{8th Annual Family Baking Party // 2-22}

I've shared on here before but every year all the ladies on my mom's side of the family gather for a baking party.  While it is a baking party, it really is so much more. We bake treats, play games, eat some delicious food, drink some festive drinks, do a white elephant gift exchange, and so much more. My aunt chooses a theme each year and then that's what all the decorations/games/gifts are based off of.


This year's theme was "Naughty or Nice" and it was so much fun! We laughed all day long. We always make this party a pajama party but this year my aunt had us all shirts made to go with the theme. We just wore them with our pajama pants. We only told her our size and had no clue what our shirts would say. It was fun for each person to open them and see what they got. 

We played so many games and my aunt had both "naughty and nice" prizes. Much of them I can't share here! haha. 


My Aunt Donia puts so much time, planning, money, and effort into this evening and truly makes it so special for each of us. I'm so grateful for her and for all of these ladies. It's an amazing thing to have all of these built-in best friends. 

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