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{O N E}

Lovin' life lately! I feel like we are in a really good place all the way around. It send my hear soaring. Wednesday I had a lunch meeting with my director, coworker and the owner of our company. He was in from Seattle for some meetings and wanted to take us to lunch. I left there feeling so good. So good to work for a company of such integrity! Our owner works to put out only the best and has actual values. Says a lot these days when most companies are about the numbers and money. Such a creditable company. I just can't say enough good things about it. And the opportunity to work from home just makes me love it that much more. Anyhow, as I was thinking about this I started thinking about other areas of our lives and how I am just in love with life right now. All Glory be to God!

{T W O}

Mason had his second gymnastics this week and it was 110% better than the week before. We had a different coach {a team coach} and she was stern with them and made them listen. You can imagine 2 three year old boys in one class! The coach made them do each station until they did it right and understand what they were doing. Just in the 55 minutes of being in the class they learned so much and were doing things on their own. Mason is loving it! And like my friend {mom of Mason's friend in class} said, "if nothing, we are paying $60 a month to get a really good laugh"!! That's the truth!

{T H R E E}

Mason's new school is still going really well. I feel like it's the place that God has called us to be! Everything just feels good and feels right about it. Mason is having fun, learning a lot and absolutely adores his teacher. Praise Jesus!!!

{F O U R}

I got the slide on my .9mm pistol done. Turquoise of course. I am in love with it. The picture below doesn't do it justice...it's more turquoise than it looks. Actually the paint is called Tiffany Blue.

{F I V E}

I planned a spontaneous trip for us this weekend. I emailed Nate and said, I have a weekend trip planned. Just say the magic word and I'll book it. He said "BOOK IT"!!! and so I did! Hill Country here we come.......

Gonna check a lot of things off our Texas Bucket list for sure!

What do you have planned for the weekend? What's on your Friday Five?

{So....we've moved Pre-Schools}

This post has been coming...I just wanted to give it a few days before I wrote about it. My true feelings and concerns and not sound like I am bashing Mason's previous school.  This is going to be long...

We moved Pre-schools.


We grew out of our current school and it was just time.

There were so many things not setting right in my Mama soul and I was dealing with major guilt. Since working at home it has become harder and harder to take Mason to school. I had so much guilt that it was making me sick! Especially since I was taking him to a place where he was bored and a place he no longer enjoyed.  He would whine and cry in the mornings, wouldn't want to get ready, and then say a couple times on the way to school "I don't wanna go to school. I don't like my school". And it hurt. Oh it hurt so bad. Even though I work at home, I do have a job to do. I have emails to answer and clients to talk to - normal work hours. But still, I want my baby home with me.

When we'd get to school he would cling to me for dear life and cry when I had to leave. Mornings at this place are crazy and chaotic...and there were not enough teachers with all of the kids. Pure and simple. I saw so many things that happened in there, it's unreal. But I will leave those out. Anyhow, I'd stay with Mason until the very last second that I could and then most days I would have to leave with him crying.

That tore my heart apart!

So many times I wanted to turn my car around and go back and get him! Then I'd worry and be in a funk all day just thinking about him and hoping he wasn't miserable. I also go to where I'd  keep him hope 2, some times 3 times a week. It was just too hard to get up and get him ready and take him. I didn't have it in me to see him sad. Honestly, I'd make excuses just to keep him home with me.

So, what were the things that were bothering me?

One of the majors was that no matter what time you'd go to pick Mason up his class would be sitting on a rug watching tv. All.the.time. Nate's mom and brother noticed this too when they'd pick him up. And we all pick up at different times. That's not okay with me. That's something Mason can do at home (and I'd save a lot of money, but that's beside the point). 

Another thing...there were 20-23 three year olds...in ONE class on most days. That's a huge class. And anyone that has a three year old will understand my reservations about this. It doesn't allow much, if any, one on one interaction. Instead, it's like herding cats all day. I mean, can you imagine? I know this is not on the teachers, they are doing their job and the best they can.  But I think the school could manage this a little better. And could definitely use better organization.

(all of this because more clear after moving to a new school...but that's to come later)

Then there was the color changing thing. Mason was rarely on green (best behavior) ever. And then he'd tell me how he went to time-out. And when I'd ask why he'd say because he was talking. And most times he would say I don't know. And Mason is pretty honest, so if he knew he would tell me. Again, there are 20-23 three year olds in one room...of course they're gonna talk. 

