I have a love/hate relationship with the app Timehop. I love to see all of our memories that we have made, but sometimes it just makes me so darn sad. And it makes me realize how quickly time passes by. And sometimes I think why in the world did I post that? I am sure all of you Mamas can relate. 

Some of my favorite timehops are of the things that Mason says...
 photo 10410094_10152711876541148_1094544267668672880_n_zpssezz4yv3.jpg  photo 10956209_10152655138971148_3940866099222766096_n_zpss1wzgh2p.jpg  photo 11178240_10152667361181148_1401145287064396435_n_zpsvaoufdzu.jpg  photo 10660259_10152649518276148_6140239053557651909_n_zps3jgwpvso.jpg
And some of my favorite pictures...

 photo 10996068_10152671439636148_2788124991469139075_n_zpstwmyzsx8.jpg  photo 10923221_10152667369231148_2177318309611116231_n_zpsfrzh22zb.jpg  photo 11027453_10152679000011148_8144181516728775565_n_zpsfzf6yhwp.jpg  photo 10689477_10152684129081148_4780588983019855079_n_zpszua2wzny.jpg  photo 1510010_10152677880811148_4767355943255335221_n_zps9kbltndj.jpg  photo 11169923_10152684130471148_8420816557450127262_n_zpsiliki10z.jpg  photo 11053291_10152693386686148_6016028528320207614_n_zps6m8ozwgn.jpg  photo 10406395_10152702820221148_5015634190706578649_n_zpsibxanhlu.jpg

Do you use the Timehop app?
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{Guys behind the blog - May Edition}

 photo guysbehindtheblog2_zpsjyj3gtm1.jpg

Time for another round of the Guys behind the blog series with Betsy at Heavens to Betsy.

Question - What's your favorite family tradition?
Nate - Going to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo every year with family & Christmas morning

Question - Who's your male celebrity crush?
Answer - He's not a celebrity to most, but Rich Froning because I want to have his physique and athletic ability
(I had to google him)

Question - What song best sums you up? 
Answer -  Eric Church Love Your Love the most {Lyrics here}

Question - What three things do you think of the most each day?
Answer - My son, my wife and trucks.
{I made him change his original last answer on this one ;)}

Question - What's your most embarrassing memory?
Answer - I don't take myself serious enough to get embarrassed and have the ability to laugh at myself if I am in an uncomfortable situation.
{must be nice! ha}

{Sweet Summertime // Bucketlist}

Confession: I am cheating! I originally posted this as our Springtime bucketlist...but I always seem to forget just how short our Spring season is here in Texas. So, I've updated our list and changed it to our Summer-time bucketlist.

 photo summer bucket_zpstazowx7t.png + have park dates after I pick up Mason from school
+ go to Texas Rangers opening Day
+ visit the Waxahachie Farmer's Market
+ take Mason to the Zoo
+ plant/buy flowers for the porch
+ start/play T-Ball
+ grill out dates at home
+ pick up food and have a park date/picnic on a Friday night
+ put out our hummingbird feeders
+ have suppers on the patio
+ go on hikes and long walks
+ sit on the porch with a fire in the chiminea
+ go to the drive in movies
+ go to Canton
+ camping trips
+ take a different class at the gym
+ play with sidewalk chalk
+ take Mason fishing
+ play in the rain
+ plan Mason's birthday party
+ take Summer pictures
+ go to Round Top, TX
+ play outside until sundown 
+ knock some things off our Texas bucketlist
+ take the dogs to the lake/creek
+ go to Ranger games
+ clean out our garage
+ major Spring cleaning and purging {aka Mason's room}
+ bike rides
+ snowcone dates
+ go to the bluebonnet trail/festival in Ennis
+ kindergarten roundup/registration
+ go to antique alley

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{He said What? // Things my four year old says}

 photo Mason amp mommy_zpsdor3gpqy.jpg

I love to document the things Mason says here on this blog. He's hilarious and keeps us laughing and there are just some things I want to remember always.

>> Mom did you know there is a really cool jewel named Ruby Gold Biscuits?

>> Me: Mason how is your vanilla shake?
Mason: GOOD! Tastes like bananas and popcorn!!

>> {Playing Petshop talking about a crocodile} All my pets are trained and already nice. And he doesn't pee everywhere either. And he normally costs $6000 but you can have him for free because I am a nice guy.

