A Poem to Baby H

I found this online and thought I'd post it here!!


A baby to hold and to love,

a creature so tiny, so fresh and so new.

There's nothing more important or special

that two loving people could ever do.

Who will the baby look like

will it be a he or a she.

Part of him, part of her,

a creation that is meant to be.

All we could ever want for our baby

is very simple and very plain

It's to be happy and content in life

and know our love will never wane.

(c) 1998 Nicol Campise All Rights Reserved

Dear Baby H

Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo much already!! Our lives have already changed because of you. Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness in our lives. Can't wait to meet you!

I think you had a growth spurt this week because Mommy's tummy got a lot bigger!!!


12 Wonderful Weeks

Our baby is growing!!! And it's evident in Mommy's tummy! This past Saturday I noticed my belly protruding out a little more than it has been. Sooo exciting! Nate noticed too! I know it's just my growing uterus, but exciting all the same!!

The biggest development with Baby H this week is reflexes!

How far along? 12w4d
Total Weight Gain/Loss - +4lbs
Maternity Clothes - Almost! Some shirts a friend lent me
Stretch Marks - not yet! Coco Butter!!!
Sleep - yes, yes, yes with a side of yes, please!
Best Moment this week - noticing my growing belly, dream last
night of the baby moving. So real and cool!
Movement - only in my dream!
Food cravings - cinnammon sugar toast
Food aversions - raw meats (when cooking), anything else I have smell first!
Gender - I'm still thinking boy
Belly button in or out - in, deep too.
What I miss - not much! Maybe a Diet DP from Whataburger
What I am looking forward to - Dr appt the 24th, 2nd trimester, Thanksgiving
Weekly Wisdom - soak in all the things daddy says!!! It's amazing

12 week pictures to follow! Of both mom and dad...stay tuned.


I can't believe November is already here. Today marks 13 amazing years that Nathan and I have been together. What a blessing!!! And it just gets better with each passing day. Happy Anniversary to us!!

Nathan and Uncle Jordan started painting the baby's nursery yesterday. We are painting it a color called "Squirrel" which is a neutral color that would work for a boy or a girl. It will accent our decor/colors really well. We have step ceilings in our house, so they did a really neat combination with that. I really love the results. Below are before/after pictures.

Pictures from my Grandma's Gender test

Getting the test ready...

Anxiously waiting..

Starting the test...


Circles...It's a GIRL!!!!

We shall see in about 8-9 more weeks!!!