First watermelon of the Summer (6/25)...
And Mason's first ever Watermelon. {I know}
The first Summer he was too small, 
the 2nd Summer he wouldn't try anything new.
But this year he tried it.

It was a success.
He liked it.
But just like most food, wasn't "all" about it.
He ate a few pieces and then he was ready to feed the chickens!

Love this boy!

"RAWWWWR" - "Mama, I scared the chickens!!"

{Born Country}

When I posted about our Oklahoma Trip the other day I made a slideshow to the song
 "Born Country" by Alabama.
Each time I listened to the song it made me more and more Thankful.
Thankful that Mason was "born" country and will grow up country.

He will never have to live the city life that Nate and I did growing up.
He doesn't have to face the hustle and bustle, the gangs, the crime,
the dirty restaurants and unfriendly people,
 and the over-crowded unsafe public schools.

Instead he will grow up knowing the small town life.
Where everyone waves as they pass.
Neighbors swap vegetables and fruits from their gardens.
Tractor rides until sun-down are an almost every day thing.
Collecting fresh eggs from the chickens.
Suppers on the porch.
Cowboy hats and boots.
Barns and stars.
Sweet tea in a Mason jar.
FFA and 4-H.
Pickin' fresh vegetables from the Garden.
Walking the Donkey.
Texas Country music and guitars.
Backroads and fishin' holes.
 Farmer's tans.

God bless the country...and Texas!!

{Mr Personality}

My dearest Mason,
I love you to the moon and back!
You are awesome.
Pure and simple as that.
You have so much personality and character.
 And I kind of love being around you.
Like every wakin' minute.
You make me laugh and you fascinate me with the things you say.
Please stay little.


Before Mason was even born Nathan and I both agreed
that our child would have manners.
We'd teach them and instill in them how important
having manners.
And we'd start as soon as our child started talking.

It's respectful.
It's kind.

Maybe it's a Southern thing.
Maybe it's a "Texan" thing.
But, it's important to us.

And how cute is it to hear a 2 year old say "Yes ma'am", "No sir", 
"Please and Thank You"?!?
Pretty darn!

People are always complementing Mason on his manners.
And that?
Makes me so proud!!!!

He picked them up pretty seamlessly...
but lately he has picked up "Yeah"...{from school I suppose}
So, we are having to remind him here and there.
He does good for the most part, but slips every now and then.

{No girls allowed}

Monday at school we had at least 5 new kids.
One of those just happened to be a blonde haired, blue eyed, tanned, 
cute as can be little 3 year old girl.
To say Mason fell for her was an understatement.
She was sitting across from Mason at the table and he wouldn't take his eyes off her.
He says, "Mama, I go sit by her" - never blinking or looking away from her.
A few seconds later the little girl took off to join all the other kids.
What does Mason say to that?

"Mommy, I go with Gracie!!!".
So he did.

And his teacher told me he followed her around all morning.

I am in TROUBLE!

He's too young for this!!

We are going to have to have a talk about girls.
Mommy is the only one allowed!! :)

{Day trip to Oklahoma}

This past Saturday the Hall family traveled to Oklahoma to visit family.
It had been a while. Like Fall of 2010.
Long overdue!!!
The trip wasn't too bad, except for Mason and that whole carseat thing.
Oh and we got a flat tire.
But the boys changed it like champs.

We visited for a while at Nate's Grandparents house.
Mason put on quite a show!
Always a ham.

Mason and his Great Grandpa

Then Frankie & Paula came by for a visit.
They offered Mason a ride on the "Big" tractor.
I think Mason was putting his shoes on before they even got out all of the word, "Tractor".
He was so excited.

We loaded up in the trucks and drove to the Ranch.
Mason was so anxious he could barely stand it.
The boys were in one truck and the girls in another.
But Nate told me he said, "Look dad a BIG Barnnnnnnn" and got so excited.

He could barely contain himself once he saw what awaited him behind the barn door...

They wasted no time and climbed straight up into the tractor.
Mason was in tractor heaven!!!

