{November 2022 // Goals}

I thought I'd try something different on the blog and list some goals for the month of November. Something to help keep me accountable and to see if I can accomplish what I set my mind to.  Of course, I will give myself some grace on the things I don't accomplish - because who needs that kind of stress? 


Drink at least 16oz of water daily. I know this seems small, but it's big for me. Water isn't usually the first thing I grab when I'm thirsty. 

Make my bed daily

Read before bed - instead of scrolling social media

Continue to wake 1-2 hours early every morning

Get up from desk every 15-30 minutes - refocus my eyes and move my body! 

Try a couple new recipes - Macy Blackwell has so many I want to try!

Clean/organize at least one area daily

Cook the Hello Fresh meals we get each week and stop letting some of them go to waste! 


Go on a date with Nate

Go on a date with Mase

Go to a Mavericks game - surprise Mason


Continue to read Bible every morning

Pray more throughout the day

Find a good study on prayer

Blog // Social Media // Apps:

Post more consistently on the HallAroundTexas IG and IG stories

Continue to take videos daily for the One Sec A Day App

Blog 3-4x a week - I've been blogging daily, but November isn't as filled with events like October is.

Jump back on the JeepAroundTexas IG and post - I was getting overwhelmed by this space and needed a break.

Post about recent camping spots on CampAroundTexas IG

What are some goals you have for this month?

PS - today is mine and Nate's 26 year dating anniversary!!

Also, I needed to add something really cool. If you look under my "spiritual" goals, I included "Find a good study on prayer". Well, I drafted this weeks ago and recently our church started a 4-week series called "Dear God" - a sermon series on prayer!! ONLY GOD, Y'ALL!!!!!!!! 

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