{Five on Friday // DIY Failure}

{O N E}

Posts from this week...in case you missed it.

Our weekend and annual trip to the Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo
DIY Burlap Wreath
Guys Behind the Blog

{T W O}

I learned a big lesson this morning...schedule posts ahead of time! Photobucket has been down all morning and I can't get to any of my pictures for this post! And that is why this is posting so late. I've had to upload them one by one from blogger. Such a pain!! One of these days I will get ahead. ;)

{T H R E E}

This article has rocked me to my core! I definitely say things like "hurry up" and "we don't have time for this" far too often. Working diligently to erase those words from my vocabulary!! Because, like she said...

I will not say, «We don’t have time for this.» Because that is basically saying, «We don’t have time to live.»

{F O U R}

Okay, so all of our DIY's are not a complete win. Like this...complete FAILURE!!!

We wanted to paint it to match some other pieces in our living room...like our DIY Farmhouse living room table or this fireplace/mantle that my dad built.

But no. Just no. It looks awful and washed out. We will be redoing this one this weekend.

{F I V E}

I guess I redecorated my porch just in time for this Spring-like weather we are supposed to have this weekend!! I see lots of time spent out in the shop!!

Have a great weekend!!

{Guys Behind the Blog // January edition}

 photo guy behind the blog_zpspcszpdd6.jpg

Time for one of my favorite link-ups of the month! The Guys Behind the Blog with Betsy @ Heaven's to Betsy. This month's questions were a little different and in a "currently" type of format, but Nathan happily played along. Love that guy!

Watching // 
Diesel Brothers and Diners Drive Inns and Dives

Reading // 

Listening to // 
A little bit of everything, I’m a scanner.

Dreaming of  // 
Winning the Powerball!

Eating //
Don Juan’s every Monday and Wednesday and throw in a Whataburger and Golden Chick throughout the week, also whatever Mix and Match Momma meal is ready when I get home.

Learning // 
That a new vehicle is not in the budget right now...

Wishing //
Budget was bigger!

Obsessed with // 
Anything I think about.  Buying land, a new truck, my shop, what’s for dinner and This Means War.

Loving // 
Every second I get to spend with my family.

Planning //
To take a cruise and to do more fishing this year.

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Also, just a reminder about the new linkup coming your way soon....

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Questions for February // 

1.) Where is your favorite place to go?
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4.) What is your favorite candy?
5.) Who is your Valentine?

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Hall Around Texas

{DIY Burlap Wreath}

Sometime last year I googled "How to make a burlap wreath"...and I've been obsessed/addicted since. I used this video to help get me started. Only two minutes long and very helpful. I have loved making these and changing them up for the seasons. Up until today I have had a Christmas/Winter wreath still on my door. It was time to change it up. I didn't really want to do a Valentine's wreath, so I just went with colors that matched our porch & home. It's one that I can leave up longer and through those shorter 1-day holidays. I did make cute patriot wreath last year that I plan to put out at July 4th.

wreath frame
floral wire
hot glue gun
ribbon, bow or embellishments

I bought all of the materials at Walmart.

I used a medium sized wreath frame {12 inch} and it took almost a whole roll of 30 ft tan burlap, plus about 25 foot of the turquoise burlap. I did pull a lot out of each slot on the frame because I wanted it to look full. So, if you don't want yours to look as full then you wouldn't need so much burlap.

How to:
Start by weaving some floral wire through the start of your burlap and attach it to the wire wreath frame {I found it easier to start at the top slot}.

Then you simply just pull burlap through each slot of the wreath. The video I linked above shows exactly how to do this. Pull more burlap through for fuller wreaths, less if you don't want it so big.

Once you pull through the three slots flip the frame over and twist the burlap a couple of times and then start pulling the burlap through the innermost slot on the frame. Work up through those three slots then flip, twist and start your next set. Repeat until your frame is full of burlap.

 I used two colors for mine. So, when I got to where I wanted to stop with the first color I cut off the excess burlap then used some floral wire to secure the end of it to the frame. Then I just repeated the steps above with the second color of burlap.