Frankie lifted the fork implement on the tractor and Mason's jaw dropped.
Nate and I both saw it at the same time and then looked at each other.
There is nothing in this world like seeing your child so excited.

Frankie let Mason drive a little on his own {since they were in wide open spaces}.
Then he took him to lift some hay bales.
Mason loved every single second of it.

It's so pretty out on the Ranch.
Makes me want to live here. {kind of}
I know Mason would love it. He's our little country boy.

Nate's brothers, Nate, Mason and cousin Frankie

After tractor rides we went to see the 4 new baby cows. 
They were adorable.

Then we went back to Papa Johnny's to visit a little more before we had to head back to Texas!!

We love getting to visit family and can't wait to go back.
Hopefully this time sooner rather than later! 

Oklahoma 2012 from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

{Father's Day 2012}

Father's Day this year was filled with many ups and downs for us.
The day started out good. Great, actually.
We slept in until 9:30. Woo hoo!
Mason woke up his usual happy and sweet self.
He and I played in the living room for a bit.
Then he woke up Daddy by saying, "Happy Faughter's Day".
It was the cutest.
We all hung out and played for a while more.

Then we tried to go to a Father's Day Brunch and that's when all heck broke loose!
Mason is in this phase right now where his carseat is the most awful thing.
He screams, kicks, twists, cries, etc. and throws a major fit.
It's draining for me because the whole time he's crying, "Mama hold you", "Mama, I get out" and it yanks my heart because I just want to hold and console him.
But we have to teach him that he has to sit in his seat.

We didn't even get off our street before we turned around.
We just knew we were fighting a losing battle.

We went home, hung out and regrouped.
Tried again later and it was a success.

We went to lunch and to Target.
Mason was wonderful.
No fits and he was his usual happy self.

We found some outdoor chairs on sale at Target and needed to get the truck and come back to get them. Plus we needed sand for Mason's sandbox.
He was okay with it all.
But right before we were to leave again he started 
chasing the chickens and didn't want to leave.
So again, he through a little fit because he didn't want to sit in his seat.

So hard!

I'm praying that it was because he was a little behind on sleep.
He had some allergies last week and stayed home with his Nana Thursday and Friday.
He got a little off schedule because they played too hard!
He has so much fun with them.

The rest of the evening was great.
Daddy mowed while Mason and I organized his room.
Then Mason helped Daddy mow, visited Papa Jim and Memaw {neighbors}, played outside, Daddy grilled and we ate supper on the porch.
It was nice!

All in all, I think Hubbs had a great Father's Day.
When we were winding down I let him see my Father's Day post and he cried!
 I love that man so much! 

Are they handsome or what?

{Happy Father's Day to the one I love}

My Dearest Love,
16 years ago you became my boyfriend.
{almost} 6 years ago you became my Husband.
But, two years ago you became the Father to my baby boy.
And that changed something in me.

To see your husband become a Daddy is one of the most heart-touching things in life.
It's good for the soul.
And just when I thought I couldn't love you anymore
I did.

To watch you with Mason sets my heart on fire.
From the minute he was born you have always been a "hands on" Daddy.
And I could already see the eagerness you had to teach him things.
And that you do.

You are so kind, so gentle, so patient, and so loving.
You always have a good attitude about things
And lead by example.

You are the type of man I hope our son becomes.
I am thankful he has such a positive role model in his life.
To hear the words "like Daddy does" come out of Mason's mouth
is more than affirmation that he adores you.

Thank you for loving us with your whole heart.
For providing for us.
And for being someone that we love to be around.
You have a heart of Gold and I'm so glad we're in this journey together.

I'm sure if you were to ask Mason at this point in life he'd say -

Thank you for the countless number of Tractor rides, Daddy.
Thank you for turning the Ranger game so that I can watch Chipmunks for the umpteenth time.
Thank you for spending hours upon hours playing monster trucks with me in the floor.
Thank you for sharing your bed with me so that I can snuggle with Mama.
Thank you for all the prizes you let Mommy buy for me.
Thank you for becoming a professional grilled cheese maker on my behalf. 

You are the best Daddy in the whole wide world.
I love you.

Happy Father's Day, Lobster.