{Halloween Party at Midtowne // 2022}

Immediately following our Trick or Treat on the Square event, we went to Nathan's Grandmother's assisted living for a Halloween party!! It was so precious and fun. They had the place decorated so cute, candy for the residents to pass out to the kiddos, games, popcorn, treats, punch, etc. It was a beautiful time with the family!! 

The kids got even more candy! I'm not sure what they are going to do with all these treats. I know Mason's dentist lets the kids trade in candy for prizes. We may need to do that this year. :) 

The boys played games and enjoyed their treats! They also soaked up time with their Great Grandma! These family moments just make my heart so happy. What a beautiful blessing it is that these boys get to spend time with their great Grandmother. 

These last photos are of Nate's Grandmother and her dear friend. I love so much that she has made the sweetest of connections with other residents in her building. They are so much fun together. Her friend reminds me so much of one of my Great Aunts (that I do not get to see that often) so every time we are around her I just soak it in. It makes me feel close to my Great Aunt in a small but sweet way! 

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