{Five on Friday - my boys, Rangers, date night}

Happy Friday friends!!!! Linking up for Five on Friday.

{O N E}

So happy it's Friday!!! Hubbs and I are having a date night tonight! We are meeting a friend of his and his fiance for dinner and then going to a comedy club. Though I am not a big fan of comedy clubs, I am looking forward to a night out with the hubster! Depending on what time we get back Mason may be spending the night with his Nana & Papa. I can count on one hand the # of times he has spent the night somewhere other than with us! I know he's in good hands...and hello, he's at their house right behind ours...but I still miss him!! 

{T W O}

Nate and Mason are home today! Nathan didn't have to work overtime and so Mason got to stay home from school. I love getting to spend the day with them {even though I am working} and getting to kiss their face any time I want!  PS - Mason just told me he would like for me to start calling him Nathan now, like his Daddy. Also, the boys are outside and I am watching Mason out my window...he keeps driving his jeep through a huge puddle in the driveway. Every once in a while he will look around, and get out and walk through the water. He thinks he is sneaky!

{T H R E E}

I have a 3 day weekend! I am off on Monday for opening day! I can't wait to see my Rangers! It's been too long. Every year I say I don't know how we make it through off-season! And I really don't. See my post from opening day last year, here.  

{F O U R}

We picked up our Blast Ball jerseys this week and I was so diappointed! Our hats and shirts do not match. I am pretty sure the league ordered them at two different times from two different places. We have the old Houston Astros logo and colors on the hat and the new colors on the jersey. FYI - they're different colors. The hats are black with dark red writing and the shirts are navy blue with orange writing. I know it's just Blast Ball, but it bothers me. Grrr.

NO! Just no! 

{F I V E}

I think we are done with gymnastics. I'm so sad! But Mason isn't having fun with it anymore. He says it's not his favorite. He gets out there and does it and we can tell he's just following through the motions, but not enjoying it. And we don't want to make him do anything he doesn't love. We finished the 2nd month we paid for, but I have not paid for another month. But, we still have swim lessons and Blast Ball! 

What's on your Friday Five, friends?

{Dinosaur Valley State Park}

The weekend before last we camped at Dinosaur Valley State park in Glenrose TX with Nate's family and some family friends. Despite the crazy weather, we had fun.

Friday when we got there the weather was nice and warm.  The Grandmas took the grandchildren to the park and to see the dinos and the rest of us drank wine hung out at the campsites. The kids played their little hearts out and Mason had the dirt to prove it!

Saturday we woke up to cool and rainy. It rained off and on all day. We all slept in pretty late which was nice. Then we all got ready and headed to town. Our mission was to eat bbq, but we stopped in the downtown area first to visit the antique shops. Then we went for bbq. It started pouring while we were there. And then it let up just as we were getting ready to leave! Yay. That evening we went down to the river to see the dinosaur tracks. We didn't get to stay long because it started lightening and thundering. For supper that night the folks made delicious steaks, baked potatoes and beans. After supper we settled into the camper and watched Gravity. Talk about anxiety! Whoa! 

Sunday morning it was extremely cold! Everyone slept in again and then it was time to pack up and leave. 

After sleeping on the floor of Nate's parents camper for 2 nights we realized that we're getting too old for that! So, on the way home we stopped and looked at campers. We're now in the market for one! Just looking for what we want in our price range.

Only iPhone photos...didn't get out my big camera because of the crazy bipolar Texas weather.

{It's the little things - week 9}

Linking up with Jess and Ashley for It's the Little Things.

Sunday night we were starting our 'night time get ready for Monday' routine when I scooped Mason up and gave him a big hug. He puts each of his little hands on either side of my face and says...

"Mama, you are my love"

Heart melted! Tears streaming down my face. Heart literally hurting because it's so full!

He's three and can irritate the pee out of you with his fits and tantrums...but then he says something like this and it just washes everything away! Everything.

Then an hour or so later we were all three laying in bed playing with Mason's toys and he had to go to his room to get just one more {to add to the 90 already piled on our bed}...as he is climbing back into our bed he says..

"I am so glad that I am y'alls son"

And there goes my heart again...hurting and melting at the same time! I never knew it was possible to love so much. And to feel so much. It's the greatest blessing in all of the world.

Those were my little {but not so little} things that are filling my love tank this week. 

What about you?

