{Currently // November 2022}

 Linking up with Jennifer for the "currently" series. This month we are sharing what we are currently borrowing, buying, planning, prepping, and reading. Here's a look at what I am currently up to. 

Borrowing //

I haven't really borrowed anything lately. Unless you count endless DIY, recipe, decor, etc. ideas from Pinterest, IG, and Tik-Tok! What is it about the holidays that makes you want to do all the things? I have so many great ideas saved and can't wait to make a dent in that list! It's going to be a fun season!!

Buying //

All the things...for Mason! And it's not even his Christmas. lol! The poor kid needed clothes so incredibly bad! He's grown so much since last fall and basically needed a whole new wardrobe. We went to Target after church last Sunday and found him some really great things! I couldn't help but laughed as we coordinated outfits around his three pairs of Jordans! Preteen boys, ha! And then we saw that Mason's favorite basketball team (the Nets) would be here playing the Mavericks next week so we got tickets for that! And of course, we had to order him a Nets jersey of his favorite player to wear to the game! But it doesn't stop there...Nate found Mase a really good basketball goal on Facebook marketplace. Christmas in November for Mason Lane! lol 

Planning //

All the holiday things. There are so many things I want to do and places I want to go. I pray that we can fit it all in! And of course, we have so many family traditions during this time. It's my favorite, though! I really want to try to fit in a weekend in Branson, MO. I've always heard about how amazing it is at Christmas time and have wanted to go for years. Have you ever been there at Christmas time? Their site says they start decorating for Christmas on November 1st!  

Prepping //

The house to decorate for Christmas! I'm trying to get the house deep cleaned first and then put away all the fall stuff. I'm so ready to deck these halls! Also prepping my calendar, travel plans, and lists for the holidays! 

Reading // 

I've mostly been reading my Bible. I usually read for an hour+ in the mornings and evenings! I've been following plans on both the She Reads Truth app and the Bible app. I've found some really good plans on the Bible app lately and have been enjoying those. I recently finished "It Starts With Us" by Colleen Hoover and just started "Ugly Love" by her.  

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