>> Mom you're kind of weird, but you're really cool. {gee, thanks!}

>> Mom send this picture to Peter Parker! {as he is standing on top of his playhouse}

>> Nate: Mason do not leave this barn without telling us where you are going first. Don't go off exploring by yourself.
Mason: But Dad...I just want to see the world that God made.

>> Mama I hurt my toe. It's the toe after the thumb toe.

>> {talking about buckout night at our church} Mason: Mom can I ride a little bull?
Me: Nope, only a sheep.
Mason: I guess that'd be alright.

>> {talking about show & tell at school} Me: Mason did you play your harmonica today?
Mason: yes ma'am!
Me: What song did you play?
Mason: A mexican song.
{he loves the spanish station on the radio!!}

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{A letter to my sweet boy on his 5th birthday}

 photo 40_zpsgsxgengr.jpg

Oh my sweet boy! Where in the world do I even begin? I guess Happy Fifth Birthday would be appropriate, but I have so much more to say than that. I just pray that I can find the words. If only you could see my heart then maybe you would understand. You made me a Mama and are more than I could have ever imagined. God is so good. My love for you is deeper than anything I have ever felt before and it makes me so, so weepy. Being your Mama is the biggest blessing I have ever received and I thank God each and every day for bringing you into my life. You have such a sweet and tender little spirit and you love so big. I am so happy to be on the receiving end of that love. You are so full of life and spunk and make any room you are in a happier one. You brighten the darkest days and make my heart smile from the inside out.  Your most favorite thing in the world is to make people laugh and that you do. Constantly. Suffice it to say, you are the class clown. And while it may get you in trouble at times, I love that you love to make people laugh and smile.  Speaking of laughing & smiling...you have the most infectious little laugh and smile. You and I have this thing where we can just look at each other and start smiling and then the smiling turns into laughter. I love that. Mason, you are so kind and your manners are always on point. There are times that Daddy and I will hear you off playing and even your super-heroes have manners. We can't help but smile. You love Jesus and love to learn about Him. That makes this Mama's heart happy! Mason, you are one of the smartest kids I have ever met. Almost too smart for your own good. Daddy and I can't sneak anything by you anymore and now we can't even spell things out. You've just graduated Pre-K and will be starting Kindergarten in August. While I am not 100% okay with that I can't wait to see what the future holds and to watch you thrive! You're losing every last ounce of "baby" and are such a big boy these days. But, you know what makes me feel better? The truth in the fact that you tell me you will always be my baby...even when you're 18! Please always tell me that. It gets me by. 

I have to stop here because I can barely see the screen with my tear-filled eyes. So HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY my sweet little guy. I love you to Heaven and back a million times over. I hope that you have the most amazing birthday celebration in Disney!! 


 photo Happy-Memorial-Day_zpst68hwext.jpg

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{Life in Fours}

 photo FOURS_zpsgmqcvurn.jpg

I saw this post on Very Erin a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun!

Four Nicknames I’ve Had:
  1. Crys
  2. Nicoli 
  3. Babe
  4. Mommy
Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
  1. Urban Cowboy
  2. The Elf
  3. 8 Seconds
  4. Pure Country
Four Jobs I’ve Had:
  1. Dallas Morning Newspaper - call center
  2. Data Entry
  3. Account Manager
  4. Mother >>> by far the best job ever!
Four Things In My Purse:
  1. My wallet
  2. Wipes - hello messy little four year old! 
  3. Chapstick or gloss
  4. Brush & hair ties
Four Places I’ve Lived:
  1. Duncanville, TX
  2. Grand Prairie, TX
  3. Irving, TX
  4. Waxahachie, TX
Four Places I’ve Visited:
  1. Nashville, TN
  2. Steamboat Springs, Denver, Colorado Springs, Estes Park, CO
  3. Orlando, FL
  4. White Sands, NM
Four Places On My Travel Bucket List (You can read about these in my Texas Bucketlist!):
  1. Big Bend National Park, TX
  2. Garner State Park, TX
  3. Pedernales Falls, TX
  4. Shiner, TX
Four Things I Don’t Eat:
  1. Onions
  2. Seafood
  3. Wild game; deer, rabbit, etc.
  4. Bell peppers
Four TV Shows I Watch:
  1. Secrets & Lies
  2. Scandal
  3. Grey's Anatomy
  4. Nashville
Four Cars I’ve Drive :
  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Toyota FJ Cruiser
  3. Jeep CJ 7
  4. Hyundai Sonata
Four Things I Look Forward To In 2015:
  1. Disney World!!
  2. Mason having the Summer off 
  3. Mason starting Kindergarten - bittersweet!
  4. Knocking things off of our Texas bucketlist.
Four of my favorite foods:
  1. Chips & Salsa {that's a meal, right?!}
  2. Pizza {but I can't have it. Makes me sick :( boo}
  3. Salad
  4. Chicken

