{Vacation - Days 1 & 2}

Day 1 – Drive from Waxahachie to Colorado City, TX
We left around 9:30 am Sunday morning with our destination being Colorado City. We stopped over in Abilene to introduce the “Famous Daves” bbq restaurant to Nate’s parents and brother. And they were impressed and even suggested eating there again on our way back through! We made it to Colorado City sometime after 2:00. Mason was great for that leg of the trip. He played and watched movies and didn’t fuss much at all. Once we got to the hotel we were able to get Mason to take a 2.5 hour nap. Nathan and I even slept a little of that time. It was lovely. We woke up and got ready for the pool. Nate and Mason got it. We were a little skeptical, though…the water wasn’t the bluest of blues!! They didn’t stay in too long, but not by Mason’s request! That boy could stay in water forever…a total water baby! After their swim we went to dinner to 1 of the 3 places in Colorado City – Pizza Hut. It was okay, but gave me an instant migraine and indigestion. Come to find out – it gave most of us indigestion.  After dinner we all went to our hotel rooms and rested for the evening. Mason didn’t have any problems going to sleep, thank the Lord. I was worried since he had a fairly late nap. 

"I'm ready to go"

Bless you!

Snack in the hotel

on the road

Watching Bubble Guppies

Lunch at Famous Daves

Famous Daves

Swimming at the hotel

Day 2 – Drive from Colorado City, TX to Cloudcroft, NM
We woke around 8:00 and headed out of Colorado City around 9:15ish. This part of the trip was a little boring; West Texas. Mason did okay, but wanted out of his seat a few times. We were all pretty delirious once we started to see the mountains.  We were snapping pictures left and right through the windows. We were all just beyond ready to be in NM and to see something other than pump-jacks and flat grounds!!  Once we got to Cloudcroft we checked out the house, unloaded all of our luggage and then set off to explore the town. Which, we learned pretty much shuts down at 5 p.m. every.single.night! So we drove a little further to Alamogordo and ate dinner there. Mason was a little stinker and didn’t want to sit in his seat at all. Nor did he want to keep on his shoes – which became apparent throughout the whole trip. This boy likes to be barefoot!!! But this Mama does not like Walmart feet {you all know what I’m talking about}!! So that was a battle! After dinner we just drove around and looked at things. Mason had night terrors the first and second nights in Cloudcroft, NM. Which we should have expected with the transition and all. These seem to occur with any big transition, and well, this was a huge transition. Different house, different climate, time change, you name it.

Are we there yet?!

Getting close

Our cabin for the week

Exploring the area

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Mexican Canyon Trestle - Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Mexican Canyon Trestle - Cloudcroft, NM

Mexican Canyon Trestle - Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM
Cloudcroft, NM

Alamogordo - Space Center

Park in Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft, NM

All in all the first two days included a lot of traveling, but were a good start to our vacation.


I don't think any book, website, or any person could have prepared me for this wild ride!!

Yesterday {Monday, July 23rd 2012} we were playing outside after school/work and I kept thinking to myself, I love today!
We snapped tons of pictures, played in Mason's clubhouse, had great conversations and it was just a great time.


"Play in my house, Daddy!"


"Here my am"

Nate went in to prepare dinner and I was going through all the pictures I had just taken when I realized Mason got really quiet.
I hollered out to him, "Mason what are you doing?"
This is when you know he's doing something he shouldn't.
He'll normally answer with an, "Here My Am Momma" and show face..
But I could only see him peeking at me through the crack of his little playhouse door.

I opened it and what do I find?
A naked little boy {from the waist down}.
He had pooped and took it upon himself to take his shorts and diaper off all because he didn't want to stop playing long enough to go inside for a diaper change.

It was all over him...butt, legs, shorts and shirt.

We cleaned him off and marched his little self to the bath!!! 

If that doesn't depict Todderhood to a T then I don't know what does!!!

{24 month Check-up}

On Friday 7/6 Mason had his 24 month checkup {a month and a week late} and it went exceptionally well.

For the first time like ever Mason walked right up, stood on the scale, let her measure him and take his temperature without totally clinging to me.
He was such a big boy and we were so proud.

Stats - 
Weight - 29.3 lbs - 61 percentile
Height - 35.2 in - 70 percentile
Head circumference - 19.5 in - 69 %

The major change was the jump in his height. At his 20 month checkup he was 32.5 in and only in the 22nd percentile!!       

Dr. Sweet is the most gentle, kindest doctor ever. We love her to pieces. When checking Mason's ears she told Mason she found a birdie in his ears and made a chirping noise. He talked about that for 3 days! And if you ask him what the doctor found in his ears he will tell you. He especially loved that.

She gave us an awesome report and said that she has no concerns what so ever in the development department.

He only got 1 shot - the last part of the hepatitis.
He cried - but I think mostly because Nate had to hold him down. He doesn't like to be pinned down. So, he was crying before the shot even happened.
He didn't have any side effects from it.
That made me happy!

At 25 months - you're

Size 2T and 3T bottoms, size 3T and 4T shirts
Size 7 shoe
Size 6 diaper

Eating - getting so much better, trying new things and even eating meats. Lately you love lunchables and even eat the meat out of them. You also eat all parts of the hamburger now instead of just the bread and cheese. Your favorite food is mexican...you love rice, beans, tortillas, and bean burritos. You've come a long way in this department.

Sleeping - you sleep great at night - although your bed time has been pushed out. These days it's hard to get you asleep before 9:30. You nap for a little over 2 hours everyday at school and weekends are up in the air. Sometimes you'll go all day without a nap and sometimes you'll nap for 4 hours or more! 

Talking - I was just saying on facebook how amazed I am at the conversations I have with you these days! You're like a miniature person and it's crazy to me. There's nothing you can't say. I'm keeping note of all the funny things you've been saying lately. V1 here V2 here

You have really gotten into TV shows lately - Caillou, Bubble Guppies, Dora and Diego are your favorites. But, if you were to have to choose between tv and going outside you'd choose outside - hands down. You are very active and love for Mommy and Daddy to play with you. I find myself having conversations with you that I never imagined doing at only {barely} 2 years old! You are stubborn, but yet you have such a sweet soul. You do not like the word No. You have better manners than most adults. You are happy most of the time, but can throw some really big fits too. You hate wearing shoes, changing your diaper and riding in your car seat. You love your sandbox, monster trucks, tractors and trains. You drink like a horse and eat like a bird. 

Masonbug - Mommy and Daddy love you more than you could ever imagine! You fill our hearts with so much pride and joy we could burst. Thank you for changing our lives.