{An August 2021 photo dump}

 When transferring my photos from my iCloud to my external hard drive, I noticed so many pictures that deserved a permanent spot here on my blog. While they may not warrant a full blog post, I want them here. So, here's a random dump of moments from August. 

{Fall craftin' in August}

 I decided to get a little jump on some fall crafting this year! Usually, by the time fall rolls around, I am so ready for Christmas. So, fall craftin' in August it is. 

{A Sunday cruise in the CJ}

 One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon/early evening is to fire up the CJ and go for a Sunday cruise! It's such a fun ride. We've been letting Mason ride his Polaris as we drive behind him. We usually go down to our private lake and all around our small little neighborhood. 

{Mason's first day of SIXTH grade}

Hold me...

How in the world do I have a SIXTH grader? A middle schooler? Time is flying by too fast for this mama's heart. We opted to do homeschool again this year, using Texas Connections Academy as a platform. 

{All things Chickens // an update // chicken eggs & a coop update}

Who in the world ever thought I would be a crazy chicken mama? But here I am...and I am loving it! They are so much fun to watch and learn. I am enjoying getting to know each one a little better. 

{Florida family vacation // day 7 // Pontoon rental }

 On our last full day in Florida, we rented a pontoon boat. We did this once in Destin and we had a complete blast! We wanted to get out on the water a bit and check out some areas you couldn't reach otherwise. 

{Florida family vacation // day 6 // Wonderworks, Sharky's and Sea Screamer Boat Ride }

 On Wednesday, we took Mason to an indoor activity center called Wonderworks. There were all kinds of hands-on exhibits, a ropes course, and even a few rides. It was a fun place to spend the morning! 

{Florida family vacation // day 5 // Shopping at Pier Park & Walking around St Andrew's State Park }

 On Tuesday, we decided to go check out Pier Park. This is an area that offers all kinds of shopping, restaurants, and of course, a pier. The entire family went, but we kind of split up based on what everyone wanted to do. 

{Florida family vacation // day 4 // Beach Day}

 On this day, we spent the majority of it in the ocean and at the beach.  All 27 of us loaded up and went down for the day. Well, some very awesome men in our family woke up at sunrise and went down to stake out a spot for us. Bless them! 

{Florida family vacation // day 3 // Hanging out at the condo and waiting on the rest of the family}

 Our next day in Panama City Beach, FL was another pool day! We decided to just hang out around the condo and wait on the other 22 family members to arrive! 

{Florida family vacation // day 2 // Getting to our condo in Panama City Beach, FL}

After sleeping over in Hattiesburg, we got up the next morning and made the next leg of our drive! We were Panama City Beach bound!! The drive was smooth and we got there right after our check-in time. 

{Florida family vacation // day 1 // Travelling to and Laurel, MS}

Several months back we began planning a big family summer vacation to Florida. Twenty-two of my family members were going, plus us three, and Nate's parents...making it 27 of us total! We stayed at Shores of Panama, but we all had separate condos! The five of us left a couple days early so that we could break up the driving into two days. We had hoped to stay in Laurel, MS where they film the show Home Town (one of my favorites), but a baseball tournament had all the rooms booked up. We did take a little tour through the town, though! I was bummed we didn't see Erin and Ben! :)

{Our first egg!!}

 It's an EGG-citing day here at Hall farms! We got our first egg today!! I have no clue which hen laid the egg, but it's so exciting nonetheless! I knew that we were in the time range for them to start laying, but it's just been a waiting game!!