Once you are finished with the burlap it's time to embellish! The possibilities are truly endless. I used a metal letter H {for our last name} that I found at Round Top last year and I made a bow out of some burlap and lace ribbon. I attached both with floral wire. In the past, I used a hot glue gun, but when you go to remove it messes up the burlap big time. So, I avoid hot glue if I can. I did use the hot glue gun to make my bow, though, and that's why it's in the materials above.

So easy! I love making these and find them therapeutic in some way. Have you made a burlap wreath? I'd love to see it if so. Actually, if you've made anything out of burlap let me know. I am kind of obsessed.

{Weekend Wrap-up // Rodeo // Working in the Shop}

Weekend wrap-up...on a Tuesday! Yesterday I was too defeated to even touch the blog {or anything, really}. It was the Monday-iest Monday ever. But, anyhow, better late than never.

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday we didn't do a whole lot...just went to dinner and visited with Nate's parents. Saturday was our annual trip to the Ft Worth Stock show and Rodeo. It's a tradition in Nate's family that his Grandfather started. Saturday was Nate's 34th, my 20th and Mason's 6th consecutive year to go. If you know anything about me then you know that I love traditions!! We had tickets for the 2 pm rodeo so we got there around 11 to walk around the barns, one swipe of the exhibits and out to the Midway area so that Mason can ride rides. The rides are always Mason's favorite part. That boy has no fear and would ride anything and everything if we let him. 

 photo midway2_zpsgmwgg907.jpg  photo midway1_zps8n94rpdl.jpg  photo Rodeo1_zpslrgn3r79.jpg

If I am being honest, this wasn't my favorite rodeo. We didn't have a whole lot of time before the rodeo started and then the rodeo itself was kind of bleh. There were no good rides at all. After the rodeo we all trucked over to Joe T Garcia's for some good food! I started feeling really sick after the rodeo with a sinus headache, so the rest of the evening was kind of a drag for me. I was bummed, but just couldn't shake the headache. 

But Sunday...oh Sunday! Sunday was our favorite day! The sun was out and we were ready to get outside!! My brother in law let us know about a stack of pallets he found in a town nearby, so we went and scooped those up {but not before Mason put on his tie with his hoodie!!}. We are working on an epic pallet project and trying to collect as many as we can. We were able to get 7 really good pallets from the stack.

 photo IMG_4014_zps9cpgroqo.jpg  photo IMG_4015_zpslue6s7td.jpg

When we got back we worked on cleaning out the shop and organizing everything. It was a mess from our last few projects....

 photo IMG_4070_zpswty5zbwq.jpg
 photo IMG_4071_zpszbnwo019.jpg

I plan to do a full post on our DIY Farmhouse kitchen table, but there is another sneak peek ^^.  While we worked in the shop Mason made sure to keep all of the bad guys away from our property, ate a couple of popsicles, generously gave out some cuddles and did a little mowing. We were outside until sundown and enjoyed every minute of it. 

 photo IMG_4020_zpsyd7qkbs6.jpg
 photo IMG_4021_zpsusi4iwgg.jpg  photo Mase_zpsjdfksovz.jpg  photo IMG_4023_zpsdm6sv5fw.jpg  photo IMG_4024_zpshzf02ura.jpg  photo mowing_zpsmjyiy76o.jpg

It was the best day! We really enjoyed being able to be in the shop with all the doors open and not freezing our buns off.

How was your weekend?

{Five on Friday // DIY // Influenster}

 photo HALLAROUNDTEXAS-5_zpsmzmscg3x.jpg
Good morning and Happy Finally Friday! This was one of those weeks that dragged on and on. And it was even a short week since I took off on Monday for my birthday! It's usually the short weeks that feel so long. I think it was mostly because I was feeling a big under the weather with allergies. But, it's Friday and I am feeling better!!

Time for Five on Friday..

{O N E} In case you missed it...posts from this week:

Love is in the Air Valentines // A non-candy alternative

Target Dollar Spot Valentine Kits

Shark Valentine Box

The Kids Behind the Blog // A Link-up Announcement

{T W O} We spent last weekend working on a DIY project! I thought it would be complete by now and I could share on the blog. But, apparently staining something in Texas in the winter takes forever and a day to dry completely. Here is a sneak peak...

 photo DIY Project_zpsgxdxfuxk.jpg

Also, we got to have a nice family date in our shop working and building. Mason even learned how to use some power tools and was so excited!

