Spoil Me Saturday!!!

Wowsa!!! Mason is spoiled beyond words. Rarely does he sleep during the day, but today he is tired and fighting it HARD. The only place he will sleep is outside. And it's too dagum hot to be out there any long length of time. It's not so bad in the shade with the breeze, but not great either. :)

Chunky Monkey

Today when we were all visiting we were taking guesses at how much Mason weighed. I thought around 9 lbs, Martha guessed 10 lbs. So, uncle Ty weighed himself and then weighed himself holding Mason.......................................................................................................................

10 lbs exactly!!!!!!!


I can't believe it. He's growing soooo fast!!!

Busy Day

We had a very busy day today. Mason and Mommy had to take Diesel to the groomer first thing in the morning. It's a lot of work to get Mason and myself ready alone (keeping in mind our baby boy is totally spoiled and wants to be in our arms all the time), throw in a puppy and you can imagine :) Thankfully Mason was content in his swing for about 20 minutes which allowed me to get dressed, brush my teeth, throw my hair back, get the diaper bag ready for the day, get out clothes for Mason, fill bottles, let Diesel outside, etc.

The hardest part was getting Mason and Diesel both out of the cruiser. I had to carry Diesel and Mason's carrier both. Bow Wow was happy to see Diesel!

Before picture:


Much better!!!

After dropping Diesel off we went to Nana's house to hang out. Nana's best friend, Martha came out to visit. We hung out at the house for a bit and then Nana, Mason, Ty, Marth and I went to lunch at Panda Express. It was nice. We came back to Nana's and hung out for a while. Of course we went outside, Mason just loves it!!!

And then Daddy got home :)


These are some of my favorite pictures from the hospital. It's hard to believe our baby boy will be a month old tomorrow (was four weeks on Tuesday). I love him so much and cry at the thought of going back to work. I am about 99.9% sure that I will need to be put on medication. I know that I will have major separation anxiety. I can't breathe at the thought of it....so, let's move on to the pictures....

Go FTP!!

Mason and I continued our adventure that evening!! We drove to Arlington to watch Daddy play softball. Mason did great on the 30 minute drive there. He just looked around and then eventually fell asleep. I did have one "New mom" mishap, though! Nathan has worked our stroller every time we've used it so far...so I didn't know how to open it up. I tried for about 5 minutes and couldn't figure it out. Grrr!! So, I just carried his carrier and diaperbag to the fields, lol.

Daddy came straight out of the dugout to see us!! It was awesome to see him!! I surprised Nate by making Mason an FTP (team name) onesie. I think Nate liked it because he went and showed the team. It was a big HIT!!

We had a great time!!

Mommy and Mason's first outing...alone

 Yesterday was a BIG day for mommy and Mason. We got out of the house, just us two!! Mason's Nana and Uncle Ty have been great to get us out of the house a few times a week. We have lunch and hang out...to keep Mase and I from getting cabin fever. :)

Our first outing was an adventure, to say the least, since we are driving the big FJ. I have to put Mason's carrier in the backseat, climb in and then snap his carrier into the base, get out and them climb into the driver seat. :) I'm not going to complain about the exercise, though! Mason did really good for our outing. We first went to Wally World for forumla (still supplementing with the nursing), dog food, etc. We walked around for a while. There was nothing but elderly people there and I couldn't count on 2 hands how many stopped and talked to Mason. It was really nice! After Walmart we went to Ross for a bit. I found Mason a new diaperbag and a super cute Puma oneside. It's a 3-6 months, so I am hoping it fits when his Puma tennis shoes fit.

Mason was perfect for our whole outing, but as we were checking out at Ross I saw that look on Mason's face and I knew we were in trouble. Mason was making a surprise in his diaper. What I didn't know was how bad it was going to be. We had to go straight home, change and bathe!!!

It was a fun day, though!!! I love our monkey!!!

Spoiled Much?

As if I have to say this, Mason is totally spoiled already. Well, that's to be expected because he was spoiled before he was even born. But, he is so spoiled that he doesn't want to sleep unless he is in my arms, Nate's or his Nana's. He doesn't care for his bassinet, swing or bouncer. He will not sleep in his crib, either. Although, his crib is starting to grow on him. We change and dress him in there and he just looks around. I think he likes his room. At night he sleeps in bed with Nathan and I, usually in my arms.

Well, today we made BIG progress. He fell asleep in my arms this morning so I tried the bassinet. I had a fleece blanket in there to make it warmer, and I think that did the trick. He slept so sound in the bassinet for an hour!!!!!!! Mama turns into the energizer bunny during times like this. I took a bath, boiled bottles, did laundry, edited/posted/printed pictures, got his bath ready, packed his diaper bag, etc. Then he woke up. I took him to the computer room with me and he was content, so I put him in his bouncer. He sat in that for about 20 minutes. Then I bathed and dressed him and held him for a bit. Then I opened our side door and put Mason's swing in front of it. He sat in it for about 15 minutes. He likes to be outside, so I thought having the door open would help. :)

I am one proud mama today! Baby steps............ 

(No, I didn't leave him alone with the bottle in his mouth. I only let him eat until I fell asleep and I was there beside him the whole time)

Go Rangers

Go Rangers!!!!

Sweep Pittsburgh!!!


Bathtime is one of my favorites!! Mason loves his bath and is always so content and happy. It never fails though, he pees every time. I've learned to have a pee pee tee pee on standby!!

Look at this handsome boy!!

Mommy Loves You Mason

Mason will probably hate Mommy for these one day, but for right now they are totally adorable. When Mason is making a "surprise" in his diaper, this is the expressions we get!! Gotta love em'!!!

Father's Day

First of all, THANK YOU Nathan Cye Hall for being the most amazing Daddy and Husband we could ever ask for.  Every minute we get to spend with you is a moment we will cherish forever. Thanks for all that you do for us.

I think Nathan had a great first Father's Day!!! We woke up to a super happy and adorably cute Mason. Daddy and Mason hung out on the porch while Mommy got things ready for the day. Before we left we took several pictures of Daddy and Mason together. They were matching for the day. Mason had on the cutest "I love my Daddy" onesie that his Nana bought at Target. I just love these two soooooooooooo much!!!!

We went to Babe's in cedar Hill for lunch. It was amazing as always. Mason slept right through it all :)

At Babes:

After Babes we went to visit Mason's Great Grandmother. She gave us gifts from Del. She made Mason two blankets and some birth cloths. These are special to the family as she made Nates and his brothers when they were babies as well. Very sweet!

After visiting NeNaw we went to Dairy Queen in Cedar Hill for a blizzard. YUM! Perfect Summer time treat.

Mason in the car ride home:

And Daddy trying to make "Mason" lips :)


After Dairy Queen we came back to the Halls for a little bit. Nathan took some pictures of uncle Ty with his new truck for his 16th birthday. They came out great.

Then Nate helped Ty and Jacky do a few things and us girls and Mason hung out on the porch. Mason was pretty content! He loves it outside!!

Daddy snapped this of Mommy:

It was a great family day!!

Oh my heart!

Lotsa Pictures

Random Cell Phone Pictures of our sweet sweet Mason:

See my belly button!

Cutest bellybutton ever!!