{The most epic Hocus Pocus watching party // birthday}

 I mentioned on my weekend wrap-up post that we attended the most epic Hocus Pocus watching party for our dear friends daughter's 15th birthday. It was the most perfect night and will definitely be one that we remember always! I can't get over how awesome everything was!

Our friends hired a (really cool) company to come out and set up inflatable couches, an inflatable screen & projector, a popcorn machine, and all three witches in inflatable form! It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!! They also brought Hocus Pocus themed pillows, signs, and decor. I will just let the pictures do all the talking. 

If you're local, they are @goldenstaroutdoorcinema on Instagram.

For food, they hired a taquero! They made some amazing tacos and quesadillas!!! For snacks, there were buckets of candy, the popcorn machine, the Halloween charcuterie board, s'mores, and rice krispie books. Oh and the adults had their fair share of "snacks and treats" too! ha Everything was so festive and awesome! 

Have you ever seen a more epic watch party setup? I know I haven't!!

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