{T H R E E} I made a new coffee station this week! My keurig was taking up entirely too much space on my counters and my coffee cups were taking over my cabinets so I made a space for it all. We recently moved this shelf to the garage, but it was the perfect piece for my coffee bar! I am going to add to it, eventually.

 photo IMG_3796_zpsivohfmef.jpg

{F O U R} Snapchat was pretty fun this week....{in case we don't follow each other my user name is Masonsmama525}

 photo Snapchat Fun_zpsykizds4w.jpg

{F I V E} Influenster recently sent me a Covergirl Vox Box to test out. I received the Covergirl Oh Sugar Lip Balm in Caramel and the Plumpify Blastpro by Lashblast Mascara. These two products have already become part of my every day routine. And I have already purchased the Oh Sugar balm in 2 more shades. The lip balm makes my lips so freakin' soft and I love that it gives just the right hint of color. Oh and they smell and taste great, too! The mascara is wonderful too! I have very thin lashes and this mascara helps to make them look fuller. Love them! #ohsugar #plumpify

 photo covergirlvox_zpstu2rq7nw.jpg

*disclaimer - I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

{The Kid(s) Behind the Blog // A Link-up Announcement}

The Guys Behind the Blog link-up that Betsy hosts has become one of my favorite link-ups to date! I love getting to spotlight Nate once a month and to share the amazingness that he is {posts here}. I equally love reading all of the posts in the link-up. I find it hilarious that some guys have so much to say and others usually have a one word answer.

Recently a group of friends and I were discussing this link-up and how much we love and adore it. Then the wheels started turning and we thought it would be so fun to create a Kids Behind the Blog series where we interview our little babes with a few questions each month! The things that kids say will forever and always be one of my favorite things. They are so unpredictable and hilarious.

Betsy so kindly gave us her blessing to not only start this series, but to also name it a similar name to her link-up. Thank you so much Betsy!!

 photo The Kids Behing The Blog-blog_zps8hmjowu6.jpg

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Questions for February // 

1.) Where is your favorite place to go?
2.) Who is your best friend?
3.) If you could be a superhero what would your superpower be?
4.) What is your favorite candy?
5.) Who is your Valentine?

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Hall Around Texas

{Shark Valentine Box Kit}

 photo SHARKBOX_zpsebyryndr.jpg

I was shopping at Target the other day {I know, surprise surprise!} and found this cute Shark Valentine Box Kit. I grabbed it and knew it would be a fun craft for Mason and I to do together. He is going to be getting a lot of Valentines in the mail soon and now we have the perfect place to put them!

The kit cost $5 dollars and came with everything you need to make it. No other supplies are needed! You simply put the box together, add the fins, and all of the teeth and eyes are stickers so you just attach those and you are done. It took us about ten minutes to complete this box. And that's mainly because it was tedious taking all of the paper backing off the stickers {some were double sided}.

 photo 3_zps3e7ooxdp.jpg  photo 4_zps5t1nqlur.jpg  photo 5_zpsopumvosq.jpg  photo 6_zps7ncd81ke.jpg  photo 7_zpsel8lq6c3.jpg  photo 9_zpsrzgbr53b.jpg  photo 10_zps7ub62vdy.jpg  photo 2_zpsbqhfuilx.jpg  photo 1_zpsrvsgjlhk.jpg  photo 13_zps2qptsmco.jpg  photo 12_zpsiorxwlzx.jpg

Mason loved the craft and loves the box. He's obsessed with sharks so this was perfect for him! And now he's ready for Valentine's!!

If you don't want to buy this kit Pinterest {my Valentine's Day board here} has so many other adorable DIY box ideas. Like these..

Twenty five plus creative Valentine Boxes {I love the Alligator and the Lego boxes!!}

Mini Trash Bin Valentine Box {How clever is this?!}

Owl Valentine Box {so adorable}

And I have absolutely no need for a Valentine's Day box, but I adore this Happy Camper Valentine Box. I really want to make this!!