{The Grinch's Lair // 2022}

No trip to Palestine is complete without visiting the Grinch's Lair!! Ever since I captured this photo of Mason and the Grinch, they've had a pretty great bond! Over the years we have gotten to know the owners and love to see them each Christmas season! Mason even got to play a part in the Grinch's Lair one year

One of the owners is the face behind the Grinch costume. He is AWESOME. I'm talking Jim Carrey good!! He hasn't gotten to be the Grinch for the last few years so we were crazy excited to find out that he would be the Grinch this year! 

The Lair was so great! I love how they change it up year after year. You never know what the Lair will bring!! We walked through all the levels until we got to the Grinch. I love the point in which he realized it was Mason! 

Next up...the Polar Express!

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