{Randoms - little life updates}

I feel like I am getting so behind on this little space here. Gonna play catch-up on what's been going on in our little world. 

This is what our weekly schedule will look like after this week. Blast Ball is starting back up...adding 2 more days of our busy-ness! We are beyond excited!!

Tuesday - Gymnastics
Wednesday - Swim Lessons // Nate's softball games
Thursday - Blast Ball practice
Saturday - Blast Ball games

And, we have a birthday party {or two} every Saturday until May!

Speaking of birthdays...Mason has picked out his theme. I will share that later. Nate's mom and I were really hoping he'd go along with us in the 'camping out' theme. But, that was a no-go. He's been wanting to have a ninja party. We did Ninja Turtles last year and I tried telling him that ninja was too close to ninja turtle. Finally, he found a new theme that I could live with. Yay! Time to start planning...just a couple months away.

Nathan and I are looking for a camper. We normally stay in Nate's parents camper when we go...but our family is getting too big for that. We need our own space! We have a big camping trip coming up Memorial day weekend. So, hoping we find something before then. We found one that we absolutely loved last night. And it cost less that what we were originally looking at. Called today and it was sold. Just our luck! ha. I am telling myself it just wasn't meant to be. It's fun looking! But we are limited with the size/weight/length/layout we want! We've been camping long enough to know what we want!

I've been loving Snapchat lately! Just another way to stay connected to all of my closest girlfriends {and Nate}. Especially this gem! And I just connected with Ashlea , too! Yay!!! Do you snapchat? If so, add me.


Friday night we may be going to a comedy club with a friend of Nate's from work {and his fiance}. I am secretly terrified. I'm scared they're going to pick me out of the crowd and make fun of me and I'm gonna cry in front of 50+ strangers! haha. Next Monday is opening day at the Ballpark in Arlington {I refuse to say Globe Life Park or whatever the heck it is now}. I cannot wait to tailgate and then watch the game. So.very.excited!
Everything else? It's going good. I'm feeling incredibly blessed in more ways than I can count. My boys are amazing and they fill my heart! Mason has been crying at the drop of a hat lately, but he's still so sweet. And I am just thankful that he's here to throw that fit! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!

{Five on Friday // BlastBall}

Linking up for Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends. It's been a long, emotionally exhausting week. I'm happy for the weekend, for sure.

{O N E}

Mason's first level 3 class went really great on Wednesday!! He went right into the pool area without looking back. When class was over he said, "Mama, I want to stay in that class forever! It was awesome." and "Did you and Dad see me?" - and he was yelling because he was so excited!! Lovin' this!!!

{T W O}

Nate was invited to a lunch at the Ball Park in Arlington {I'm not ready to call it Globe Life Park yet} by his company. It's a luncheon they hold for top teams of the year. Nathan wasn't on a PMT team for most of last year because he switched departments a couple of times. So, we were curious to why he was invited. We went out and bought him a nice outfit to wear. He ended up getting an excellence achievement award!! And a nice $250 to go with his pretty little glass award! His alternator also went out on his truck that morning. God sure does provide!!

{T H R E E}

Nathan had a coaches meeting Thursday evening for Blast Ball. We got our team; 5 returning players, 1 friend of a friend and 2 that were drafted to our team!! This year they did it different and gave us Major league team names rather than minor league teams! Rangers went really quick, of course. But, we did get the Astros. Hey, at least it's a Texas team.  And so much easier to find apparel and such than the Iron Pigs were! I can't wait to start our season!!!

{F O U R}

We have 2 birthday parties at the exact same time tomorrow! And, we are going to both of them! Both are good family friends and we don't want to miss either. 

 {F I V E}

I've had a very, very heavy heart this week. I posted why here. So tragic and heartbreaking. I've been squeezing my little guy a little tighter all week. I've saved my no's for the bigger battles and played with him every single chance I've had. I've also slept in his bed the last 3 nights. 

{Mason's First Dental apt}

Last Friday we took Mason to his first dental apt. He did amazing! We went to Just For Kids Dental in Waxahachie by recommendation from several friends with small children. They are one of the very few that allow parents to go back with the kids. Most of them do not. Um, no thanks! You're not going to work on my son's mouth without me being present! 

We got there and the waiting area was less than pleasant. There were kids climbing everywhere while their parents sat there playing on their phones or iPads. It was like a circus! 

