{Weekend Wrap-up // Movies, Benefit with the Jeep Club, Church, Coop work}

 I've been so busy catching up on the blog (since St Patrick's Day) but I wanted to post something a little more recent. A weekend wrap-up! It used to be a common thing around here and I miss posting a little of our day-to-day. I love weekends with my favorite people! 

{Port Lavaca // Day 2 // Magnolia Beach, Casa Jalisco, Snow Cones, 4th of July Festivities}

 On day 2 of our Port Lavaca camping trip, we decided to hit up the beach. We searched a couple that were close and decided on Magnolia Beach. This was our first time in this area, so we were not too familiar with the nearby beaches. Magnolia sounded like it would be nice...

{Port Lavaca // Day 1 // KOA, Swimming & Danny's Seafood House}

 Nate's parents booked a camping trip for the 4th of July weekend down in Port Lavaca, TX. Some good family friends of ours joined us as well. Nate's parents, Ty & Michelle got there on Thursday afternoon and we met them there that evening. Nate worked a half day and I worked until 4pm. We were packed and ready to go the minute I got off work!

{Mason // First Midweek at Church}

 Mason got to attend his first ever Midweek on Wednesday! Midweek is for 6th - 12th graders only and they meet on Wednesdays at our church. They have all kinds of activities for the kids, worship, a sermon, and small groups! It's such an amazing night for these youth.

{Jeep Around Texas // Chill Zero // Monthly Meet}

 We had our monthly Jeep night at Chill Zero yesterday and it went well! Once again, we had an amazing turnout. The parking lot was full of Jeeps from the time the meet started until well after. It's always such a good time with the Jeep community. Jeeps, Tacos, and Ice Cream...what more could you want?

{Mason's 11 year well check appointment}

 Mason had his 11 year well check appointment yesterday. We had to see a nurse practitioner because our pediatrician didn't have any available appointments for months! Nate said she was great, though! I stayed home because I was working and covering another desk. He was great to send me pictures and information! He knows this Mama needs that! 

{Hot Springs, AR with Wicked Trendz Jeep Club}

 We joined our  Jeep family for a weekend at Hot Springs and had a total blast! We absolutely love this group and love spending time with them. We got to the park early Friday afternoon and jumped almost immediately on some trails! But not before a group prayer...

{Mason's 11th birthday party}

 For the 2nd year in a row, we had a joint birthday party for Mason and his cousin Jaxon. Their birthdays are within a couple weeks of each other, so it's just easier to get the family together for one party. They both opted for another swim party at my parent's house. 

{Mason's Lego Rubicon}

 Mason got a Lego Rubicon Jeep for his birthday! I'm not sure who was more excited, his dad & I or him! I think this was the toughest Lego he has built, but he conquered it! It is just about the coolest Lego I have ever seen!


{Our Jeep family came to our church!!}

 One of our Jeep family members had a birthday over the weekend and his wish was to have friends join him at church. And you know our Jeep family delivered!! They just so happen to go to the same church as us, so that was perfect. I can't tell you how amazing it was to fill up a whole row at our church and to be in the Lord's house with our Jeep family!  

{Ellis County Jeep Meet with a side of sunset}

 One of our local Jeep groups meets on the first Thursday of every month. It's usually at a restaurant so we can eat together and then hang out in the parking lot after! Our June meet was at Ellis County Barbeque in Midlothian. While we were in the parking lot chatting, the sun began to set in the most magnificent colors! My best friend Keri and I took the opportunity for a photoshoot! 

{A spring sunset}

 If you know anything about me by now, you know that I love sunsets. I will forever be that girl chasing sunsets and photographing them the best way I know how! I mean, look how pretty! God is so gracious to give us such beauty all around us. 

{Camping in Abilene for Memorial Day Weekend}

 We spent Memorial Day weekend camping with friends and family in Abilene, TX. One of Mason's requests for his birthday was to go camping, so his awesome Nana and Papa made that happen! Our friends were already camping in Abilene and were so kind to let us join them! 

{Mason's 11th birthday}

 Nathan took off work so that he could spend the day with Mason! We started the day with gifts. Mason isn't really into toys anymore...you know because he's all grown and eleven and stuff...but he does have some things that he collects. He likes to collect Roblox toys and the World's Smallest Toys, so we got him some of those. He still absolutely loves Legos!! And of course, money! 

After gifts, Nate and Mase went on a little trip to the donut store. I was still working that day so I stayed behind. After donuts, Nate took Mason to Urban Air in town. They ran into some of Mason's friends there, so it worked out perfectly. He was able to spend a couple of hours playing with them. 

For supper, Mason picked out his favorite Mexican food restaurant, Ojedas. Nate's parents and Ty & Michelle joined us! Mason was so excited to have them there. 

After supper, we went back to Nate's parents for ice cream and more gifts! 

Mason had a wonderful birthday and is so blessed with the best people in his life! 

{Celebrity Bakery // Waxahachie, TX}

 Our friends that own an Ice Cream shop here in town opened up a bakery. Nate and I finally got to try it out and it's safe to say that it's a new favorite. 

{Michelle's birthday celebration}

 We celebrated our sister-in-law's birthday at Vera Cruz in Midlothian. It was our first time there and it did not disappoint. It was so nice to spend the evening with the whole family! 

{Go Topless weekend at Crystal Beach}

 This was our 2nd year to attend Go Topless at Crystal Beach. Our first experience was in 2018. We skipped 2019 and the pandemic shut down 2020. 2018 was a pretty crazy time, but we enjoyed it. We always get a beach house to resort back to if things get too crazy. This year we shared a house with 3 other couples and it was nice. 

