{Embrace the Camera - March 24th}

Linking up! Love this edition!!!

embrace the camera is about YOU being IN the picture.
not just a picture of your kids.
not just a picture of your animals.
not just a picture of that random object.
now, if you are in any of those pictures, then that is embracing the camera.
but the point of it is to get out from behind the lens...and to get in front of it.
you can read about how it all started HERE.

so, get your camera out and turn the self timer on and get in a picture with a loved one.

Mason and I hanging out; playing outside one day after work. 

Nathan took this of us hanging out at a car show.

Your turn!!

{Car show at Ellis County Trade Days}

On Sunday, March 13th we headed up to the Ellis County Trade Days for a car show. Mason's uncle Ty entered his truck in the show..and walked away with a 1st place trophy! It was awesome.

Hanging out in his stroller...

Hanging out with Daddy

Ty's First Place trophy...Mason wanted it!

{Kloe's Birthday}

Mason's future wife, Kloe, recently turned two; and what a day that was!!! The party was fabulous and we all had a great time. It's fun to get to shop for pink every once in a while!!


The Group
Cutest 2 year old

And Nathan with his new BFF, Krista's Grandfather!!


{Lazy...or Smart?}

We were recently at a car show and I look over at Mason in his stroller and this is what I see:

He found a way to drink from his sippy cup without having to hold it.

This boy amazes me!!!

{Mason helps Mommy with Laundry}

Err..I mean, Mason steals Mommy's laundry basket every single time...and does this

Cutest thing ever!! Give him a laundry basket and we're good for about 15+ minutes of fun! :)

{Carseat Cutie...Take 2}

More random cuteness!!

{Getzendaner Park}

Oh how I love this park! The weather was nice enough for us to take Mason to the park a few weekends ago. Mason loves his swing at Nana's house; so we thought we'd try the park! He loved it. Mason likes to swing really high. I think this terrifies his Daddy...

{Carseat Cutie}

Seems like in the car is a great time to snap some pictures!!

My sweet precious boy...

Here he was chewing on playing with Mommy's necklace

{Mini Photoshoot...again, again}

Just a normal evening for us...