{In 3 seconds flat...}


Becomes this:

{Snake hunters}

It's that time of year...
Snake season.
The thought alone makes me cringe.

Last night {4/24/12} Daddy and Mason went "snake hunting".
Say what?
Was Mason the least bit afraid?
Not a single ounce.
This boy has no fear, I tell ya.
And that?
Terrifies me.

Also, Everyday when we get home Mason jumps out of the car and runs straight for his little playground.
I keep telling him to wait so that Mama can make sure there are no snakes first...
But does that stop him? No?

Then again I'm not sure what I'd do if I saw one...
Probably scream, run in the house, lock us both in, jump on the couch {cuz that will save us, right??} and scream some more until Daddy gets home!

{In ONE short month...}

In exactly 1 month from today this sweet boy will be TWO years old! I am not sure how that happened, but I thank God every single day for choosing Nathan and I to be his parents! He brings so much joy into our lives and fills our home with so much love. Thank you Mason Lane Hall for being the most awesome, loving, silly and happy little boy we have ever met. May we never fall short of being anything less than perfect for you. We love you to the moon and back.

{Wordless Wednesday}

This boy?
Is so daggum silly.
And I love it!
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{Do you know the Muffin Ma'am?}

Mason pronounces "Man" as "Ma'am"....
So the Muffin Man is the Muffin Ma'am to him!

And I kinda love it! A lot.

{The really late Easter post}

Easter has come and gone and I am really late at posting this, but better late than never. Right? Right!
Our Easter morning was nice - just the three of us. Nate gave Mason a bath and I set up all of his "Easter Bunny" gifts. We dressed him in his bedroom {so that he'd be ready for pictures} and then let him run into the living room to find the goods. He was extremely excited.
That afternoon was nothing short of chaotic...but when that chaos is delivered in the form of 25 family members under 1 roof...that's a chaos I welcome with open arms.
14 of the 25 live in Paris, TX and we do not see them nearly enough. As crazy it may get with that many and 9 of them being kids under the age of  7 {6 under the age of 2} I love being around them all.
We had a nice lunch and then hid hundreds of eggs, mostly plastic, for the kids.
Mason had more fun picking up things and throwing them.
He's getting quite an arm on him, too.
Don't worry...he still ended up with a bucket full thanks to Mom and Dad!
All of the kids had entirely too many eggs and candy.

That evening we had dinner and Easter at Nate's parents. It started storming, so we didn't have an egg hunt that night. Mason still got lots of goodies, though!

Now for the tons of pictures.

Another great holiday under wraps!

{2 boys = trouble}

ha ha!
The other day I heard Nathan and Mason in the bedroom giggling...so I go in there and what do I find?
Mason standing on the bed and falling flat on his face without catching his fall.
They thought this was hilarious!
It was kinda pretty stinkin' funny!

I was surprised that Mason wasn't trying to embrace his fall...

I love to see my boys playing and laughing.
It's good for my heart!

Oh and aren't those pajama's cute?!?!
He's all about Monsters these days...

{Sleeping on the job!}

Mason loves to help Daddy mow the grass.
It's his absolute favorite thing to do outside.
I came out to take some pictures of them one evening and this is what I found:

Mason sleeping on the job!
Nate said he saw his head noddin' off, so he told Mase to lay on his shoulder.
He was out in seconds!
The tractor ride relaxed him so much he passed smooth out.

I brought him in to finish his nap and he sat straight up and asked for the "Tractor".
So...I had to take him back out to Daddy!

oh so cute!

{Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington}

It's that time of the year...
The absolute greatest time of the year....
Go Rangers!! Hopefully we can make this a 3peat season :)
And a World Series win to sweeten the deal...

There is just nothing quite as fun as being at a Ranger game.
The sound of the ball hitting the bat
The people chanting "Lets go Rangers" or "Napoli, Napoli"
The smell of ballpark food
Watching the fireworks after a Ranger home-run
Hearing all the "Texas" songs
The intensity of a pitcher throwing a no hitter
Or a shut-out game

Just makes me so happy!

And on Opening Day this year that happiness came in the form of
Tailgating with friends
Reckless Kelly singing the National Anthem
Watching them unfold the enormous American Flag
The sound and shadow of the B1 flying over the stadium
And being able to write "Hello Win Column" after the game

It was a good day!