{Stars Game #2}

Nate came home from work a couple Thursdays ago and asked Mason and me if we'd like to go to the Stars game! That was an immediate "yes" from Mase and me. We love the Stars game and will take any opportunity we can to go watch them!! 

We hurried and got ready so that we could grab some dinner on the way. Our tradition has been to eat at In and Out on the way to the American Airlines Center. There's not one close to us so we love when we get this opportunity.

Dallas looked so cool from where we parked. And it's so pretty right now all decorated for the holidays. 

They were still warming up when we first got there so Mason was able to go down pretty close and watch for a few minutes. I love that they allow this. 

The game was so much fun and pretty intense! It went into overtime and the Stars pulled out a win!! Talk about exciting! The fans/arena was electric!! We had a blast. 

I love how much Mason loves the game. For so long, the only sport he cared for was Basketball. Now he's equally obsessed with Hockey! And recently he started getting into football. It only took us 12 years, but we finally have a sports fan!! 

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