{Mason's 2022 Halloween Costume}

We finally found Mason's costume for this Halloween!! We had been looking online for a couple of weeks and everywhere was sold out of his size with no signs of it coming back in stock. We were starting to get worried. I mean, if you can't find something on Amazon it's basically non-existent, right?!?! We saw online that this particular costume was available in some Spirit Halloween stores, so we went out on the search! I'm so happy to report that after searching a couple of Spirit stores we found it, and in his size!!

Introducing Mason's 2022 Halloween costume...

Darth Vader!!!!

This costume idea all stemmed around that light saber he's holding. Mason had been saving for this light saber for months and was waiting for it to come back in stock. A couple of months ago, it finally did and he was able to snag one. It's a really good light saber and does so many awesome things. And according to Mase, it's one of the brightest ones made. After he got the saber he knew that he had to be a Star Wars character for Halloween. He just this year really got into Star Wars and binged them all. Then came all of the Star Wars Legos that have taken over our house! lol. 

We surprised Mason with the costume on Saturday. He didn't go with us when we got it! He thinks it's awesome and couldn't wait to try it on. Then he asked me to take some pictures of him in it with his light saber. 

Bring on all the Halloween festivities!!! This mama is soaking up all the fact that he still wants to dress up and participate in Halloween. I know these moments are fleeting. 

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