{Five on Friday // Disney World}

Happy Friday!! Is it just me or has it been a long week? Even with the snow days we've had it just seems to drag! Anyhow, I am glad that it's Friday.

Joining in for Five on Friday. And today it's all about Disney World!!!

{O N E}

{T W O}

Flights are bought and the pups boarding reservation has been made...just making it all that much more real! Mason has been begging us to go on a plane for the longest. He's going to flip!!!!

{T H R E E}

We are staying at Coronado Springs Resort and so excited about it. All of the pictures online are amazing. And the pools? Oh my, the pools! Going to be the best place to relax after long days at the park. It also has a 24 hour fitness area. Nate and I are going to need that. I have a feeling it's not going to be so easy to eat healthy. And besides, we'll be at Disney!!!!!!! But, who knows...the 12+ miles they say you walk in a day may be all the exercise we need. 

{F O U R}

We got the 5-day tickets with a dining plan! Our magic bands have also been ordered!! And guess what? I didn't go with pink. Surprise, right? I ordered a red one. When I think about Disney World I just see red! So I went with a red band.

{F I V E} 

Keeping this a secret from Mason has been the hardest. We have slipped a couple of times and had to cover it up. We were successful, but I am not sure how we'll go another 86 days without spilling the beans! We do not plan on telling him until Friday May 22nd after his Pre-K graduation!! Then we'll only have to hear the "are we leaving yet" question on Saturday and then we're off! 

How has your week been? Any weekend plans?

{A Grateful Heart}

 photo A Grateful Heart-1_zpsootdqtb7.jpg

Linking up with Emily for A Grateful Heart

With the weather this past week I can't help but be grateful for working at home. We've had rain, sleet, and snow the last 3 days and they say there is more to come. Before I worked at home I would worry myself sick the days leading up to a predicted snow storm. Even though it was imminent a storm was brewing and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it I would worry. And I mean to the point where I got migraines and would be nauseous.

I do not drive in these conditions...not at all. Texas isn't ever prepared for our once a year ice storms and neither are the crazies out on the roads. It's just not worth it to attempt to drive anywhere. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't feel guilty about missing work. And I would hardly be able to enjoy an ice snow day with my boys because I would be thinking about missing work. Yeah, no fun at all.

So, I am very, very grateful that I work at home. Yes, that means I still have to work with the rest of Texas shuts down. But, it also means no more stress and worry and I can actually enjoy my day and my boys being home with me. 

What are you grateful for this week? 

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{Texas Tuesday // The Magnolia // Waco Texas}

Happy Texas Tuesday friends!! 

What is Texas Tuesday? A chance for you to show off the awesomeness that is TEXAS!! You can blog about anything; restaurants, vacation spots, venues, concerts, your hometown, shops, fashion, sports, etc. The linkup is not limited to Texans, we just ask that the post is about Texas.

Hall Around Texas

I haven't talked about our Valentine's Day on the blog yet...because I wanted to save it for Texas Tuesday. Saturday morning we woke up and Nate said, "Let's go to Waco after our gym classes today" and by go-to-Waco I knew that he meant THE MAGNOLIA!!! Fixer Upper is our absolute favorite show and we just adore Chip and JoAnna Gaines! 

Nate went to his 8:30 Body Shred class and I went to my 10:30 Zumba class and then rushed home to get ready! 

 photo vday4_zpsd5484611.jpg
 photo Vday3_zpsfc548d78.jpg
 photo Vday2_zps81038612.jpg

Waco is only about an hour and 10 minutes from our house. Not a bad drive at all. We went straight to The Magnolia Market and found that almost everyone in Texas had the same idea as us! There were people everywhere! It was so hard to look around at anything because you were shoulder to shoulder with people, but it was just cool to be there. I could have bought one of everything in there. The decor and everything was definitely what you see on the show {Fixer Upper}. I just love JoAnna's style and wish I could hire her to Fixer Upper us a house! ha. 

 photo magnolia1_zpsd90d88f0.jpg
 photo magnolia2_zps351a59a1.jpg
 photo magnolia3_zps6abeced6.jpg

After visiting Magnolia Market we tried to find Magnolia Farms..but had no luck! And we were all starving so we sought out for food. We tried going to George's {a Waco staple}, but both parking lots were completely full. We circled through twice, but figured if the parking lots were that bad that they had to be packed to the gills inside. So we trucked along and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was okay. 

