{Branson, MO Trip - Part 3 // Around Town & Celebrity Car Museum // 2022}

On Saturday, we decided to head to the shops downtown in Branson. I wanted to see a specific area I had seen in pictures. I later realized that we weren't even in the right spot. That's okay, we still enjoyed our time/day.

While shopping, we found the cutest boutique that served us sparkly champagne!! Yes, please. 

It started raining that evening, so we went in search of something to do indoors. There was a celebrity car museum across from where we had dinner, so we went to check that out. It was actually pretty cool! 90% of the cars were actually used in movies & shows. The other 10% were replicas. Mason was in awe and so excited to see some of his favorite cars. He's a car guy, for sure! 

That evening we went to the outlets to do some Christmas shopping. The stores were having such great deals. 

Our time in Branson was not near long enough but we made the absolute best of it. We made so many amazing memories, got to see some beautiful Christmas lights, and experienced a town we've never been to before. 

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