans are my favorite! Nathan had sliced brisket and I had the sausage. It was amazing!

If you're ever in the Hill Country you have to try Cooper's!

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{Masons Fourth Birthday Party - Police Themed}

Last Saturday we celebrated Mason's fourth {gasp} birthday!! His real birthday, the 25th falls on Memorial Day weekend and everyone is always out of town. So, we celebrated a weekend early. It went really well. We were so blessed with so many family and friends that came to help us celebrate our boy!

He chose a cop theme for his party {a mere 2 weeks before}. We scoured Pinterest, only to find very little. We decorated with blue and gold and stars. For the goodie bags I put a watergun, handcuffs, police badges and police stickers, pencils and color pages. His cake was pretty awesome, too!  

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We scheduled his party for 2:00pm because we had an early Blast Ball game. We wanted to have time to prepare before the party started. And just like every year, we were still getting ready when guests started arriving. Oops! 

Mason started the first part of his party in his Policeman uniform. Then he got hot and opted for shorts! From the minute guests started arriving he started asking me if it was time to open his presents. He was entirely too excited! 

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We had a guest at the party! Mr McGruff stopped by. Mason loved it! I remember being in elementary school and Mr McGruff would visit. It was the coolest thing. Now of course Mason didn't know who he was until the week before his party. I showed him pictures and told him stories about him. So, he was ecstatic when Mr. McGruff came to his party. When it was time for him to leave Mason was following him. He wanted to see what he drove to the party! ha

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Mason got entirely too much stuff and played his little heart out! We had guests over well past 10 and he played and played. Which explains why he fell asleep sitting straight up. That's only happened a few other times. 

I am disappointed with the pictures this year. Well, not the pictures themselves...but the lack there of. I guess I was too busy visiting and being in the moment. 

Happy Birthday my sweet baby!!