{Annual Hocus Pocus Night // 2022}

This little Hocus Pocus tradition that Mason and I have has easily become one of my favorite nights in October! I always look forward to it and he tells me that he does too! We got a bonus Hocus Pocus night this year and we're not mad about it! We love it so much!! Of course, ours was much more low-key! 

We waited until the Cowboy game was over and when it was darker outside to start our Hocus Pocus double feature! I got our baskets ready earlier in the day! Instead of making a whole spread, I just decided to make individual baskets with some fun treats. We already had supper and weren't starving! Here's what I put in Mason's movie basket...

We didn't even put on festive pajamas this year! Well, mine were all black so I guess that works. But Mason has pretty much outgrown pajamas. He just likes a t-shirt and shorts to sleep in! Anyhow, we grabbed a picture with Nate before he went to bed. He had a bad headache. 

We made popcorn, some grape soda (witches brew!!), and grabbed a cozy blanket to settle in for the Hocus Pocus double feature. I was so excited to see the 2nd movie. I only saw bits and pieces at the other movie night because I was helping my friend with the birthday party. Willow joined us for most of the movie. 

Nate's mom texted us to go look at the moon, so we paused our movie and did exactly that. It was so big, bright, and orange! 

I really liked the new Hocus Pocus 2! I mean, it wasn't the first and original by any means...but it was good! I am really interested to see if they will make a third one. If you watched past the credits, it gave a little sneak peek and a hint at another movie!! 

Mason may be 12 and almost my size, but he sure did lay his head in my lap and grab my hand several times throughout the movie!! My heart!! These memories will be stored in my heart for always. I just love that boy so much and wish time would slow down!! 

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