6 Weeks

Been reading all day about week 6 and needless to say, I cant wait to kiss those tiny little features that are developing this week!! Our baby's nose, mouth, eyes, nostrils and ears are starting to take shape. His/her heart is beating 100-160 beats per minute and blood is beginning to course through his/her body. The intestines are developing and the bud of tissue that will give rise to the lungs has appeared. His/her pituitary gland, brain, muscles and bones are also forming. Our baby is about the size of a lentil bean!!


I left out a really funny part of the "Telling the Parents" blog. So after we told Nate's family the boys started talking about all the things they want to teach our baby, you know the normal stuff - throw left handed, be a switch hitter, football, UFC, all the "boy" stuff. LeeAnn said, okay but you'll have to buy PINK equipment! hahahahaha.

I have a feeling it's going to be a boy because everyone wants us to have a girl. Nate and I are perfectly okay with either. We do not have a preference and just feel blessed to have a baby, boy or girl...WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Oh, and did I mention Nate and I have a weird feeling it's twins? Holy Batman...........

Telling Nate's Grandma

Well, the news spread like wildfire yesterday! Before we new it hundreds of people already knew and it just kept growing. We decided we should go ahead and tell Nate's Grandmother before she heard it from some random at the grocery store or something. She does live in Grand Prairie, after all. LeeAnn and Ty came with us. They wanted to see her face when we told her.

Of course I had to pee as soon as we got there. Long car ride! So I went straight to the bathroom...when I came out everyone was heading to the kitchen for NeNaw cookies!! She said they were for her "Grandkids" and Nate said, "Well what about Great Grandkids?" she said, "Yes please, I have been waiting a long time" then turned around to see a big smile on our faces. Then we talked about due dates, symptoms, and I heard all kinds of pregnancy stories. OH my!!! =] It was a really great night/visit.

For dinner we went to Chick Fil A. LOVE LOVE LOVE Chick fil A and it seems to agree with us right now. Gotta love that!

Pumpkin Family...

Saturday afternoon we came home to a family of pumpkins sitting on our porch. We pulled in the driveway and I said, "Nate do we have pumpkins in our chair?". He said yeah, mom and dad must have grabbed them at Home Depot when they got theirs. I said, wait...there's 3 pumpkins and one of them is a baby pumpkin. Are they representing us? Then we were like, well maybe it's for Diesel. Then we got a little closer and looked at the pumpkins. Nate said, look that pumpkin is pregnant. So it's you, me, and Diesel. It was such a clever idea and the cutest thing! Makes me soooo ready for fall, ready to have a pregnant belly and even more ready to meet our little blessing!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Telling the family...

After the fair Nathan and I went home for a few minutes. That's when we took the second (positive) test. We went and had dinner and during dinner we learned that Jordan was in Waxahachie. So, it was our perfect chance to tell the family all at once. We get to their house and had a couple different conversations going on at once. I was talking to Jordan when Nate apparently started to tell his mom. Ty grabbed my hand and I knew that Nate had started to tell them. There was a book lying on the fireplace that his parents bought a few weeks before, he picked up the book and said, "Well you can use this now". I don't think it really sank in with just that. Then Nate says, "We're pregnant. Yall are going to be Grandpas and Grandmas and Uncles". It was awesome. We were soooo excited to finally share our good news.

Ty was really excited and wanted to go with us to tell my parents. My sister, brother in law and nephew were gone, so it was only my mom and dad at home. We chatted for a while and then my mom asked about the fair I told her it was great but by 4:00 I was getting sick. She said, "Sick?" and that was my opportunity to tell them! I just blurted out, "We are pregnant". It was greatness! Of course they were happy and excited. I know they were ready to tell the world, but we asked them to let us tell everyone!!! =]

We told my sister and brother on Saturday. They had just taken my 2 nephews out of the bath and I told my sister, "Are you ready to do this a third time?" She was clueless. She said, "Um no". And we all started chuckling. My mom said, "Somebody is pregnant" and then she finally got it. My brother came in from outside and I said, Are you ready to be an uncle again? He said who, you or Leslie? LOL! It was funny!

Scooter was at work, so Nate sent him a picture message of our tests.

Happy times!!! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

{ OMG! }

Friday was one of the happiest days of our lives!!! Nathan and I both took off work for the State Fair...but before going there our lives would change forever! Friday marked day 14 that I was late, and while I had some suspicion I didn't want to get my hopes up. I woke up at 7:30 to take a shower and get ready. I found a test waiting on the counter for me. Nate had it laid out and ready to go. I took the test, and started to brush my teeth. It was supposed to take 3 minutes....but it was ready in like 30 seconds. I glanced over there, expecting it to still be showing the hour glass and thought I'd jump in the shower to let it finish. But much to my surprise it was already done...and it said PREGNANT!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG. I started crying and shaking immediately. I ran to the bed to wake up Nate and handed him the test. It took him a minute to get the sleep out of his eyes and register what was going on. Then he just stared at the test for what seemed like 5 minutes, but I am sure it was like 30 seconds. I fell into his arms and started balling. We've waited for this for so long and now it's finally happened! We didn't have much time to soak it all in because we had to meet our friends for the State Fair. We got ready and headed that way. We took the Dart train to the fair. That was pretty neat. The train took us to the West End and then we hopped on another train that took us to the front gates. It was awesome. The Fair was a lot of fun and we were in good company. Nathan told Trent & Krista our news. He was busting at the seams and had to share with somebody!! It was an exciting day. Until around 4:00ish and I started getting really sick. Bad headache and nausea. Not sure if it was the heat or what. We didn't stay much longer, and then hopped back on the train. That train ride was brutal. It took all I had to not get sick! On our way home we stopped by Walgreens for Tylenol and more pregnancy tests. Which all came out positive too! Proof below:

We told our parents that night. That's another blog and another story! I will write soon. Just wanted to provide you all with this info for now!!!

So excited!!

We are hitting our 6th week and should be due sometime around May 25th. First doctor appt is this Friday, the 2nd of October at 9:30am. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 of a kind, working on a full house!!!!!!!!!!