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{Mason's Pre-K Graduation}

Well, we {and by we I mean I} survived Pre-K graduation! It was the cutest, most sweetest ceremony EVER! The owner puts so much into making it a really special night. Her heart and love for the kids are evident in everything she does. She barely made it through her speech talking about how special the kids are to her and how much she loves them! She said that someone once asked her how she's closer to her Pre-K & Daycare kids than her own family and she said, "Which family member do you spend over 250 days out of the year with?" Oh, I just love her! Sure, I am sad that my baby is no longer a Pre-K kid and is all big and starting Kindergarten this year, but I am also sad to leave behind the most amazing school we have ever been a part of! 

{Last day of Pre-K}

Mason started his first day of Pre-K on August 18th {post here} and today, May 22nd will be his very last. It's so, so bittersweet. I just don't know any other word to describe it. The end of an era and the beginning of a new. I am so sad to leave behind this amazing school, the awesome teachers and all of Mason's friends he has made there. He will not be going to Kindergarten with any of his friends in his class. Most of them live on the other side of the highway and everyone is in different school districts.  We have vowed to summer play-dates with his best buddies and I plan to keep my part of that vow. I know how much his friends mean to him. And we will have to go back and visit everyone at this school because they are just awesome and mean so much to us. I will never have the words to accurately describe how thankful I am for his school and his teachers and the impact they have made on Mason's life. They have prepared him for all of his school days to come. Nathan and I both feel like Mason will be ahead of the game when he starts Kindergarten and I can't tell you how good that feels! He's writing, spelling and even doing basic math! Blows my mind. I would bet my right arm that I wasn't doing math at only 4 years old!! 

{Disney Reveal Party}

This past Sunday we had Mason's Disney Reveal Party!! MASON KNOWS ABOUT DISNEY!!! Finally!! And now we can all breathe a little easier! Since the beginning of February, we have had to talk in code around here so that we didn't ruin the surprise for Mason. And I have been receiving mail from Disney World like crazy lately and have to hide everything before a very curious little guy figured it out. Thank God Disney is smart enough to send things in brown boxes with no indication that it came from Disney! 

{Mason's surprise fifth birthday dinner}

Nathan and I went back and forth on whether or not we should have Mason a birthday party this year. Mainly because our May was almost completely booked and also because Mason is going to Disney World for 7 days for his birthday and Pre-K graduation. But then then my side of the family reminded me they would like to celebrate his birthday and that helped us make our decision. We had a park birthday party planned, but with all of the rain we had to make last minute changes. It was too late to book anything like Chuck E Cheese or such so we settled for a surprise birthday dinner for him here in our home town. We wanted to at least make sure he was celebrated in some way. 

{Disney Packing List}

Okay, so some of you have already seen this post! ha. Somehow my polyvore account and blogger account were connected and it posted all on its own. Ugh! 

Anyhow, we are in full Disney mode at this point. Above are some of the things that Mason and I will for sure be packing. Got any tips? Or suggestions on things we should bring with us? We will take all the help we can get!! 

{A Grateful Heart // Family}

 photo IMG_3828_zpst8s8zmqc.jpg

Linking up with Emily at Ember Grey for a Grateful Heart.

This past weekend {Friday night around 11 pm} my Great Uncle passed away. He had been fighting emphysema for a long time and was in so much pain. He was growing very tired and weak and didn't want to fight anymore. While we will miss him here on Earth, we find peace in knowing he's in Heaven and no longer in pain. And through Jesus Christ we have hope in Heaven that we will see him again. It brings a smile to my face knowing that he's in Heaven walking around with a brand new set of lungs and reunited with his Mama and his twin brother. 

This week I can't help but to be Grateful for my amazing family! My Uncle Ronnie didn't want a service, but we all gathered in his memory at one of my Aunt's house instead. It was nice to visit with family that drove in from Michigan, Wisconsin, Houston and Abilene as well as our family here in the area. I know that my Uncle would have preferred that over anything. His two sons came in and we were able to spend some quality time with them. One of his sons inherited his musical talent and played us some tunes. My Aunt & Uncle have this amazing porch with full hookups for instruments and microphones and karaoke. It was perfect! 

 photo IMG_3844_zpsx7wgz2el.jpg

These are my people and I love them all dearly! Each and everyone of them blesses me. And, surprisingly enough...this isn't nearly half of our large family {maybe just a quarter}. But no matter how large our family gets, we are all so incredibly close and it makes my heart so happy.