They called Mason's name and we started walking back. He was a little nervous and even told us he didn't 'want to go'. But, everyone was so warm and friendly with Mason. We had the sweetest, cutest dental assistant. She talked with Mason, made him laugh and feel comfortable. 

He picked out his toothbrush and hopped right up onto the seat! So brave! They had a movie playing above his chair, but he was too interested in what was going on around him. {and the video games across from him that kept calling his name! ha}

The dental assistant prepped him all the while engaging in conversation with him. She told him she liked his shoes and he told her they make him run fast! She asked if he could run faster than him and he said yes. ha! 

When she was done prepping him the dentist came over and checked him out. He started by counting his teeth and then checking him out. He said Mason had pretty healthy teeth. He did have an overbite, but that could be corrected way later down the road. After his assessment Mason got to pick out a prize and a sticker before he went over for x-rays. 

After the x-rays the Dr. looked them over and said all looked good. No cavities!! 

We had a great first experience and so proud of our brave little man!

{It's the little things - Week 8}

Just a warning...this post is going to be heavy. I'm not sure where I am going to go with it. But, it's on my heart.

This morning I woke up like every other morning, texted Nate a good morning text and proceeded to get ready. I got his good morning text back...followed by another text that I wasn't prepared for. A text that broke the news that a family friend that we basically grew up with was mourning the lost of his 14 year old niece. It stopped me in my tracks. I just stood there frozen while so many different emotions flooded me. I tried to get finish getting ready, but couldn't. I just couldn't function.

It rocked my mama soul so hard.

I kept thinking about this mama losing her one and only child so unexpectedly. And the pain she must be feeling. It's heartbreaking.

I told Nate that I was not sending Mason to school. 
That I needed him here with me today.

 I changed back into my pajamas and climbed into bed with Mason. I held him, listened intently to his breath rising and then falling and cried and prayed. I prayed for the family and that their hearts were comforted some way some how only the way God can do. And I thanked him. I thanked him so hard for my sweet boy. For that moment and getting to hold and squeeze him.

Last night before bed Mason asked me to hold him. So I did and we both fell fast asleep. I slept with him all night until Nate woke me to say goodbye this morning.

 I am so glad that I did.

I am so thankful for those little things you don't always plan but they happen and you realize later that you needed it more than anything in the world. 


Sadie Sky Boutique

{St Patty's Day}

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

{Boy Clothes}

I always get frustrated when I browse the little boy clothing section at places. There's barely ever anything there! But you walk over to the girl section and it's packed to the gills. I usually end up ordering all of Mason's clothes online. 

Children's Place is one of my go to's. These are our most recent purchases. And that middle shirt? I may or may not have ordered it in every color!

Where do you shop for little boys?

{Swim Lessons - an update}

When I first signed Mason up for swim lessons they asked me all kinds of questions about Mason and the pool. Based on my answers they started him out in level 2. This is a parent & me class. After our first class the instructor said that he'd probably only be in that class/level a few more times.

Fast forward to yesterday. We had our 2nd lesson. Mason was doing great and nailing every new task they asked him to do. The instructor told Nate, "Dad, I don't want to burst your bubble...but he doesn't need you." That sounds rude typing it, but he meant it in the best way! He accessed Mason and confirmed that yes, he is moving up to level 3. This is a no parent class!

This also means that we have to change class days and times. He will now be going on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm rather than on Saturdays. This actually works out for us because Blast Ball is starting soon and will be on Saturdays.  

Our new schedule will look a little something like this - 

Tuesday - Gymnastics
Wednesday - Swim School // Nate's softball games
Thursday - Blast Ball practice
Saturday - Blast Ball games

Busy and love it!

{Texas Tuesday - 101 Reasons You Should Live In Texas At Least Once In Your Life}

Masons Mama

What is Texas Tuesday? A chance for you to show off the awesomeness that is TEXAS!! You can blog about anything; restaurants, vacation spots, venues, concerts, your hometown, shops, fashion, sports, etc. The linkup is not limited to Texans, we just ask that the post is about Texas. 

We don't make following any of the hosts a requirement, but we do ask that you include our button and at least post about a Texas related topic. Any links that are not related to the link up will be deleted. (button code is in grab box below the image above)


I saw this floating around Facebook and read it and loved it. I wanted to share it here.