I also didn't like how recess was used against them and taken from them if they were rowdy. (again, 20-23 three year olds in one room, hello!) I have 1 three year old and I KNOW!! To me, that just says they need to get out and run off some of that energy. Not have it taken away!

Also, little comments were made to me here and there. But I will leave them out. But they bothered me and I can't get them out of my head.

Oh, another thing...most of the kids get there between 6:00-7:00 am and they sit in that cafeteria until 7:40-8:00am. That's a long time. And they expect them to sit on a 12x10 (maybe) rug and not talk. They're also not allowed to play with their toys. So they start playing with each other...and yep, that's forbidden as well. It's just a lot to expect out of a child. Especially a preschooler!

Another biggie....the kids sit in the cafeteria in the mornings from the time they get there until the time they go to class (after 7:30 and the school opens at 6am). They're not allowed to bring toys...not allowed to play with each other...they expect them to sit on an old rug and watch a movie. 

Then there's...

- the security (or lack there of)
- the menu
- the constant changing of things

Just lots and lots of little things that were adding up. I know what you're thinking, why in the world did you put him in that school in the first place? It hasn't always been that way. He started there when he was 13 months old. It served us well. But people grow, things change and there comes a time when it's time to move on. That's where we are.

So how and why Fire House Kids?

It's been on my mind for over a year now. I would bring it up to Nate from time to time, but that's as far as it went. Until a couple weeks ago. I brought it up again and Nate asked me to look into it. So I scoured their website and their Facebook. And then my heart was filled with so much goodness and it felt right. All of the wonderful comments on their Facebook page told a lot about their school. So I called and got more information and we planned to go and tour it that Friday. 

We talked to Mason about it several times and he was excited. We wanted to make sure he understood that meant new teachers, new friends and a new school. He was excited! 

So Friday we started our day. We had many errands to run before our tour of Fire House Kids. One of them was a haircut for Mason. They put him in the Fire Truck seat. Cool. Then we were heading in the direction of Academy and made a spontaneous decision to eat at Fire House Subs. Mason's meal came with a Fireman's helmet.  As we sat down to eat Nate joked and said, I guess it's a Fireman/station themed day. 

I said, maybe those are signs from God?

We finished up our errands and headed to Fire House Kids. We got a great feeling from the minute we walked in the door. We toured the school, met the three year old teachers, and got all of the information we needed. We got in the car and talked to Mason about it and he was ready to go there! So I called the director and let her know we'd be starting on Monday!! Mason was excited. We are on day 4 and he is still loving it. He adores his teacher, too! Actually, he tells me that he LOVES her! ha.

Here is what I am loving about FHK - some are small things, some are big things.

- First of all, the people! Everyone is so nice and kind.
- You have to have a code to get in the doors, the desk/office is a good ways back from the front doors, and Mason's class is far from the entrance!
- No more writing checks. They have a card machine! Whoop whoop!
- No sitting in cafeteria until class time. The cafe is designated for eating only. Once kids finish they are allowed to go up stairs in designated areas (with adult supervision) to play until all of the teachers have arrived.
- Smaller classes. Mason is now in a class of 12 or less kids. I think he made 10 or 11. They break up the three year olds into 3 different classrooms!
- They have 'themed' days - backwards day, crazy sock day, pajama day, show & tell, etc.
- When it's raining or cold they have a gym where the kids can go and run off some energy. They're not confined to their classrooms watching movies.
- They don't even have tvs in their room!
- They serve actual meals in the morning, not just cereal.
- When he turns four he gets to go on field trips. And I can volunteer to go and help!
- His teacher actually engages with him. Asks him questions about his evening, what he had for supper, etc.
- They let the kids be kids.
- They're on a computer system for checking in/out.
- They have recess 2, sometimes 3 times a day.
- Mason is actually learning new things already. They're on the same curriculum as the other school and he'd come home and not be able to tell us what the papers were about. He can tell you everything about his assignments at the new school!

- He's happy....we're happy....life is good! Change is good.

The afternoon director sent me this picture of him on his first day along with a video that said, "Mommy I am having fun."

{It's the Little Things - Week 5 - Praise}

Linking up with the lovely ladies Jess and Ashley for It's the Little Things for week 5.

