{New Mexico Trip // Ruidoso // Day 1 // Feb 2022}

 One evening we were visiting with my sister's family and they mentioned wanting to make a trip to the mountains in Ruidoso. All I needed to hear was the word "mountains" and I was IN!!! We told them we'd love to take them there and show them around since we've been there several times before! Thus began the planning of a Ruidoso trip!!

{Valentine's Day Chicken Coop // Feb 2022}

 One of my favorite things about my coop is being able to change out the decor for each holiday! I have two window flower boxes that I switch up the flowers in and I usually hang a decorative sign on the door. I recently decorated for Valentine's Day and I am loving the pops of pink and red! 

{Ice & Snow // 2022}

 Texas got another February snow & ice storm! While we were anticipating the worst, it wasn't nearly as bad as last year. We at least kept our electricity this time, and temperatures didn't drop quite as drastically.