After lunch we went to Cabelas and did a little shopping.

It was the best day!  

Have you ever been to Waco? George's Bar/Grill? The Magnolia Market? Do you watch Fixer Upper?

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{Texas Snow....Ice Day}

Yay for Texas ice snow days!! Mason's school closed for the day and Nate works too far to attempt to drive in the ice. And well, Texas pretty much shuts down when it ices. 

But, I am not complaining because I got another day with my boys! And it really was a great day. We hung out in our jammies and were lazy most of the day! We played and talked and I worked. That's the only bad part about working at home...I don't get snow days! But again, not complaining. 

Once it hit 4:00 we bundled up and went outside to play! Brrr!!! It was so cold! But Mason and Gunner loved it and it was fun to watch them play!

 photo IceDay3_zps476cdf17.jpg
 photo IceDay1_zps6cd97e23.jpg
 photo IceDay4_zpsd1b9e584.jpg
 photo IceDay2_zpsa193e1fa.jpg

It looks like we may get more this week! And maybe even some actual snow, too.

Hows the weather where you are? 

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{Things Mason says}

Time for another round of things Mason says...

 photo 46_zps2a7c84d0.jpg

I love you most. I love you more than jelly & toast.

Mama I saw Ms. ________ downstairs. Not today, but yester-some-day.

{Mason wanted some strawberry soda and I told him no because it was too much sugar before bed. He said okay and asked what he could have. I told him thank you for being such a big boy and said I appreciate it. He says...}

Well, I appreciate your love.

 photo 40_zps86c97e41.jpg

Hey Mom Me and Dad are a "Bro-team"

{I got him a kids meal from Wendys and nothing for myself. We get home and he says...}

Hey Mom, you should have got one of those new burgers from Wendys. They have blue cheese on them.

 photo 16_zps428beccf.jpg


I love you so much and I cannot lie.

{noticing my weight loss}

Whoa mom, you're almost skinny like me and dad.


I just love this kid so much!

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{Texas Tuesday // The Rodeo Goat}

Happy Tuesday friends!! Time for another Texas Tuesday!!

What is Texas Tuesday? A chance for you to show off the awesomeness that is TEXAS!! You can blog about anything; restaurants, vacation spots, venues, concerts, your hometown, shops, fashion, sports, etc. The linkup is not limited to Texans, we just ask that the post is about Texas.

Hall Around Texas

A couple weekends ago after the Rodeo we all trucked on over to The Rodeo Goat for supper. Nathan and I have been wanting to try this place for the longest time. We thought we were going to get to go last year after the rodeo, but everyone wanted the same Mexican food place we always go to. But, we finally go to go. And it was amazing. I mean, I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been on a diet...but it was still delish. Everyone loved what they got.

 photo HallAroundTexas-RodeoGoat1_zps059e3a0b.jpg

The restaurant itself is pretty neat in the inside. It kind of has an industrial feel to it. Most of the tables are high tables with bar-stools and there is only a small section with lower tables. We had to wait over 45 minutes because we needed the lower tables to accommodate 20 people and a high chair. But, it was worth the wait.
Nathan and I both chose this one:

COWBOY MURRIN Applewood smoked bacon, tomato, jalepenos, fried onion, cheddar, pickle chutney, housemade bbq sauce {via their website}

 I opted for no tomatos and I also ate mine without the bun {darn diet}, but it was still heavenly. Nathan got his all the way and devoured it. We also got a thing of fries for us to 'share'. I ate one, ya know, just to try them. They were awesome and I could have ate the whole thing by myself.

 photo HallAroundTexas-RodeoGoat2_zps6f083833.jpg

Have you ever been there?

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{A Grateful Heart}

Happy Monday friends!

Starting off this week by linking up with Ember Grey for A Grateful Heart. If you haven't joined this linkup I truly encourage you to. Through it all, we have something to be Grateful for.

 photo IMG_1319_zps202d2074.jpg

Saturday I asked Mason to take a picture of Nathan and I....and ^ that is what I got! He handed the phone back to me and was just a giggling. I am so grateful for his sense of humor and for the fact that he brightens all of my days! He is always doing something to try to make us laugh and he's just so darn cute. 