{Mother's Day 2021 // Maggie the Magnolia's first blooms}

 Mother's Day 2021 was pretty amazing!! We started it off with church and ended the evening with Nate's family. I visited with my Mama the day prior and it was a treat! Church was amazing, as always. Nate made me the cutest little card. I will never tire of homemade gifts!! 

{Things I love about spring}

 I'm pretty sure I say that every season is my favorite, but there's just so much to love. Here are some things that I love about spring. 

{Sunset Topless Jeep ride}

 Another reason I love spring...topless Jeep rides! The weather is pleasant and you can't beat the sunset views!! There's nothing like feeling that breeze and feeling the fresh air! 

{Giving Boxing a go}

 Mason has really been wanting to get into something lately. He chose boxing! We have a local policeman that opened a boxing ring/gym in our town, so it was perfect! Our plan is to do a few drop-in classes to see if Mason would like it. It was hard work, but he seemed to enjoy it. 

{Celebrating NeNaw}

 We celebrated Nathan's Grandmother (NeNaw) luau style! It was such a great day together with family! His grandma is the cutest and I just adore her so! 

{Chicken Run}

Now that our chickens have gotten acclimated to their new home/coop, we can let them free range in their run. Just one more step before they're free to roam the full 2 acres. Nathan and I ordered a safety net to put over our chicken run to keep out predators, so that makes me feel better! There's only a small part of the coop area that is not covered and that's so that we can open and close the coop door! Our chickens are loving this new freedom and we are enjoying watching them! 

{Sweet Spring Evenings}

 I love spring evenings when it's pleasant to actually be outside. You don't have to worry about mosquitos and it's not too hot to grill. We recently got a Blackstone and have enjoyed using it to cook our supper. We also recently joined Hello Fresh and we are loving it. This evening we had a shrimp and steak meal and hubbs cooked it on the Blackstone! 

{My Irises have bloomed and the garden is growing}

 Have I said lately how much I love Spring? My purple Irises have started blooming all around the property! They are such pretty pops of color! We have white, yellow, and purple around here. 

{We moved some of the chickens to the coop!!}

 April 13th was a big day here at Hall Farms! We moved our biggest babes out to the coop. They love the new space to run around and the little littles love having more space in the brooder! It will be a couple more weeks before our 2nd round is ready for the coop. I can't wait to have them all out there!

{God painted the most incredible sky}

The other day we were getting ready to load the Jeep onto the trailer and came out to see the most incredible sky! God sure does paint us so much beauty to enjoy! I was pretty much speechless...

{Sophie the blue Silkie}

 When I first decided to get chickens again, I knew I wanted a Silkie or two. I had two, but only one made it. My little Sophie girl! She's the cutest little thing. Every time I bring her out in the warm sun she goes right to sleep. It's the funniest thing! It's either that or she doesn't like photos and pretends to be asleep. ha

{Jeep Around Texas Ice Cream Meet at Chill Zero}

 I'm not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not, but Nate and I created a Jeep Facebook group/community a couple years ago called Jeep Around Texas. It started off slow but has picked up over the last year or so. We are at 18.5k members and growing by 2-4k a month! So far, it's been a pretty great community of Jeepers. Anyhow, we joined in with one of our favorite Jeep families to host a monthly meet at an Ice Cream shop they own right here in our hometown. We've had 4 or 5 meets so far and each one has blown us away with the amount of Jeeps/Jeepers that have come out. We had one this month and it was a blast! I never get many pictures because we are too busy having a good time. Here are the photos I did get, though! 

{Chicken Coop // Update}

 A few weeks ago, I shared our Chicken Coop Reno. We've added a few things to the coop since then. I added a solar lantern on the coop itself, some solar lights around the bottom, and some cute little fencing. I am loving the way this coop has come together. 

{Bluebonnets // 2021 // Vol. 2}

Bluebonnets are one of my most favorite things about spring! There is nothing more soothing to the soul than taking a backroads drive at sunset to see fields of wildflowers! So much beauty...only God! This spring we got out to visit the Bluebonnets several times. I'll let the photos do the talking...

{St Patrick's Day //2021}

 I almost missed posting about St Patrick's Day! And I couldn't let that happen. Not because we celebrated in some big kind of way, but because I have the cutest pictures to share. But first, we had to be a little bit festive, so green Lucky Charms for breakfast it was!


 I'm going to let you in on a little secret...if you want to win over my heart, just invite me to go chase the sunset with you! haha! But seriously. I could never grow tired of chasing the sunset. I mean, it's such an incredible gift that God shares with us every evening.  And if you really think about it, chasing the sunset is quite like our walk with the Lord and spending time with Him. You get away from the world and experience something much bigger. Something more beautiful. Something incredible and so indescribable. I'm sure the exact same could be said about the sunrise, but lets be honest, I'm not a 'rise before the sun' kind of girl. There's very few things I will wake that early for! Anyhow, I am so thankful for a husband that supports my crave for chasing the sunset and I am even more thankful for that time I get to spend with him. 

{Bluebonnets // 2021 // Vol. 1}

 Back on March 26th we made our first trip over to see the Bluebonnets (< click on that link to see previous Bluebonnet posts). Driving the back roads to see these beautiful Texas flowers is one of our favorite things to do on weeknights! It's so soothing to my soul to drive these back roads at sunset and then spend some time in these gorgeous wildflower fields.