{FIVE ON FRIDAY // Bible Study, Mr. Beastburger, Halloween Pails, Willow's birthday, Soccer}

 Happy finally Friday!! These October days seem to be flying by at the speed of lightning! It makes me sad because October is one of my favorite months.  We got a cold front on Sunday, so the weather here has been glorious all week.  Here's a look at our week...or five random things from our week.


O N E //  Bible Study

Still going strong with my Bible study outside in the mornings (and evenings)! The weather has been cold in the morning and I love it. I cuddle up with a thick warm blanket and a warm cup of coffee! It's so soothing to my soul to have these sweet and quiet moments to fill my heart with truth!! So much that I crave this time. The sun is starting to rise later and later and I often find myself out on the porch in the dark! I have my twinkle lights to light up my porch just enough!! It truly is a special time. 

T W O // Mr. Beast Burger

Nathan and I saw on Facebook that there was now a location in our hometown serving Mr. Beast Burger and couldn't wait to surprise Mason with it. He's been wanting to try Mr. Beast Burger for years!! If you're not familiar with Mr. Beast, he's a YouTuber that is big on giving back to people in major ways! Mason has watched his channel for years! Anyhow, he has a virtual restaurant called Mr. Beastburger and we were lucky enough to get them here in our town! On Monday I surprised Mason with a trip to get some Mr. Beastburger! He was so excited. 

T H R E E // Halloween pails at McDonalds

On Tuesday, we scurried off to our local McDonalds to get the Halloween pails they brought back for a limited time! We ordered three happy meals with the hopes of getting all three pails, but that didn't work out in our favor. We got three ghosts! It's okay though, they're cute! And we are just glad we got one!  The nostalgia of these cute little pails is just too much! 

 F O U R // Willow's first birthday

10.18.22 was Willow's FIRST birthday! How has this sweet girl already been with us for a whole year?  Well, almost...we've had her since she was just five weeks old. We rescued her from being an outdoor kitty and I am so glad we did! She's the sweetest thing and I just love her so. God truly knew I needed her after losing my Diesel boy! While nothing in the world could fill that void in my heart, she sure has given me a whole lot of joy! 

Happy birthday my sweet Willow Jade. 

F I V E // Nephew's soccer game

Our nephew had a make-up game this week during the evening and we were able to attend.  Our nephew and most of his teammates are around the age of 4, so you can imagine how great these games are!!! These kids are so funny and so much fun to watch. It's almost like trying to herd a bunch of cats, but a lot more funny!! They're constantly tripping each other, kicking the ball in the wrong direction, cheering when they kick the ball and look back to make sure their family saw them, and doing flips on the field. I just love it so much! 

Happy Weekend!! 

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