101 Reasons You Should Live In Texas At Least Once In Your Life

 1. Queso. To be honest, the existence of queso is reason enough to live in Texas, but we’ll give you a few more just for fun.
2. Blue Bell ice cream for days.
3. Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from Whataburger. AKA your new favorite thing to eat that is actually terrible for your heart, but is so good for your soul.
4. Breakfast tacos. EVERY DAMN DAY.
5. Tex-Mex in general.
6. BBQ, obviously. And understanding what “BBQ” actually means. (Hint: It’s not “grilling.”)
7. Mambo Taxis from Mi Cocina: frozen margaritas mixed with frozen sangria and just a pinch of “wait, what happened last night?”
8. Drinking Dr. Pepper like it’s water.
9. Late-night drunken Taco Cabana runs.
10. Pecan pralines.
11. Being able to eat cuisines from basically the entire world, all within the Houston city limits.
12. The delightfully confusing experience of hearing someone say “I’ll have a coke.” And then immediately ordering some other kind of soda.
13. Crunchy ice and happy hour at Sonic.
14. Homemade tortillas >>>>
15. Home of H.E.B., Central Market, and Whole Foods. And FIESTA!
16. Freshly baked kolaches from Czech Stop.
17. Frito pies.
18. Topo Chicos, the only decent hangover cure in the world.
19. Austin being home to both the world’s best BBQ and being declared by PETA to be the country’s best place to be vegan, because we’re not afraid to contain multitudes.
20. Iced tea = sweet tea.
21. Pickle salt on all of your cheap beer.
22. Tito’s Vodka.
23. Deep Eddy Sweet Iced Tea Vodka mixed with lemonade.
24. Shiner Bock and visiting its adorable brewery.

25. The feeling of pure bliss that comes from driving under an endless blue sky.
26. Or falling asleep to the sounds of a summer thunderstorm.
27. Bluebonnets and wildflowers on the side of the road.
28. Wearing jeans and boots to any and all events.
29. Two-stepping the night away.
30. Floating down the river in the sticky, summer heat.
31. Listening to live music on any given night in Austin.
32. Exploring the unparalleled Texas Hill Country.
33. Not being limited to one type of terrain — caverns, beaches, cities, and deserts abound.
34. Southern hospitality.
35. The subtle joy of actually knowing your neighbors.
36. The men are true gentlemen.
37. And speaking of gentlemen, COACH TAYLOR lives in Texas, so there’s really no beating that.
38. Texas Forever.
39. The thunderous roar of a football game on a Friday night.
40. Fight songs and school pride. * cough * Gig’ Em * cough *
41. The Texas flag pledge of allegiance.
42. The feeling of living in a place people are proud to call home.
43. Finding a majestic state flag on literally anything that could have a flag on it.
45. NASA!
46. There’s no party quite like the Houston Rodeo.
47. Well, except maybe the Renaissance Fair.
48. You haven’t really road-tripped until you’ve been to Buc-ee’s (and used its bathroom).
49. Schlitterbahn — especially spending all afternoon going around and around in the torrent wave pool.
50. Getting to spot local celebs like Matthew McConaughey and Willie Nelson just chilling and with no one bothering them.

51. SXSW and ACL.
52. Lazy afternoons sitting in one of many of outdoor bars.
53. Running/pretending to jog around Town Lake.
54. Cute boys and foxy ladies with a sugary sweet Texas drawl.
55. Strangers who smile and say hi everywhere you go.
56. Two seasons: summer and slightly chillier than summer.
57. Three of the best NBA teams in the country in one state.
58. Homecoming mums are the prettiest and how do other high schoolers do homecoming without them?
60. A little bit of Spanish in everyone’s English just makes everything sound prettier.
61. Proof that there’s a ton of life in the desert.
62. Townes Van Zandt.
63. The late-night sounds of screech owls among the trees.
64. Giant live oak trees that remind you how small you are and how big and old the world is.
65. Exploring some weird and wonderful underground caverns and feeling like you’re on another planet.
66. This is the same place that both GEORGE STRAIT and BEYONCE are from, so you know it’s special.
67. To fully understand that “y’all” just makes sense and everyone should use it.
68. Awesome trucks.
69. Passing lanes on the interstate that are actually used as passing lanes.
70. Summer night dances at Garner State Park.
71. Knowing people that are actually just like the characters on King of the Hill.
72. Jackalopes.
73. Seeing authentic Texas blues in Deep Ellum in Dallas.
74. Living in a magic economy that keeps on truckin’ when the rest of country is flopping.
75. Texans of all political stripes are usually super serious about their freedom and think everyone should be able to do whatever the heck they want as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