What are you grateful for?

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{She even knows about Jesus}

I found this in Mason's folder yesterday and it only took the first couple of lines before I was a crying mess! Nathan picked up Mason early on Friday and his teacher didn't have time to get all of my Mother's Day gifts together. So, I got it yesterday. And I love it! I will never ever get tired of these little things they make in school. I love the thought they put into them. So sweet. 

My favorite line? "My Mom is smart! She even knows about Jesus." I love that he loves to learn about Jesus!! Makes my heart so incredibly happy!!!

{Mason // Mutton Bustin}

A couple Sundays ago we walked by the rodeo arena at church and Mason started asking questions. We had talked about going to the Thursday night Youth Rodeo night but just hadn't made it yet. So we decided we would go next Thursday. For Mason's age they Mutton-bust {ride a sheep}. He really wanted to ride a bull but settled for riding a sheep. The child has no fear. Anyhow, we talked about it every day until Thursday just to make sure it was something he really wanted to do. He didn't budge and was adamant! So we planned for it. 

{Instagram Round-up}

Happy Thursday!

Do you use Instagram? If so, leave your username in the comments so I can follow ya. :) IG is by far my favorite social media. I guess because I am obsessed with pictures.

Here's what I have been posting on Insta lately...

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

This boy keeps me laughing! He rode like this the whole way to school. Then again after school and to the snowcone stand! I love his silly little spirit.

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

My sweet, sweet boy! I love that he is such a Mama's boy and loves to snuggle. And most of the time he agrees to all of my picture takin'.

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

On the first of every month I post a collage of our month before. What we've been up to. I only include pictures that I didn't previously post on my Insta account. 

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

Nate is always working with Gunner and Mason wanted to help! He gets a kick out of playing fetch! 

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

Haha! I love him and find it hilarious that I can just send this right on over to Peter Parker! 

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

Jake our miniature donkey in all his cuteness! 

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

#Texasforever #texashasmyheart

A photo posted by >>> Crystal <<< (@hallaroundtexas) on

And a good ol' Texas sunset!

{Our Love Story // Part 4}

If you'd like to catch up...
Part one here // Part two here // Part three here 

As if Nathan and I weren't already inseparable we became even more attached.  Going through something that tough really makes you realize that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. A profound wake-up call, if you will. We traveled together, started new jobs, and just lived life to the fullest. 

{What I've learned from being a boy mom}

 photo BOYMOM2_zpsllhtulzv.png

Nothing in the world could have prepared me for having a little boy. Nothing. Everyday is a new adventure, an unexpected curve ball, a tantrum, a new gray hair or two, and a whole lotta love and fun. 

I am by no means an expert, but this is what I've learned from being a boy mom for almost five {gasp} years now.


Always check the toilet seat {and the wall and the floor, and anything else within a 6ft radius} before sitting down to potty. Boys.pee.everywhere. 
Ps - you will start using words like potty.

Boys will also pee anywhere. Like on the playground at school. Yep, that happened a time or two.

They love to be naked all the time. And he will plead that he just wants to "play like a redneck mommmmm." 

He will unintentionally set you up for the wrath of Legos. You will step on one and scream for an ambulance. Those little suckers hurt. 

He will push your buttons like none other...and then turn on the charm once he knows you've hit your breaking point. #heknowshescute

He will have to poop every single time you sit down for supper. ever.single.time. #thenewmommydiet 

He will want to talk about poop all day everyday. Poop is apparently the funniest word in the world to a four year old boy. So is butt and boobies. And, he will get in trouble for using these words at school...on the daily.

And will tell you there is most definitely a difference between a poot and a toot. 

He will like stinky things like the smell of a skunk.

He will find the very last drop of mud outside and somehow smear that last drop from head to toe. It will be the biggest battle to get him in the bath. And once he's in? Another battle to get him out. 

Loud is the only volume they have. Whisper? What is that?

He will talk 24/7. Yes, even in his sleep.

No? A word that is not in their vocabulary. Period.

He will want to play cops & bad guys every single night, no matter what time it is. And you can't just have one weapon...he will bring out no less than 57. And his arms will mysteriously be tired/broken when cleanup time rolls around.

