{Christmas Bucketlist // 2022}

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! 

I am really looking forward to the holidays this year. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. There's just nothing that compares to the magic and the spirit of Christmas. I am in love with all of our traditions this time of year. Here's a look at everything on our list.  

{Bits of Gratitude // Week 4}

 Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you have the most beautiful day with the ones you love. Here are five things I am thankful for this week. 

{Thanksgiving with NeNaw // 2022}

Last week, Mason, Nate, and I were blessed to go to Nate's Grandmother's Thanksgiving dinner at her assisted living. They only allowed 4 guests per resident, but because Nate's mom is a volunteer there, we were able to bring Mason as well. He started not feeling well though and ended up going out to the Jeep to lie down. We know now that he was getting a cold. Anyhow, the dinner and the evening was just wonderful. I love any chance we get to have family time.  


 If you're anything like my family, Christmas movies are fair game come November!! We love Christmas movies so incredibly much. Yesterday I was out and about and found the absolute cutest t-shirts at Five Below. They say "Wanted" and has a picture of Harry and Marv and says "Wet Bandits". I had to get one for both Mason and myself. Home Alone is one of our favorites! Anyhow, that got my wheels turning about Christmas movies!! I wanted to make a list so that we make sure not to miss any of our favorites this year. 

{Bits of Gratitude // Week 3}

Happy Thankful Thursday!! Another beautiful day to reflect on five things I am grateful for this week! 

{Halloween Bucketlist 2022 // Final Update}

  We checked off all of the things on our Halloween Bucketlist for 2022. And, we had so much fun doing so! I love the month of October and this season and all of the fun things we do together as a family. I just wish Texas would get the "hey it's fall" memo and cool the temps for us. It just doesn't feel right doing all the fall things in the 90-degree weather! We made the most of it, though! Here's a look at the last two items on our Halloween bucket list. 


{Mavs vs Nets Game // By the Numbers}

 Many of you already know that I love a good "post by the numbers"! I'm not sure why...I guess it's the nerd inside of me! ha. Anyhow, I wanted to share the numbers from the Mavs vs Nets game we went to! There were too many numbers involved to not post about them! ha

{Weekend Wrap-up // Nov 2022}

This is probably going to be the most boring weekend wrap-up post ever, seeing as I didn't take any pictures. Why is it always the good weekends that we fail to take pictures of? I guess I was too busy being present to even think about documenting it! Anyhow, here's a look at our weekend. 


{Mavs vs Nets Basketball Game // 2022}

I posted here how we pulled off a pretty great surprise for Mason with tickets to the Dallas Mavericks vs the Brooklyn Nets basketball game. We went to the game on Monday, November 7th, and had the most amazing time!! Everything about the night was just perfect!! 

{Bits of Gratitude // Week 2}

 Happy Thankful Thursday!! Time to share five things that I am thankful for this week. 

{One Epic Surprise // Mavs vs Nets // Reveal}

 Mason has really gotten into basketball over the years. One of his favorite teams is the Brooklyn Nets due to many of his favorite players being on that team. Well, we saw that the Nets were playing the Mavericks here in Dallas and knew we had to get tickets. We wanted to surprise him! Nate and I actually pulled off the most epic surprise.



 Lately, I have been sharing posts on Instagram and Facebook during my quiet/Bible study time. Usually, I will share a photo of my Bible wherever I am reading from and include a scripture (and sometimes a short devotional). I have gotten so many messages from friends asking questions like what Bible I have, what I use for Bible study, how to get started, etc. I thought I would make a post sharing the apps I use and how I use them.   

{Currently // November 2022}

 Linking up with Jennifer for the "currently" series. This month we are sharing what we are currently borrowing, buying, planning, prepping, and reading. Here's a look at what I am currently up to. 

{Halloween Party at Midtowne // 2022}

Immediately following our Trick or Treat on the Square event, we went to Nathan's Grandmother's assisted living for a Halloween party!! It was so precious and fun. They had the place decorated so cute, candy for the residents to pass out to the kiddos, games, popcorn, treats, punch, etc. It was a beautiful time with the family!! 

{Bits of Gratitude // Week 1}

 Happy "Thankful Thursday", y'all! I am going to take Thursdays this month to list 5 things I am grateful for this week! 



Every year our town puts on a trick-or-treat event on the town square. Most of the businesses on the square, the city hall, local businesses not on the square, the police/sheriff dept,  etc. all set up tables around the square and pass out candy to the kiddos. It's such a fun time with the most beautiful setting. I may be biased, but I truly believe we have one of the cutest town squares and an amazing old courthouse! It truly is a beautiful thing to see all of these businesses come together for the kids. They pass out so much candy. Mason had a fairly large bag and it was filled to the brim!!   

{November 2022 // Goals}

I thought I'd try something different on the blog and list some goals for the month of November. Something to help keep me accountable and to see if I can accomplish what I set my mind to.  Of course, I will give myself some grace on the things I don't accomplish - because who needs that kind of stress?