{More Chicken Coop Work}

 We spent some of the weekend finishing up the work on the chicken coop. We put up a new (heavy-duty) aviary net to help keep predators out of the coop and run. This net is legit and so much better than the previous one we had up! 

{Spring has sprung // Home}

Spring-time is my favorite time to be outdoors at home! The flowers start blooming, the grass is turning from brown to green, the birds are out, and it's not a million degrees outside! We spend a lot of time on our porch during the spring and it's my favorite. 

{Our shop makeover}

 After we worked on refreshing the chicken coop, we were inspired to give our shop a makeover! It was in dire need of a makeover!  

{Chicken Coop Update}

 Our chicken coop was in need of a little updating...so we spent this past weekend doing just that! Some of the wood was flaking off and we needed to do some reinforcements around the edges now that I have chicks residing there! We had some tin lying around not being used so Nate had the idea to use that instead of new wood. I have to say, I love the way it came out. Gives it that rustic flare that I love so much. 

{Hockey...All day everyday}

Can I just say that watching your child develop a passion for something is one of the greatest joys in life? A fire ignited in Mason back on December 1, 2022, and there's no slowing it down! He is a million percent invested in Hockey.  If he's not on the ice, he's out in the driveway on rollerblades practicing, if he's not outside practicing, he's watching videos about Hockey and learning skills, and if he's not doing that, he's watching old games, studying teams and players, researching stats and scores, etc. He lives, eats, and breathes hockey! It's amazing to watch! 


The older I get, the more I love the Easter holiday! There's nothing better than celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!! We started the day off at church. I always love our Easter services at church. 

{Top Golf with Friends}

 This past Saturday our friend group got together to celebrate Dylan's 14th birthday! We met at Top Golf in The Colony! That location is so nice!! Due to the number of us, they had to split us into three bays. They put two of the bays together and then 1 was about 10 bays down. The ladies and kids took the bays together and the guys went down to the other. We all had so much fun!! 

{The Chicks have moved}

Yesterday was an exciting day for the chicks!! They have moved to their new home. I'm sure they are so excited to have all the space in the coop! They were starting to run out of space in their brooder. It's funny how big they look in the brooder and then how small they look in the coop. 

{Fat Tuesdays // JGM Ellis County Meet}

 This past Wednesday, I met the girls at Fat Tuesday for a Jeep Girl Mafia Ellis County meet! It was a little bit cooler than we hoped, but we still had a wonderful turnout! Despite the weather, we were eager to hang out with fellow Jeepers!  

This location is decorated so cute!!

{Dallas Stars vs Philadelphia Flyers // Game 8}

 We went to another Stars game!!  This was our 8th game this season!! At this point, I really wish we had season tickets. Maybe next season!! We truly love the games and how thrilling they are! There is so much action the entire game and it makes for an enjoyable time. Not to mention the fans are some of the best sports fans, EVER!  

{Hockey at Home}

 Mason has been putting in some work at home! He has been spending anywhere from 4-6 hours a day outside practicing hockey! He uses rollerblades at home. We can really tell how much it helps when he is on the ice. Nate and I are so proud of him and all the hard work he has put forth!

{Bristol & Bluebonnets // Round 2}

This past Sunday we made a trip out to Bristol to see the Bluebonnets and to grab some supper at the Bristol General Store! This has to be one of my favorite Sunday traditions of ours. The Bluebonnets are only here for a short season, so we try to make as many trips as we can. 


We spent Saturday at Cedar Creek Lake remembering our dear friend, Chuck! He has been such a great friend and honorary member of our family ever since my two aunts first bought their lakehouses. His sister (who also lives at the lake) had a celebration of life for him at her house. It was a nice day!