{Weekend Wrap-up // PTO, Hockey}

Happy Tuesday, friends!! Hope your week is off to a great start. Ours has started out busy - but what else is new? Today I am sharing about our weekend. Spoiler alert!! It was a good one!

{Roadtrippin' // Kincaid's Burger // Fort Worth, TX}

Sometime early last week, Nate sent Mason and me a Tik Tok about Kincaid's burgers in Fort Worth! It had been on our radar all week because it looked so amazing. Saturday after hockey we decided to give it a try...


{Weekend Wrap-up // Corporal Pinning, Hockey, Ft Worth, Reset Day, Coop & Eggs}

Happy Wednesday! It's been quite a week already and thus the reason I am just now getting to share about our weekend. Work has been absolutely insane this week. I told Nate that it feels like it's rapid-fire email week. As soon as I finish one, seven more come in. Monday evening we had Mason's first hockey practice with his team he will be on for league. More on that later! But for now, here is a look at our weekend. 

{Five on Friday // Willow, School, Hockey, Eggs}

Happy Friday! For whatever reason, this week feels like it flew by in a flash. I'm not mad about it! We had a pretty good week! Today I am sharing five random things for Five on Friday...

{Summer Bucketlist Update // What we did in June & July}

Sweet, sweet summertime. How I love you so! I do not love the Texas heat (I feel like a broken record over here - but it's miserable here) but I love the freedom that comes with summer. We have put a pretty big dent in our Summer bucket list in June & July. Here's a look at all that we have done! 

{Not Just a Mom link-up // What's in my Handbag??}

Happy Tuesday! Linking up with Dara, Adrienne, Jen, Joanne, Lauren, and Sarah for the "Not Just a Mom" series. Today we are sharing what's in our handbags! This link-up went live - but I usually share our weekend on Mondays.  

{Weekend Wrap-up // Epic Central, Birthday Party, Hockey, Back to School Bash}

Happy Monday!!  Hope you all had the most incredible weekend. While ours was jam-packed, we had such a good, good one. It was filled with so much family and friend time and so many moments that were good for the soul. Here's a look at our weekend. 

{10 on the 10th // August edition}

 Happy Thursday!! Linking up with Marsha in the Middle for 10 on the 10th. I love these kinds of posts and I'm so happy I saw this link-up on Dara's blog

{Waxahachie Wednesday // Farm Luck Soda Fountain}

Happy Waxahachie Wednesday! Today I am sharing about one of my favorite places in Waxahachie, Farm Luck Soda Fountain and Dry Goods. It's the cutest place in downtown Waxahachie!! 

{Weekend Wrap-up // New hair, Hockey, thrifting, New appliances}

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. We sure did! It was the perfect mix of going & doing and staying & being productive! I love those kinds of weekends when you feel like you had some fun but then you were really productive at the same time. Here's a look at our weekend. 

{Farmfresh Eggs}

Back in February, I started over with a whole new flock of chickens. My hens are all getting to the "laying" age, so I have been on egg watch like a crazy chicken lady. Although, I haven't been too hopeful due to the heat in Texas right now. You can imagine my surprise this weekend when I found THREE eggs in my chicken coop!


{Currently // August 2023}

Happy Wednesday!! Today I am linking up with Jennifer for the August edition of "Currently". It's a two blog posts in one day kind of day because I had already scheduled my Waxachachie Wednesday post. Anyhow, today I am sharing what I am currently loving, looking forward to, starting, thinking, and wearing.

{Waxahachie Wednesday // A Place in Your Heart, Texas}

Waxahachie has been deemed the "movie capital of Texas" with over thirty movies filmed here and three Academy Award films.  One of those (Oscar-winning) features was "Places in the Heart" featuring Sally Field. It's because of this film that Waxahachie adopted the slogan, "Waxahachie: A Place in Your Heart, Texas."

{The Roaring 20s // A themed birthday party}

Our sister-in-law threw Nate's brother a surprise birthday party this past weekend. It's his last year in his twenties so the theme was the "Roaring 20s". Everything about the night from the location, the decor, the attire, etc. was just perfect! 

{Weekend Wrap-up // PTO, Hockey, 20s Themed Party}

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. We sure did! I took off work on Friday so that I could spend the day with my boys. We had some appointments and errands to run so I took PTO for the whole day. Here's a look at our weekend...

{Five on Friday // Wander Inn , Hockey, Hockey, and more Hockey, Summer Vacations}

Happy finally Friday!! I hope that you all have had the most beautiful week. We sure did! Soaking in these final summer days before our lives start to get even more busy!! With school and league starting, I know that we will have a busy schedule. I am excited about those two things, though. Mason will be starting 8th (gasp) grade! One more year of junior high and then it's high school. Goodness, that happened fast. And before I start crying, let's move on. Here's a look at our week as well as some randomness. 

{Waxahachie Wednesday // Love Lock Wall}

Another fun Waxahachie attraction (playing off the "A Place in Your Heart, Texas") is the Love Lock Wall located in the downtown area. This fence is located on a 100+ year-old crumbling retaining brick wall. Instead of tearing it down, they came up with this fun and unique idea of a place where visitors and residents could publicly display their love for each other, or for the town by placing a heart-shaped lock on the fence. 