Nathan and I are constantly praising Mason for every little thing he does. We feel it's important as Mason is growing and learning. When he uses his manners, we praise....when he does something kind for someone, we praise...when he is on great behavior, we praise....praise, praise, praise. Mason has such a tender little heart and you can just see what a little praise does for his soul.

Now Mason praises us. 

"Good catch Daddy"
"Whoa, good job Mama"
"That was nice of you Daddy"
"Thank you Mama for making me supper, that was nice of you."

And he is so sweet and sincere when he does it. 

It definitely pulls at my Mama heart strings and makes me feel like we are doing something right.

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{Five on Friday - Gymnastics, School, Monster Trucks}

Happy Friday friends!!!

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{O N E}

Mason started gymnastics this week! Nathan and I have been talking about putting him in it for a while and finally did! He goes on Tuesdays at 7:00. He's in the same class with his little friend, Easton. They both enjoyed it!! They did the tumble tramp {just jumping at this point}, exercises and stretches and circles {2 different circles of gymnastic things}. 

{T W O}

The weather has been glorious this week!! We've played outside as much as possible. 

{T H R E E}

 Hubby and I are both off today!!! Mason is also staying home from school. We have eye appointments at 9:00am and then spending the whole day together! I can't wait.

{F O U R}

We are also visiting a possible new PreK for Mason today. More on this to come later. Friends, please be in prayer about this for us! We just want to do what is the absolute best for Mason.

{F I V E}

Tomorrow we are going to the Monster Trucks for the 3rd year!!! You can see year one here and year two here

Have a great weekend!!

{It's the little things - Week 4 - Mason's song}

Happy Wednesday! Linking up with Ashley and Jess again. I love this linkup!

Several weeks ago Nathan and Mason were out running errands and heard a song for the first time. Nathan was telling me all about Mason's face during the song because he thought at one point they were saying "Mason Hall". Mase was so excited that a song actually had his name in it. Nathan was too focused on watching Mason that he didn't catch the name of the song so that we could look it up. 

I was so anxious to know what song it was! And then one day we were all in the car and it came on...

Neither one of us have had the heart to tell him the actual lyrics yet! Why not let him enjoy it for a while?

Sadie Sky Boutique

{Five on Friday - Ipsy, Weekend plans, Valentines, Games}

Happy Friday friends!! 

I couldn't be more happier that it is Friday. It's been a very exhausting week. I've had insomnia, pain from my root canal, and on top of all of that allergies. Fun stuff I tell ya. 

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{O N E}
I got my Ipsy bag this week and I think it's been one of my favorite so far. Not one thing I don't like and the colors actually suit me. None of that bright red nonsense that I can't pull off. 

{T W O}

I have played a lot of games on my phone this week. I mean, what else can you do at 3 in the morning when the rest of your house is fast asleep? After 3 or more months I have put Candy Crush back on my phone. Sigh. Along with Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue, Tetris and Wordament. 

{T H R E E}

Mason's Valentine party is today. I love working on goodies for his class and teachers. Yesterday Mason and I had to run to Target for something and we swung by the Valentine section. I already had most of what I needed, but wanted to grab him some actual cards to put in the kids' boxes. Goodness it was crowded. But Mason found a sweet little puppy he just had to bring home.

{F O U R}

Speaking of Valentines...Happy Valentines Day! Nathan and I really don't have any plans. I mean, let's be real...it's a cheesy holiday anyway...and it's not that enjoyable to wait hours at a restaurant because everyone else and their grandma is out too! We'll probably keep it low key. 

{F I V E}

We do have a date planned for Saturday, though. Nathan is doing a 24 {or is it 32} hour varmint hunt in our county, but he is going to sneak away for a bit. We're meeting a buddy of his from work and his new finance at Hibachi. I'm sure it will still be crowded with everyone that chose to go out Saturday instead of Friday, but I am still looking forward to it. Oh, and I am looking for something fun for Mason and I to do while Nate is hunting. Any ideas?

{It's the Little Things - Week 3}

It's been incredibly cold here in the Hachie lately...which means that we can't get out and play! One of our favorite things to do is play outside after work/school. So, we've had a little bit of cabin fever. The other day after school Mason wanted to go out and play...

Mama, can we go outside for a minute? - Mason

No baby, it's too cold outside. - Me

{throws his little hands in the air and tilts his sweet face}

Just for a little second to take a picture togetter? - Mason


and that I want to put in my memory bank of...

