{Brand New High Quality Pet Food Available at H-E-B Stores // #HEBBeyond}

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As you all know five, almost 6 weeks ago we got a new puppy. He's {now} a 13 week old Yellow Lab that seems to grow by the minute! Each day he is eating more and more and we are finding ourselves going through dog food more quickly. Gunner's current food is $55 a bag and can only be bought at a local pet store. Expensive and inconvenient!

When I had the opportunity to try and review Purina Beyond from H-E-B I was more than excited. For one, it's a natural ingredient high end food at a really great price and two, they sell it at my favorite grocery store H-E-B. We shop at H-E-B weekly and at this rate, we may need dog food weekly! I checked out their website and they have a section where you can compare their food with other brands. Purina Beyond is even better than the expensive food we had been giving Gunner and it costs a whole lot less, too.

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 And of course as our little Gunner grows we want to nourish him with the best food.  We are very picky about what goes in his mouth and stomach. We do not allow him to eat table food and therefore we want him to eat a nice fulfilling dog food. Purina Beyond uses Natural ingredients/real meat, fish or poultry - no by product, corn, wheat or soy! Perfect!

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Gunner has been eating the Purina Beyond for 4 days now and has been doing great! The first time he tried it he gulped it down so quickly that he made himself sick. It wasn't fun, but I guess that says something for the taste of the food because he couldn't eat it fast enough! I will admit, I was a little worried when he threw up the food. But, it didn't take long to realize that it was because he drank too much water and then ate the food too fast. Gunner eats 3 times a day and he hasn't gotten sick anymore. I was also worried about his stomach getting upset by switching foods, but that hasn't happened either.

He's been a happy camper! Looks like we will be switching to Purina Beyond!!

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{It's the Little Things - I'm not ready for college}

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I posted this on Instagram yesterday, but wanted to post it here as well.  We got Mason's Pre-K supply list in the mail yesterday so I was reading it out to him {thinking he would get excited about buying new supplies} and by the time I was done he was crying huge crocodile tears! I asked him why he was crying and he says, 

"I'm not ready to go to college!"

Oh my sweet, sweet boy! Mama isn't ready for that yet, either. Let's slow down a bit.

Then he says...

"I don't need to go to college. You and Daddy can teach me everything. You have those ABC and number cards and Daddy can whistle and everything. So y'all can teach me." 


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Linking up with Ashley and Jess for "It's the Little Things". What is on your heart this week?

Sadie Sky Boutique

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{Our Summer so far according to my iPhone}

How's your Summer going so far?

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{Weekend Wrapup}

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My little knight giving me kisses // Waxahachie Feed Store
My boys camping in the living room // breakfast on the porch with my honey

Last night I was looking at my camera roll on my camera and saw how very few pictures I took over the weekend. It surprised me because 1.) I take 50-100 pictures almost every single day and 2.) It was a really good weekend so why didn't I have any pictures to document it? But then I realized it was because we were just too busy going and doing and being and enjoy this weekend. And? It was needed more than I thought! So refreshing.

Saturday we spent the day visiting all of our favorite places in Waxahachie; the feed store, the country store, antique shops, etc. I just love our little town!

How was your weekend?

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{Oh Hey Friday!}

Linking up for Oh Hey Friday!

{O N E}

This week flew by so fast! I barely even left my house this week. I had a lunch meeting with my boss an co-worker today in Dallas {Thursday} and realized that is the furthest I have driven in a really long time. I hit traffic on the way there and the way back...I certainly do not miss that. Feeling even more thankful and blessed to be able to work at home.

{T W O}

When we were camping over the Fourth of July weekend we took many walks around our RV resort. We all enjoyed it so much and agreed that was something we wanted to do at home in the evenings after supper. Well, we finally went on our first one the other evening and it was amazing. It was a short walk, but a walk nonetheless. It was also right as the sun was starting to set...so you know this Mama took pictures! More on this later...

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{T H R E E}

Okay y'all...Google+...help! I just don't get it. What am I missing? Anyone have any great tips on using Google+? I've noticed more companies asking for Google+ links and such.

