{Ice Ice Baby // 2023}

We finally got an ice day!! I mean...days...this is Texas after all! Nate is part of the de-ice crew at work which means that he goes in before it gets bad and then sleeps over at work (working around the clock) until it's all cleared up. This storm was nothing like the Great Snowpocalpse of 2021!!! Mason and I hunkered down at home for a few days while Nate was gone.  I only got the Jeep out once for pictures and then we stayed nice and toasty inside! 

{This thing is Legendary // FWSSR 2023}

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo ~ This thing is Legendary!! This year we planned a trip to the stock show with our friend group. Most of them have never been (two families are from California)! So, we made that happen and we had so much fun. 

{Jeep Girl Mafia // Ellis County Meet}

We had a Jeep meet planned at a local burger place but wouldn't you know it, the weather turned horrific! We were supposed to have the patio of the restaurant reserved for the club, but it was cold, windy, and rainy. We still had the meet and didn't expect many to show. Much to our surprise, we had a good turnout! We forgot to get pictures before everyone left!! So, this is only some of the girls that were there! 

{Framily Day}

One of my favorite things ever is doing life with our framily!  This friend group and our bond is one that I will cherish for always! We got together on a Sunday to grill, spend some time in the country, and do some target shooting! These days are so good for my soul! 

{Micro-Wrestling with the friend group}


I have to admit,  I was apprehensive at first. Something seemed so wrong about this to me! But then we went and had a blast! This is their job and their job is to entertain. So once that got through to me, it was a legit fun time! 


For the last two months, I have shared some goals here on the blog. I think I will keep this up in the new year.  Here's a look at both what I accomplished/didn't as well as new goals for the month of January. 

{Bridgeport Off-Road Park with Jeep Girl Mafia}

Wheeling is so good for the soul! The Jeep club where I am a Vice President for put on a 101/102 off-road class. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 102 part of the event! Which, was held at Bridgeport OHV! It was a day full of wheeling and hanging out with friends.  We had too much fun! 

{Broken Bow Trip // December 2022 // Day 6}

On Saturday our trip had come to an end and it was time to pack up and go home! It's always hard leaving Broken Bow and we always leave a part of our hearts when we do! Until next time Broken Bow, you were so good to us! 

Hall Family - December 2022

{Broken Bow Trip // December 2022 // Day 5}

 Friday was Nate's birthday!! We spent a lot of the day fishing and around Beaver's Bend State Park.  Then we ordered in our favorite pizza from Grateful Head Pizza . It's a must when in the area. We spent the evening hanging out in the cabin. 

{Broken Bow Trip // December 2022 // Day 4}

On Thursday, we had a slow and lazy morning around the cabin. Then we each kind of did our own thing for a while. Nate, Mason, and I went into town to ride some go-karts, check out a few shops, do some fishing, and visit the absolute cutest candy shop! 

{Broken Bow Trip // December 2022 // Day 3}

On Wednesday of our trip, we spent some time at Beaver's Bend State Park! We hiked, fished, played basketball, played on the playground, and rode the train. It was such a good, wholesome day with the family.

{Broken Bow Trip // December 2022 // Days 1 & 2}

Before going to the cabin Nate, Mason, and I took a stroll through Beaver's Bend State Park! This place is nostalgic and holds so many core memories for us! We wanted to see how much it had changed since we'd last been there! 

{Firehouse Gastro Pub}

Nate saw that our high school coach's son's band was playing at a restaurant in Grand Prairie and so we made plans to go! Firehouse Gastro Pub is owned by some of our family friends and we had been wanting to check it out for the longest! This gave us the perfect excuse to do so. We invited the Garzas to come along with us!


Time is such a weird thing. On one hand, 2022 flew by in such a flash but on the other hand, it felt like a long year with all that we did! 


Linking up with Jennifer for her "currently" series. For January, we are sharing what we are currently loving, resolving, organizing, anticipating, and eating.


After a sweet morning at home, we got ready and drove around the block to Nate's parent's house to celebrate Christmas over there. It's the 11 of us plus Nate's aunt and grandmother. 



Mason and I had our annual Christmas tree campout after our cookie decorating night at Nana and Pawpaw's house. We started this tradition when he was just a little tot and it's one of my favorites. 


The Christmas Story 24-hour marathon is a tradition for us when we celebrate Christmas at Nate's parent's house. We've all grown to love the movie and love the tradition of watching the movie on repeat on Christmas Day. Last year I ordered Mason the bunny suit from the movie but he decided last minute to not wear it. It still fit this year and he wore it to Nate's parents for a little while! 


I love spending the holidays with our families, but there is something so sweet and sacred about those Christmas mornings at home with just the three of us. I look forward to those quiet moments each year! It's such a joy to see Christmas morning through the eyes of your child, no matter how old they get. Mason is twelve and the magic around here is still in full force. This mama is soaking it all in! 


For as long as I can remember, we have always done Christmas on Christmas Eve with my parents. Even when we were younger, we got to open most of our gifts on Christmas Eve, and then of course Santa came on Christmas morning. This year was no different! After the candlelight Christmas Eve service, we went back to our house to get our things. Then we went to my parent's house to gather with my family. 


Christmas Eve candlelight service is one of my favorites of the entire year. Our church prepares such a special service for Christmas Eve. It's truly a gift and a blessing to get to attend. This year, my parents joined us and it made my heart so happy. I wish we would have thought to get a picture together. 


We left town on the 26th for a week of camping (in a cabin) so I have lots to catch up on here. Going back to the 23rd, we went to Nate's parent's house for a night of cookie decorating and preparing the saran wrap ball. We've started to make this a tradition and I love it! Everyone was able to attend and we had the best time!

{Broken Bow Trip // December 2022 // The Cabin}

We spent a week in the Kiamichi Mountains in the dreamiest cabin!! The whole Hall family was able to come on this trip and it was such a delight.  This cabin was perfect and had everything we needed for our stay! I'll let the photos do the talking. (link to this cabin below)