{Happy Good Friday}

Good Friday. 
Good Friday...
What a bittersweet day! Here we mourn the death and suffering of Jesus, but yet we celebrate. All week I have been studying the "Story of Easter". It's been a pretty emotional week, to say the least. This morning I woke up to a dark and gloomy sky and I imagined that's exactly how it was on the day of Jesus' crucifixion. Jesus' love for us is quite overwhelming. And because He is risen we have the promise of eternal life!! 

I hope that you all have the day off, unlike me. I'm at the office all by myself today! Praying today is kind to me since it's a Holiday for most. Nathan is working double time today and Mason is hanging out with his Nana and Uncle. She just texted me and they just planted Jelly Beans {that will later grow into LollyPops} and now they are looking at/playing with the baby chicks! I know he's having a blast! Wish I was there!! 

I've had this song on repeat lately. The words...oh the words...

Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified freely forever
One day He's coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day

Glorious Day - Casting Crowns from hulahan on GodTube.

Hope you all have a great Friday and Happy Easter!!

{Easter Crafting with Toddlers}

What crafts do you have planned with your kids this Easter?

{Wordless Wednesday - Toddlerhood Pt 2}


Pretty much goes hand in hand with this post here

Oh........Toddlerhood!!! You've given me a few grey hairs, several near heart attacks, but a whole bunch of laughs!!!!

Mason thinks it's pretty hilarious!!!

{Weekend Wrap-up}

We had a wonderful weekend! Friday night we had the Rochelle's over for a playdate. The boys had a complete blast. They hadn't seen each other in a while, but acted like they never skipped a beat. They are so fun to watch!  They may have turned my house upside down; but it was worth every bit of it!!

Right after they dumped out a bucket in the toy room :)
 Saturday we were supposed to go to an Easter Egg hunt at Nate's work, but the weather had other plans! It rained and poured and the wind was beyond ridiculous. We were able to keep our other half of the plans, though...which was visiting Nate's Grandma. Nate was working OT, but was able to meet us for lunch. We had such a nice time! 

Mase and I being silly at NeNaw's house.
Mason pouting because his Daddy had to go back to work!!
Nate was able to take off work early and come hang out with us at his Grandma's house. 

Nathan showing his NeNaw how to add contacts in her phone!
After we visited for a while Nathan and Mason went home and the rest of us went shopping at Kohls. Nate snapped this picture of Mason and I just love it. He looks so grown!!

Sunday we all slept in....like really slept it. It was after 10 before we all woke up! It was lovely!! We hung out at home for a bit and then got out and about. We ate lunch at Red Robin. Yum! And then we went shopping for Mason a new baseball glove and baseball T to practice with! Exciting stuff!!!

 In those first series of pictures he totally knew I was snapping pictures and gave me several faces! It was hilarious.

When we got home from shopping it was entirely too cold and windy to play outside...so we brought the game inside! Mason hit the ball really good! We were impressed.

That was our weekend...how was yours?

{Monster Jam}

A couple of weekends ago we took Mason to see Monster Jam at Texas Stadium. We went last year too, but our seats were in the nosebleeds. This year we had fabulous seats.  We kept it a complete surprise from Mason. And to be honest, we were about ready to cancel our plans and eat the $150 that day. He hadn't napped and was a complete mess! 

I'm glad we didn't though. He was so shocked when he found out what we were doing, and so happy! And we had a really great time. 

And something totally random that never happens...Mason fell asleep about half way between the show! He must have been tired! He had ear muffs on, but it was still loud even with those! I guess the noise and vibrations just relaxed him right into a sleep. We left after about 15 or so minutes of him sleeping. We thought we'd beet traffic that way!

Another great memory for the memory bank...