We had a parent/teacher conference the other day and she confirmed what we already knew...Mason is the class clown. She has to separate him from his classmates in order to get his school work done sometimes. Nathan told her that he comes about it honest...being such a big talker. {Gets it from his Daddy}

I know that it may get him in trouble sometimes...but I love that he has so much personality and he is the most hilarious little kid that I know. 

So, so grateful for him.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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So, in yesterday's post I mentioned that we were planning a secret trip. Well, let me give you a little hint...

 photo Walt_Disney_World_1920X1200_by_orch_zpsb5648a08.jpg


Nate's parents told us they are taking us while on the way to Aunt Margaret's 90th birthday! We are keeping it a complete surprise to Mason until closer til time. Then Nate's mom will do a big reveal with him!! Eeekkkkkkkk!!!

We have been working with a certified Disney Planner and it's all coming to fruition! We are more than likely staying at Coronado Springs Resort for 7 days and doing a 5-day Park pass!! 

So, this is what has consumed my life lately. Every single spare moment has been spent researching and working with our agent. 

Any suggestions? What rides we should use our fast pass on? Any must see shows? Restaurants we just have to try? Any and all advice is welcomed! We've been pinteresting, but would love to hear suggestions from my friends!!

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{Oh life!!}

Howdy everyone!!! Goodness, I have neglected this space something fierce lately. There is just so much going on lately. I know I said that on my last post...but FOR REAL! Just not enough time in each day!

What have we been up to?

For the last couple of months I have been busy planning an engagement party {along with 5 other bridesmaids} for my best friend since 2nd grade! It feels so good to finally be able to talk about her getting married. It was a secret for so long. But, my best friend is getting married!!! And I am her Matron of Honor!! I feel so blessed and so honored. Eeek. 

Anyhow, we had their engagement party last Saturday and it was a huge success!! Everything was so beautiful and perfect and I think Kristy has a very talented wedding party! The party was held at T&P Tavern in Fort Worth. Her cousins own it and it was the perfect venue to hold the party!! We had cupcakes and a popcorn bar and T&P catered all kinds of appetizers. It was amazing!!!

 photo IMG_1159_zpsa3e07e2f.jpg

And while we were at the party Nate's mom let us know that Mason wasn't feeling too well. He was running a low grade fever, had a small cough and just wanted to lay around. He actually even took a nap - over 2 hours. He never naps! So, Nate and I worried about him the whole time we were there. And then it felt like the longest drive ever to get home. We picked him up and brought him home. He took some medicine and within 30 minutes he perked up and was happy and talkative. We watched the Lego movie in our bed and cuddled. He went to sleep after the movie. He didn't run fever throughout the night and woke up Sunday feeling better. We took it easy, though! And I kept him home Monday just to be sure. We really think it was just terrible allergies. He's back at school today and I am hoping he's doing fine! 

 photo IMG_1160_zpsf8b5052a.jpg

So glad he's back to himself! I just hate when he doesn't feel well. Breaks my heart into a million pieces.

We've also been spending a lot of time at the gym. They have a childcare area, but we try to not take Mason every day. Nathan and I alternate with gym time and our classes too! So far I have done Pilates Fusion and Zumba. Pilates Fusion was my absolute favorite class. I can't wait to do it again tonight!! So far I am down 12-14 lbs and lots of inches. I've been dieting pretty hard core for 3 weeks, so I was kind of disappointed with the amount I've lost...but Hubby reminded me that I'm turning fat into muscle and that's why the scale isn't dropping much. Bahh...I mean it's good, but I also want to lose more.

Other than that...oh you know....just planning a SECRET TRIP!!! More on that to come....

What have you been up to lately?

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{A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey}

Happy Thursday friends!

I am finally getting a spare moment to write my Grateful Heart post for this week! Linking up with Ember Grey.

 photo IMG_1074_zps6cc2e4e8.jpg
 photo IMG_1075_zps96d9a56e.jpg

This past Saturday we celebrated Nathan's Great Aunt, Margaret's 90th  birthday. Ninety wonderful years! The birthday party was a surprise and a success. If I had to guess I would say there were 50+ people there to celebrate her. I was so blessed to be at her 80th and now her 90th. I love to sit and listen to all the stories that are told and the love that everyone shares for Aunt Margaret. It's remarkable! 

I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing family! 

What are you Grateful for this week? 

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