Your purse will become his backpack. Because we can't go into town without 93 toys. That's just ridiculous!

You will have to answer odd questions like "What kind of hair is this on my eyebrows?" and it better be the correct answer. FYI - I don't know or ask your dad is not the correct answer. Another FYI - 'eyebrow hair' totally worked! 

He will tie a leash onto a grasshopper to keep it from hopping away and truly expect it to be his newest pet.

♥ ♥ ♥ 

But, above it all he will have the kindest, sweetest heart with the most gentle soul and will make you be so proud to be his Mommy. Boys love their Mama something fierce and its the most incredible feeling ever. God knew what he was doing when he made me a boy mama!! 

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{Our Texas Bucketlist}

Our Texas Bucketlist

Nathan and I have had a Texas Bucketlist for as long as I can remember. We are constantly adding things to this list as you can imagine. Texas is huge and there are so many things to be seen, done, tried, etc. We've broken our list into categories...Some of these we have done and some we haven't. Those with a check-mark after it we have done. 

> Big Bend National Park
> Balmorhea State Park
> Garner State Park
> Caddo Lake 
> {Fireworks on} Possum Kingdom
> South Rim Grand Canyon National Park
> Inks Lake
> Colorado Bend State Park / Gorman Falls
> Guadalupe Mountains National Park
> Palo Duro Canyon State Park
> Pedernales Falls State Park
> Hippie Hollow Park in Austin, TX

> San Antonio River Walk 
> Frio
> Guadalupe 
> Medina
> Devil's River

> Houston Rodeo
> Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo 
> Mesquite Rodeo

> YO Ranch in Kerrville, TX
> King Ranch in Kingsville, TX
> LBJ Ranch in Stonewall, TX 
> Southfork Ranch in Parker, TX

> Jacob's Well in Wimberley, TX 
> Devil's Water Hole west of Burnet, TX
> Krause Springs in Spicewood, TX
> Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, TX 
> Barton Springs in Austin, TX

> Coopers in Llano, TX 
> Big Texan 
> Food trucks in Austin 
>  George's in Waco, TX
> Mary's Cafe in Strawn TX 
> Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap, TX  
> Franklins BBQ in Austin
> Dixie Chicken in Bryan, TX
> Hard 8 BBQ in Stephenville, TX
> Smittys BBQ in Lockhart, TX
> Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, TX
> The Rustic {Owned by Pat Green}  in Dallas, TX
> Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie {haunted} 

> Corpus Christ 
> Port Aransas 
> Mustang Island 
> Padre Island National Seashore
> Matagorda Bay
> Port Isabel {Lighthouse}
> Galveston 

> Nacogdoches Blueberry Festival
> State Fair of Texas 
> Strawberry Festival in Poteet TX
> Tyler Rose Festival in Tyler TX
> Bluebonnet Festival in Ennis TX 
> Weatherford Peach Festival in Weatherford, TX
> Polka Festival in Ennis, TX

> Luckenbach, TX 
> Jefferson {haunted} 
> Dublin, TX {Dr. Pepper}
> Gruene & Go to Gruene Hall 
> Shiner, TX
> Mason, TX 
> Ballinger, TX
> Archer City, TX
> Pecos, TX
> Rainbow, TX
> Hico, TX
> Bandera, TX
> Fredericksburg, TX 

> Hike Enchanted Rock {Nate has, I've only made it up halfway} 
> Rattlesnake Round-up in Sweetwater, TX
> Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX 
> Dinosaur Valley in Glenrose, TX 
> The Alamo in San Antonio, TX 
> State Capitol in Austin, TX  
> Fossil Rim in Glenrose, TX 
>  Ride the Texas State Railroad in Rusk, TX {Nate and I have, but want to take Mason} 
> Marfa Lights in Marfa TX
> John T Floores Country Store in Helotes, TX
> Shop at Canton, TX 
> Shop at Texas Antique Weekend in Warrenton & Round Top TX 
> Magnolia Market in Waco, TX 
> Junk Gypsy in Round Top, TX 
> Drink the crazy water in Mineral Wells, TX
> Shop the streets of Fredericksburg, TX 
> See Fredericksburg around Christmas-time 
> See the bats at Congress Bridge in Austin, TX
> Eat a Kolache in West, TX
> Natural Bridge Caverns
> Watch a TX college football game

Do you have a Texas bucketlist? Have you ever visited Texas? Where is somewhere in Texas you've always wanted to go?
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