We tried out a new Christmas light drive-through this year. Nate's mom had seen it on Facebook and it looked so neat. And, it was! It was a "Country" Christmas type of place so there were animals galore, along with lights and buildings with Christmas exhibits. It was so pretty and I loved the variety it offered. 

We started the night with dinner at our favorite place (Ojeda's) and then drove out to Seagoville, TX for the lights. We waited probably 30 minutes, but it went fast. It was worth every second we waited. Of course, photos will not do this place justice. It's hard to get good pictures at night while in a moving vehicle. But, that didn't stop me from trying.  The whole drive-through was long! We never felt rushed and it seemed to last forever. So many drive-throughs are short and feel like it's over before it even gets started. Not this one! 

After the Santa's Country Christmas, we went to McDonalds for some coffee treats! It was such a good night with Nana and PawPaw!

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