{F O U R}

I am loving, loving, LOVING the new She Reads Truth app!! If you haven't downloaded it yet you totally should. It's the most well put together app I have ever downloaded it. I love having the Word with me at all times. And they also have really great lockscreens you can save/use! So awesome. 

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{F I V E}

My girl Kristen at Kandid Kristen is having a giveaway for her blogoversary! Head on over and enter to win a $25 Visa giftcard. 


Happy Friday friends! Any plans for the weekend?

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{Christmas in July swap}

The lovely ladies Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup and Jenny @ The Chronicles of We put together a fun Christmas in July gift swap for our blogger kiddos.

Mason's box came from Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side. And let me just say...Sarah is so sweet and thoughtful! She used my Summertime bucket list post and sent us goodies that would help us check items off of our bucket list! Everything was labeled and wrapped so cute! Mason had a blast opening it. He kept saying, "I can't believe your friend sent me this." So sweet!! 

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+ Marshmallows for roasting
+ Sprinkles for baking something delicious
+ Place mats/chalkboard paint/brushes/chalk for a DIY
+ Kite
+ Waterballoons

Thank you so very much, Sarah! We will definitely be checking things off of our Summertime bucket list thanks to your generosity!!!

More than anything, I loved this swap because I met two incredible ladies in the blogging world. Sarah, as I mentioned above and also Jasam @ The Opulent Owl. Mason and I got to send a box to Jasam's cute little girl and we had a blast. It's not every day we get to shop in the girls section. With a son {obviously} and four nephews we live in a 'boys world'!!

Sweet Turtle Soup
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{Update on Mason - glasses & eye patch wearing}

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I wrote in this post about Mason having Intermittent Exotropia and needing glasses and eye patch therapy. I wanted to write a follow up of sorts.

We are two weeks in and Mason has done so well with wearing his glasses and doing his eye patch therapy! I was worried that when the 'new' of the glasses wore off that he would be totally over his glasses and not want to wear them. But, {knock on wood} that hasn't happened yet.

We usually do eye patch therapy in the evenings after supper and playing outside. We all pile into our bed, put a movie on the iPad and start a time on one of our phones. Sometimes if he is doing well and not asking about the timer I will add a few extra minutes {to the normal 45 minutes}. Now...getting the iPad away from him at bedtime is a battle.

I feel like the therapy is working and the eye is getting stronger. I haven't noticed it nearly as much throughout the day. Also, the other day I challenged him to a staring contest and he obliged! I watched his eye intently and never saw it drift. Normally this is when it would happen {focusing/concentrating} on something.

His follow up appointment is Tuesday, Sept 8th and we are praying for good results!!! 

{Oh hello growth spurt...we meet again}

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Mason seems to hit a growth spurt every 6-8 months. We are in the middle of one now. It's funny, a couple of weeks ago I kept telling everyone that I think he's growing. Their response is always "he is, too fast". But I'm like, no really...he's growing right now! A mama's intuition, I guess. Because it wasn't a few days later Mason started showing all of his normal signs of a growth spurt - 

- Takes forever to fall asleep at night
- Flops around like a fish out of water when asleep
- Sleeps longer. Like Sunday night - he slept 14+ hours!!
- Eats a ton and is willing to try new things. Friday night he ate an onion ring! My picky little guy ate a freakin' onion!! And it was a big onion!
- More irritable/more fits/cries at the drop of a hat

The fits are definitely not fun, but I love that he eats more and is willing to try new things. He is usually so picky with what he eats and doesn't always eat a lot. 

Cute side story - Nate bought Mason a 'build your own (wooden) knife kit' at Cabelas the other day and Mason thinks he is so grown! It's a pretend/starter knife, but Mason doesn't fully know that. He thinks he has a real knife. He keeps telling me, "Mama, can you believe I am big enough to have a pocket  knife now?" and I want to cry every single time. 

He truly is growing too fast. 

Does your child have any distinct signs when having a growth spurt?
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