76. The stars at night are big and bright.
77. The Marfa lights, not to mention all of their cool art museums.
78. Selena (RIP).
79. A chance to be an extra in movies like Dazed & Confused and Machete.
80. Houston rap.
81. The spring break parties along the Gulf Coast.
82. Learning that armadillos give birth only to identical quadruplets, which somehow makes them even cuter.
83. Watching the old couples at Gruene Dance Hall.
84. Cooling off in the Frio River, God’s true gift to mankind.
85. Spending a weekend antique shopping in historic Fredericksburg.
86. The blissful feeling of having absolutely nothing to do on a Sunday.
87. Nolan Ryan played for both of Texas’ baseball teams and he’s the best pitcher ever. Coincidence? I think not.
88. The Texas State Fair is the best in the country (deep-fried Oreos, anyone?).
89. The sweet beards and indie rock of Denton.
90. Luckenbach, Texas. Population: 3.
91. Romantic evenings walking along San Antonio’s Riverwalk.
92. The Houston Galleria is one of the best and biggest malls in the country.
93. Finding out that bats aren’t so bad (they eat all the damn bugs!).
94. Cadillac Ranch, where a bunch of art cars are buried in the desert because Texas?
95. Real authentic country music, not the pop radio stuff (see: Waylon Jennings).
96. Being so close to Mexico that you can basically say you’ve been there even if you don’t have a passport.
97. Camping at Big Bend national park, the most peaceful place on the planet.
98. Looking at the stars through the giant McDonald Observatory telescopes in Fort Davis.
99. Chilling on the beach in Port Aransas because Texas has beaches too!
100. Living in the state with the most state pride.
101. And finally, knowing for a fact that everything is actually bigger and better in Texas! 

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Can I get an amen?

{Weekend wrapup - First Swim Lesson}

How is it already Monday? Goodness the weekend flew by! And the time change? It got me! I couldn't sleep for anything last night, and then I couldn't wake up this morning! I woke up about 30 minutes late. Thank God it's Spring Break and there were no school zones on the way to Mason's school! That helped shave off some time for us. 

Anyhow, we had a really great weekend. Friday night we went to dinner and then to visit the inlaws. 

Saturday morning Mason had his very first swim lesson! We have been wanting to put him in swimming lessons for the longest time, but had conflicting schedules with places around us. Our YMCA only has an outdoor pool and most of the classes are during the day. We both work, so that couldn't happen. One day on our way back from somewhere I saw "Aqua Tots" and immediately looked it up on my phone! A swim school that has evening and weekend classes. Yeah!! So we called and got Mason registered.

He did amazing, and loved it. The swim instructor told Nate that he'd probably only be in level 2 for 1 more class and then move up to level 3. Wahoo! Level two is a parent & me class. Level 3 they are all on their own. Mason did so well in his first level two class that they think he's ready for level 3. So exciting!

Anxiously waiting! He was so excited he couldn't sit still. 

 They called Masons class and he takes off into the pool (first picture). The instructor had to stop him! ha. I guess that's a good sign. No fear! 

Climbing out on his own and jumping back in!

Mason was sad when the class was over and wanted to go back in! Looking forward to our next class.

After swim lessons we went to one of our new favorite places...Fire House Subs. oh my yum! Just love that place. Their fountain machine is awesome. They have every drink you can think of and mix in flavors too! My favorite is the Diet Root Beer with vanilla. 

 After lunch we went to visit Nate's Grandma. It's always good to see her! It was only then that I noticed my boys were dressed as twins that day!!

After our visit we had to go to Men's Warehouse to get Nate fitted for a tux for his brother's wedding. That was an adventure! It's prom season and evidently wedding season too. ha. That evening Nate's mom & dad kept Mason for a couple hours and Nate and I had a date night at Olive Garden.

Sunday was dedicated to housework...both inside and out. It was a beautiful day so we spent most of the day outside. 

That about sums up our weekend! How was yours? 

We have a busy week ahead of us...

Monday - dentist for me at 4 to get my permanent crown
Tuesday - Mr Music, Gymnastics @ 7
Wednesday - Swim lessons @ 6
Thursday - pajama day for Mason
Friday - Mason dentist @ 9, preschool gymnastics party 10-12, head to Dinosaur Valley State Park for the weekend!!!!