{Weekend Wrap-up // Nov 2022}

This is probably going to be the most boring weekend wrap-up post ever, seeing as I didn't take any pictures. Why is it always the good weekends that we fail to take pictures of? I guess I was too busy being present to even think about documenting it! Anyhow, here's a look at our weekend. 


Friday //

Nate worked an overtime day and I worked what felt like 3 business days in one. Work is still insane and keeping me busy. After work, Nate and I both took a nap! It was needed and oh so glorious!! After our nap, we went to town to grab some supper. Then we went to Academy and Walmart in search of some joggers! Nate found 3 pairs and I found 1 pair. We came home and just hung out. We had some great quality family time. 

Saturday //

That morning Nate's mom and I got up and went to the Mistletoe Market at one of the local high schools. The cheerleading squads put it on as a fundraiser and there are so many awesome booths! We did some Christmas shopping and had the best time. After our shopping trip, we headed over for smoothies.  Then it was time for my nephew's 16th birthday party. It was so great to see most of the family and get to hang out. The weather was cold, so we mostly stayed inside. I think the kids were the only ones brave enough to play outside! My in-laws came to the birthday party and it made my heart so happy. I love when both of sides of our family comes together!! Mason ended up staying with all of his cousins at my parent's house that night. 

Sunday //

Nate and I went to church and then went to pick up Mason from my parents. They were making chili for supper and we thought that sounded like a fabulous idea. We ran by Kroger to grab stuff to make chili as well.  Once we got home, Nate headed out to the garage to do some cleaning/organizing. I helped him a bit and then came inside to do some cleaning. I'm trying to get everything nice and clean before I bring in all of the Christmas decor. I can't wait to decorate. I ended up going to bed at 7:30 that night! I was exhausted for some reason. 

And the only pictures I have are from church on Sunday!

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