{Mason got to play Max at the Grinch's Lair}

On December 10th the owner of the Grinch's Lair messaged me and asked if Mason would like to play the part of Max that upcoming Saturday! I already knew what Mason's answer would be, but I needed to talk it over with Nathan. I already had plans with my family for our annual baking party so that meant Nate would be flying solo with Mason. It's an almost two-hour drive there and back. I knew Nate wouldn't mind but wanted to discuss it with him first. Of course, he was on board and excited for Mason! So we asked Mason and he couldn't say yes quick enough! He was so happy!!

The lair opens at noon so that meant Mason needed to be there by 10:30 to get there and in character! They left our house around 8:00 am to make their trek to Palestine! Mason was a bit nervous before they left. But, I knew that he was going to an amazing job! And Nate says that he did just that! It pained me to not be there with Mason on his special day, but Nate took some photos for me! I mean, doesn't he make the cutest little Max ever?

Max' part in the lair is to put on a cooking show and to get the kids involved in helping. So he had to act a little. I know he loved it, though!

I've said it before, but if you're ever in the Palestine TX area around Christmas time go check out the Grinch's Lair! You will not be disappointed. We are so blessed to have met such amazing people and will support them in every way that we can! Sonia & Jeremy, thank you again for this amazing opportunity. Can't wait for next season!

Nate took a video tour of the lair while he was there. The lighting in the lair isn't the best since it's in an old jail. But, that's part of what makes it sooooo cool!

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