{Jeep Around Texas // Chill Zero // Monthly Meet}

 We had our monthly Jeep night at Chill Zero yesterday and it went well! Once again, we had an amazing turnout. The parking lot was full of Jeeps from the time the meet started until well after. It's always such a good time with the Jeep community. Jeeps, Tacos, and Ice Cream...what more could you want?

{Mason's 11 year well check appointment}

 Mason had his 11 year well check appointment yesterday. We had to see a nurse practitioner because our pediatrician didn't have any available appointments for months! Nate said she was great, though! I stayed home because I was working and covering another desk. He was great to send me pictures and information! He knows this Mama needs that! 

{Hot Springs, AR with Wicked Trendz Jeep Club}

 We joined our  Jeep family for a weekend at Hot Springs and had a total blast! We absolutely love this group and love spending time with them. We got to the park early Friday afternoon and jumped almost immediately on some trails! But not before a group prayer...

{Mason's 11th birthday party}

 For the 2nd year in a row, we had a joint birthday party for Mason and his cousin Jaxon. Their birthdays are within a couple weeks of each other, so it's just easier to get the family together for one party. They both opted for another swim party at my parent's house. 

{Mason's Lego Rubicon}

 Mason got a Lego Rubicon Jeep for his birthday! I'm not sure who was more excited, his dad & I or him! I think this was the toughest Lego he has built, but he conquered it! It is just about the coolest Lego I have ever seen!


{Our Jeep family came to our church!!}

 One of our Jeep family members had a birthday over the weekend and his wish was to have friends join him at church. And you know our Jeep family delivered!! They just so happen to go to the same church as us, so that was perfect. I can't tell you how amazing it was to fill up a whole row at our church and to be in the Lord's house with our Jeep family!  

{Ellis County Jeep Meet with a side of sunset}

 One of our local Jeep groups meets on the first Thursday of every month. It's usually at a restaurant so we can eat together and then hang out in the parking lot after! Our June meet was at Ellis County Barbeque in Midlothian. While we were in the parking lot chatting, the sun began to set in the most magnificent colors! My best friend Keri and I took the opportunity for a photoshoot!