And in case you're wondering, yes we went outside for a little second and took a few pictures.

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{Texas Tuesday - Perini Ranch in Abilene, TX}

A few weekends ago when we went to Welcome Trent home from deployment we had lunch at Perini Ranch the next day. Goodness, I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was!! 

Most of us opted for the buffet while a couple others ordered off the menu! We waited for our table out in the back, so we got a good view of the buffet. The buffet? Amazing!! They serve chuck wagon style food. It's to die for. Seriously!

The buffet line

 Everything was served from cast iron skillets and the gentlemen working the buffet were the kindest! They helped us Mamas that had a kid in tote without even hesitating! I had ham, chicken fried steak, green beans, mashed potatos, a corn relish {that was out of this world} and homemade bread. We also got a dessert with our meal...strawberry shortcake! YUM! I wish I would have taken pictures of the food, but I didn't waste any time devouring my plate!

The restaurant is very cabin/lodgy feeling. They had a fire place going when we got there. It's so cozy!

If you're ever in the Abilene/Buffalo Gap area, it's a must! Even worth a road trip!

Masons Mama

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{Sunday Social}

1. What is your favorite thing to watch on a girls night?
Dirty Dancing, The Bachelor, PLL, Anything really

2. What is your favorite thing to watch on your day off?
Anything on my DVR

3. What is your favorite thing to watch when you're sick?
Any kind of romantic comedy

4. What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
The Lone Survivor - SO good!

5. What are your top three favorite movies or tv shows?
Movies: 8 Seconds, Dirty Dancing, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars, Chicago PD, Beauty and the Beast


{Five on Friday - dentist, snow, snapchat, little things}

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Happy Friday Friends!!

{O N E}

I had the 2nd part of my root canal done this past Tuesday. Blah! Nathan had a really good time making fun of me that evening for not being able to feel my face. He begged to me to let him record me. Ha, not a chance. I was sore on Wednesday, but not bad. Then bam...Wednesday night it started hurting bad and interrupted my sleep. But not enough to make me get out of my warm cozy bed to take medicine! ha

{T W O}

The whole dfw got snow yesterday except for us! It skirted around Waxahachie. I saw a few flakes, but that was it. So sad! I really wanted Mason to be able to see it and play in it. Bummer. But, on a positive note...I am so thankful that I work from home and didn't have to drive in the mess.

Watching for snow

{T H R E E}

We don't have a thing planned for this weekend and I am looking forward to it! I want to just hang out with my guys and have a low-key weekend. Usually I am one that likes to be on the go, but lately I have been perfectly content with just being a homebody! I think we are going to the grocery store tonight to see if it's any less crowded than on Sunday when I usually go. Exciting, I know.

{F O U R}

Every morning when we get to school we send Daddy a bunch of pictures through snapchat and Daddy sends pictures back. It's become part of our morning. Daddy goes to work really early and doesn't get to see Mason before he leaves, so we send pictures. They get so silly and it cracks me up! I had to screenshot them!

{F I V E}

Ashley @ Words about Waverly and Jess @ Sadie Sky Boutique started a weekly link up called It's the Little Things and it's amazing! I have been blessed by so many of the posts that have been linked up. You can find week 1 here and week 2 here.

Sadie Sky Boutique

{Mason and his cow-lick}

Me - Mason, I just love your sweet little cow-lick!
Mason - What's that Mama?
Me - You know, your cow-lick - your hair right here. Let me take a picture and I will show you.


Mason - why did a cow lick'd me? Was it when I was an itty bitty baby? Was it a nice cow? Did it like me?

{It's the little things - Week 2 - A Mother's Love}

Linking up with Ashley and Jess for week 2 of It's the Little Things.

Last year for Mother's Day my boys got me the "Mother's Love" ring from James Avery. And just as I do my wedding ring, I have worn it every day since. I only take it off to clean it. On the ring finger of each hand I have a beautiful reminder of the two biggest blessings in my life; marriage and motherhood.

At least once a week since they gave it to me Mason will come sit in my lap and trace his little pointer finger around my ring and ask me to tell him the story of my ring. How he makes the right side and I make the left side and together we make a heart because we 'love each utter so much'. 

And he will tell other people the story of my ring, given any opportunity.

It sets this Mama's heart on fire.

The bond I have with my little guy is unbelievable.

Sadie Sky Boutique