{Walking // The start to my health journey}

Today marks one week since I decided to get my life back on track, health-wise. I noticed that my body is getting "soft" in most areas and I'm losing muscle everywhere. And overall, I was just feeling 'blah'. I'm always tired and have no energy to want to do anything. I was tired of feeling that way, so I made a plan to change that. Last Tuesday morning, I began by going on a walk. 

{Weekend Wrap-up // Chickens, Walks, a birthday party, hockey}

Happy Monday!! Last week seemed to fly by (which was really good) but then I feel like the weekend went by even quicker. And here we are, already at Monday again. Despite how quickly it went, we had a great weekend. Here's a look at what we did! 


{Waxahachie Wednesday // Hachie Hearts}

If you make a trip to the downtown area of Waxahachie you'll notice giant painted hearts in various nooks and crannies throughout. This public art project is called "Hachie Hearts" and features twenty-one unique painted hearts by local artists and each heart is sponsored by local businesses. This project is part of the city's "A Place in Your Heart, Texas" campaign. You can click here for an interactive map. 

{Weekend Wrap-up // Babes, Hockey, Softball, Church, Sushi}

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was pretty good, just not near long enough! I did soak up every minute that we got, though! It was filled with good food, family, friends, sports, and Jesus! I love those kinds of weekends. Here's a look at what we did...

{Five on Friday // Hockey, Sunflowers, Waxahachie}

Happy finally Friday! This was my first normal week (working all 5 days) in a while and it felt sooooo long!! Can we go to four day work weeks? Please and thank you! Wishful hoping. Nate is off on most Fridays (unless he picks up an overtime shift) and I'm so jealous! Well, maybe I'm not so jealous of his 4 am wake-up call. ha! Anyhow, it was a pretty good week. Here are five things from our week! 

{Waxahachie Wednesday // An intro}

Way back when I used to share a lot about  Waxahachie in my Texas Tuesday posts.  As we were driving around the downtown area the other day it reminded me how much I love this charming little town and love to share about it. Right then and there, an idea popped up in my head..."Waxahachie Wednesday"!! So from here on out, most Wednesdays will be dedicated to all things Waxahachie. 

{Fourth of July Camping // Blue Sky RV Cedar Creek}

 This year for the 4th of July, we camped with Nate's family at Blue Sky Cedar Creek. It's a new RV resort near Cedar Creek Lake. It's just minutes down the road from my family's lakehouses!  Two of my aunts, and my parents all have a lakehouse on the same street (4 houses total between them all). And because of this, we got to spend some of the 4th of July weekend with both sides of the family! It was brutally HOT but we survived and had a great time! 

{Weekend Wrap-up}

Why do weekends always fly by so fast? We had a pretty busy weekend, which always makes it seem even shorter. Despite it being busy, it was a fun weekend. Here's a look at what we did...


It's officially summer (as of June 21st) and I am a bit late in sharing our 2023 Summer Bucketlist. Summer for us usually starts in May and goes through September! The Internet says summer is from June 21st through September 23rd, to be exact. When Texas hits the 90s, that's summer enough for me. Plus, Mason is homeschooled so we can make our summer dates whatever we choose. Here's a look at all the things we hope to do this summer. Since I'm super late in posting this, we've already checked off quite a few! 

{Currently // July 2023}

It's time for a "currently" post! I haven't done one since January and these are some of my favorite posts. Linking up with Jennifer to share what we are currently loving, savoring, celebrating, remembering, and trying this month. 

{Roadtrippin' // Weatherford, TX // Texas Tuesday}

Weatherford is an adorable little town in Parker County, TX. After we ate at Herd's Burgers we headed over to Weatherford to tote around the town square. We found this adorable antique store called Miss B's Antiques and Collectables. They had the cutest stuff and the best prices.

{Roadtrippin' // Herd's Burgers // Texas Tuesday}

A couple of Saturday's ago we decided to make another day trip! I am really loving our Saturdays lately.  This time we drove to Jacksboro, TX to eat at our favorite hole-in-the-wall burger joint, Herd's Burgers. We found this place one October while camping at Mitchell Resort and now we eat there every time we camp in the area!  It's by far one of our favorite burgers. 

{Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, TX}

On the way home from our Strawn trip (after going to Lake Mineral Wells State Park) we also stopped at Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, TX.  We've been here many times before and it's always a good time. We weren't prepared to swim this time, we just wanted to see how much water was in the river. It wasn't much! Texas is getting a lot of rain lately so hopefully this will change.

{Father's Day 2023}

Father's Day this year was really sweet and special this year! Mason asked me if he could pick out, order, and pay for Nate's gift all on his own. Of course, I obliged, and he did so well! 


I mentioned in this post that Mason started the Rookie hockey program at the Star Center.  It's been a while, so I thought I would post an update. Mason is still going strong with hockey!! He completed the Rookie program, then moved on to Pre-Hockey Academy, and is now in Hockey Academy! 

