{Rewind Friday // Falling for Fall}

Happy Friday! Joining some of my sweet friends {Meghan, Stephanie, Beth and Whitney} for Rewind Friday. A chance to share some of your favorite past content. I don't know about you, but I have fall on the brain something fierce. It's the best time of year, in my opinion. I love the crisp mornings, the changing color, college football and pumpkin everything just to name a few. Today I wanted to do a round-up of some of my favorite fall blog posts from years past.

{MTB // My Sweet Man // The Guys Behind the Blog announcement}

There is no doubt that Nate is a manly man. He loves all things outdoors; hunting, fishing, sports, hiking, etc. But, he especially loves fishing. He always has. However, our most recent vacation to New Orleans and Panama City Beach reminded him of his obsession love for fishing and he has logged many hours near the water since! Lucky for him we have a pond in our backyard. Mason and I love to join him occasionally. Nate fishes, Mason fishes with him sometimes or plays in the bamboo and I snap pictures of them both. Win, win for us all.

{My boy right now}

There are so many things I want to remember about my sweet boy right now. If there is one thing I've learned it's that time is definitely not on our side. These precious moments are fleeting. I wish that I could bottle up every ounce of Mason right now to have during his teenage years. But since I can't, this blog will have to do. Below is just a random list of things I want to remember about Mason at this age.

{All Things Pumpkin Announcement}

I don't know about you, but it's all about pumpkins around here! Pumpkin Cheerios, Pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin flavored coffee, pumpkin coffee mugs, pumpkin candies, pumpkin decorations, etc. I think I start getting in the fall mindset earlier and earlier each year. I can't help it. I love all things fall and all things pumpkin. So when one of my sweet blogging friends reached out to me about an All Things Pumpkin Party link-up I couldn't say yes quick enough!

{Local places // Munster Mansion}

It's no secret how much I love our litte town. I talk about it all the time on this blog. It's such a gem and is filled with so much character and charm. I think I have also mentioned a time or two that when Nate and I were dating we would drive out here just to look at all of the old Victorian homes. We adored the town, but never in a million years thought we would live here one day. Living here is amazing and kind of like a dream. Our only regret about moving from the city to here is that we didn't do it sooner. 

{FREE fonts for fall}

Hall Around Texas Free Fonts for Fall

{Fall Bucketlist // 2016}

Hall Around Texas Fall Bucketlist

It is no secret around here that I love fall. It is my favorite season without a doubt and for a plethora of reasons. I love the sweet little fall family traditions that we have made over the years and look forward to them each time fall rolls around. This year is no different. I am so ready for fall that I can't stand it. I just really wish the Texas weather would get the memo and get on board! It usually doesn't start cooling off until late October for us. But, I do not let that stop me from enjoying all things fall. Since today is the actual first day of fall I am sharing our 2016 fall bucketlist. It's usually the same each year, but this year I've added a couple of new things that I am pretty excited about.

{Cub Scouts}

In yesterday's post I mentioned that we did something exciting on Sunday. We signed Mason up for Cub Scouts!!! A Boy/Cub Scouts leader came to his school last week and talked to them about joining and all the fun things they do. Mason couldn't wait to tell me as soon as he got in the car. We called his dad on the phone and Mason told him all about it and asked if him he could sign-up. Nathan of course said yes. Nathan and I have an agreement when it comes to Mason that we will let him try anything he wants to do {as long as it is safe, of course!}. We want him to find his passions in life and how else could he do that if we didn't let him try different things?

{Weekend Wrap-up // hair, boats, homemade ice cream and church}

 We had such a good weekend! It was one of those that was the perfect balance between busy and relaxing! Friday night my boys had a guys night while I had a girls night at my aunt's house. My cousin is a hairdresser and is currently doing most of the girls in my family's hair. She knew that several of us were due for a hair appointment so she scheduled a 'hair party night'. It was so fun and great to hang out with some of my favorite girls. Nate and Mason rented the new Captain America movie and got a pizza. They were both asleep when I got home and I was bummed, but I couldn't wait to snuggle with them.

{$10 Target Challenge}

Some of my blogger friends do a $10 to Target challenge each month! I haven't joined in a while because I can never keep my Target bill under $10 bucks. I tried really hard this month though, so I decided to join in. When doing these $10 challenges I never make it past the dollar section in the front. Especially around holidays! And right now they have the cutest Halloween, fall and Thanksgiving things. I could have went crazy, but I kept the challenge in mind. I guess I will just have to go back. Is that cheating?! ha! Here is what I bought...

{Five on Friday // PinkBlush, Homecoming Week, Boomerang, Chain Breaker}

Happy Friday! We had a pretty good week. Nathan and Mason had a date night one evening at the new indoor trampoline park in town and I caught up on some shows I had recorded. Other than that, it was pretty low-key and relaxing. I'll take it. I'm ready for the weekend, but until then it's time for Five on Friday. Just a little bit of what we have been up to this week...

{One last summer hurrah // Weekend trip to Beaver's Bend}

On one hand this trip feels like it was so long ago, but on the other hand it feels just like yesterday we road tripped to Beaver's Bend for one last summer hurrah! After spending a day on the river at Dinosaur Valley State Park Nate and I both agreed that we needed to take Mason to Beaver's Bend before school started. So, we did just that. We couldn't find any cabins available on such a short notice, but we were able to grab a room at Lakeview Lodge.

We left pretty early on Friday so that we'd have most of Friday to spend there at Beaver's Bend. Since it was just a short weekend trip we wanted to make the most of our time. We arrived at 11:00ish am only to find our room wouldn't be ready until 3:00pm. We didn't mind though, we had plenty we could do. We knew that we wanted to drive around and see all the changes. When we camped at Beaver's Bend back in December it had flooded and so many parts were closed. Since then we had heard about bridges and buildings that were washed away in the flood. It was crazy! Some parts of the state park didn't even look the same! The bridge that was washed away was at our favorite fishing hole that we called the Indian Hole. It's disappointing, but Nate and I think the re-build will make this area even better.

Disclaimer - this post is going to be picture heavy. (the reason it took me so long to get this posted)

After we drove around and spent some time at the Indian Hole we decided to go on the Duck Tour. It's a new addition to Beaver's Bend, so we wanted to check it out. We really enjoyed it! The driver was awesome and even let the kids take a turn driving out on the lake!

We tried swimming at the swimming hole, but at 55 degrees we just couldn't do it! It was frigid. So, we loaded up and went to the lake where we knew the water was warmer! We also got to see the new paddle board rental area! It wasn't open when we were there, but we checked it out anyway. Nate did some fishing in the lake and Mason and I walked around.

That evening we ate at Grateful Head pizza (our favorite) and then called it a night. Saturday morning we got up and got ready for some canoeing. We got on the water shortly after they opened around 9:30. We wanted to beat some of the heat and the crowd. This is probably one of my favorite things we did the whole weekend. We had a complete blast and I think we need to invest in a canoe so we can all three go out together.

After our canoe trip we had worked up an appetite. We had lunch at a new place in town called Burgers and Blues. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great!

After lunch we went back to Beaver's Bend State Park to check out the new Nature Center and to look for crawdads. We had so much fun just walking the river bed.

We spent the rest of the evening at the spillway. Nate fished and Mason and I walked around exploring the area. This was another part of Beaver's Bend that was completely different because of the flooding. We never had access to this much of the area before. We had so much fun exploring!

Sunday morning we slept in a tad and then packed up to head home. It was such an awesome trip and we made so many great memories! The perfect way to wrap up summer.