{Mason's 2nd grade field trip}

A couple of weeks ago I got to take off work and go along with Mason and his 2nd-grade field trip. We went to a place called Yesterland Farms in Canton. They have rides, gem mining, a petting zoo, a park, tractor/train rides, etc.

{Ranger Game // Opening Day 2018}

A few weeks ago we went to the Texas Ranger's opening day! We took Mason out of school for this since they're not recognizing this as a holiday yet. I mean, it totally should be. It is in our family, at least. So yeah, Mason got to miss school and hang out with his parents and a bunch of other adults all day.

{Easter // 2018}

Easter has easily become one of my favorite holidays. The meaning of the holiday is so important to our family. While we keep our focus on Jesus during the Easter season, we do celebrate with family as well.

{Soccer // Spring 2018}

Sports! Oh, how I've missed watching Mason play sports. We wrapped up Basketball and jumped straight into soccer! I forgot how much I enjoy watching Mason play soccer. He wanted to play baseball but told us a couple weeks after signups had ended. So, we are doing soccer instead.

{Currently // April}

Joining Anne in Residence for another"currently" post. I really enjoy these prompted currently posts, but I am way late in posting for April. I have so much blogging to catch up on and hope to get it all drafted this week. Anyhow, this month we are sharing what we are currently showering, cultivating, expecting, buying and cooking.

{Happy FIRST birthday, Lexi}

Today is a very special day in the Hall household! It's our sweet girl, Lexi's FIRST birthday. Even though we've only had her for a little over 10.5 short months it feels like she has been a part of our family forever. She just fits in so well with us and truly is the sweetest girl. We are so thankful for this precious pup!!