{Mineral Wells State Park}

On our way home from Strawn, we stopped in Mineral Wells to check out Lake Mineral Wells State Park. We had heard lots of great things about it. Side note - Nate and I love to drive through state parks to check them out! We like to see if it's somewhere we'd enjoy camping one day. Anyhow, the state park was kind enough to let us do a drive-through. 

{Grad Party}

Last Friday we attended a grad party for one of the kiddos in our friend group. It was so much fun! It always is when our friend group gets together. We ate, drank, took pictures at the photo booth, danced, and talked the night away. 

{Rainbows and Sunsets}

We were on our way home last night and saw the most incredible and vibrant rainbow in the sky! We then made our way over to our secret little spot near Waxahachie lake to watch the sunset. I love how pretty the sunset can be after a storm! 

{Ranger Game}

The Texas Rangers are on fire and so fun to watch lately!! Don't get me wrong, we are die-hard Ranger fans over here, win or lose, but this new team is just exciting!! We got to attend Monday's game and had a blast! We had an extra ticket so we invited Nate's mom! 

{Roadtrippin' // Strawn Texas // Mary's Cafe}

This past Saturday we decided to do something a little different after hockey! We made a day trip to Strawn, TX. We had been wanting to eat at Mary's for quite some time and decided to finally make that happen! Strawn holds family memories for me. My Grandmother lived there as well as our family farm (where we had family reunions at).

{Ellis County Jeep Meet}

Our local Jeep meets on the first Thursday of every month. These meets are most often at a local restaurant in the Waxahachie/Midlothian/Ennis area. This month we met at Bluebonnet BBQ. We had an amazing turnout and the food was delicious!! 

{Midlo Scoops // JGM Ellis County Meet}

I've mentioned here before that I am a club vice president for a nationwide all girls Jeep club. It's such an amazing community of women and one that brings me great joy. We frequently have meets at local restaurants, arcades, movies, etc. It's just a night to get together and have community!  Our Ellis County chapter recently met at Midlo Scoops - an ice cream place in Midlothian. 


{Memorial Day Weekend}

Holiday weekends are just better when spent with family, am I right? I love these good, wholesome weekends of quality family time. We were missing two members of the Hall clan. And, we sure did miss them. Nate's parents rented the most beautiful lakehouse for our weekend stay. It was perfect and the time together was so sweet. 

{Memorial Day Weekend // The Jolly Pirate Ship}

On Saturday, we rode on the Jolly Pirate Ship in Conroe, TX. It was a fun activity to do with the kids. The littles were so excited about it! Mason might have been excited but he's a teenager now and too cool to say so! :) 

{Memorial Day Weekend // Pirate everything!!}

One of the main reasons we went to Lake Conroe over the Memorial Day weekend holiday was to ride on the Jolly Pirate Ship! Nate's mom and I decided to put together a cute little pirate-themed scavenger hunt on one of the days (before our ride on the ship). It was so fun to put together with her. Check out my TikTok for videos on that!


{Our Lakehouse Rental for Memorial Day Weekend}

Nate's parents booked the most beautiful house for our family Memorial Day trip! The house was on Lake Conroe, just a couple hours from home. 


{Mason's 13th birthday}

Mason is THIRTEEN!!! We officially have a teenager and it feels so strange to say that. I know every parent says this and it's incredibly cliche, but I am not sure where all the time went. It has flown by in a flash. If I wasn't already, I am now hyper-aware of these fleeting moments!!  I can't even think about that right now. 

Happy Birthday my sweetest boy!!

{Michelle's Birthday}

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating our sister-in-law Michelle's birthday! We went to Firehouse Gastro Pub in Grand Prairie for lunch and it was delicious. We were able to get a table out on the lawn/patio and it was the perfect day! 


{Mason's Special Visitor // Victor E Green}

 Mason's grandparents pulled off the ultimate birthday surprise for him...

{Ranger's Game // Lexus Club}

On Wednesday we were able to attend the Texas Rangers baseball game! We were gifted some amazing seats in the Lexus Club section! This was our first time ever sitting in the Lexus Club! The tickets came with an you can eat/drink option and the kids loved that. We had 8 tickets so some of our friends were able to join us. 

{Mother's Day // 2023}

We had a really lovely Mother's Day this year! It started with church and then ended with lunch at Nate's parent's house! 

{A Sweet Saturday with family}

We had such a sweet and wholesome Saturday! I always love days that are filled with family time. We started with hockey in the morning, then baseball in the afternoon, and then a late lunch together.  


Nate and I were able to snag some Dallas Stars playoff tickets against the Seattle Kraken! It was one of the most fun (and intense) games we have been to yet. The whole vibe was a little more electric - which is saying a lot since these games always are! They had so many things going on outside of the AAC before the game. 

{A Sunday well spent}

We had such a good, wholesome Sunday!! It was mixed with just the perfect balance of work and chill. We worked on the chicken coop, went fishing, visited with Nate's Grandma for her birthday, and let Willow outside for a bit.