{Mason's words}

I've always loved listening to children talk and the funny way they say some things.
Or how they make up their own words completely...
I'm getting to enjoy it firsthand now.
I love it!!!

I'm compiling a list of Mason's words because these are some of the little things that I want to remember always! I'm sure this list will grow daily...but for now...

Waxahachie {where we live} = hox-a-hacheee
bottle = bobble
orange = ornage
milk = meee-ulk
Barney = Parney
Rhinoceros = rize-osusus
different = differnant
blanket = babe-ick
root beer = boot deer
Tractor Fever = tractor feebur
school = shuuull
Ty {Mason's uncle} = T-Ty
Crystal {when he calls me by my name} = Tist-tal
Nathan = Eat-ten
Macaroni = Mac-a-Nooonni
School bus = Pool bus
Tanner Louis {cousin} = Tanner Dooodis
McDonalds = McNon-No
Come On = Tum-Nom 
 Also - some funnies - 

"What happened to the wheel" {referring to a broke jeep toy} was one of the first "big" sentences that Mason ever said. So anytime you ask him "What happened to it?" he shrugs his shoulders and says, "What happened to the wheel?"  every.single.time

 Any time something falls down Mason yells, "All fall down".

And if someone says, "Beautiful" Mason says, "Beautiful Mommy" - yes I know, melt my heart!!!

The other day while getting ready he kept saying, "Daddy's pretty" hahahaha

When he sings Happy Birthday he says "Happy Birthday toodles" instead of "Happy Birthday to you" {toodles is from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse}

And he may or may not know every word to "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith! haha - yes, even the "testicles" part. I'm trying to get him to replace that with vegetables like the radio version. Not sure what it is, but he LOVES this song!!!

The pictures below are actually of him singing in the car...


{Bring on the sun}

Ohhh warmer weather, where are you?!?
I have a little boy that absolutely loves the outdoors and needs some warm weather so that we can play!!
And did I mention he has 2 whole acres of ground to cover?!?

ha :)

One day after work we had really nice weather, so we played outside for 15 or so minutes before it got dark.
We had a blast...
but it left us craving for more sun!!!

This boy likes him some bugs...

"Mommy a Tic-tet"

He needed a closer look!

{Best seat in the house}

If you asked Mason....
He'd tell you he has the best seat in the house!!

This where he prefers to sit on most days!
Even to eat dinner...
Can you see the pile of crumbs under him from snack time??

Love this kid! 

{Pillow talk...}

Some of the best conversations we have with Mason are in bed!
Either right before we go to sleep, or when we wake up.
Bed time is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
We may or may not have too much fun!

I wanted to get this documented before I forget!

The other night in bed Mason was on a roll. He was talking so much. This was all in the same night:

He was talking about school. He went through all of his teacher's names and then started naming off the kids in his class. He got through 3 of them and on the 4th one he said "Fat boy" and went on to the 5th. Nate and I were chuckling so loud that he stopped what he was doing and started giggling with us.  It tickled us so much we couldn't stop giggling. In all fairness...he only calls him Fat Boy because that's what the child's mother calls him every day. Mason picks up on that stuff!!

Mason kept naming 2 girls from his school so Nate asked him who his girlfriend was. Mason says, "No T-Ty girlfriend". He's heard a lot lately about Ty having a girlfriend! ha

After that conversation he started playing with my hair and rubbing his hand on my face. He says, "Mommy Beautiful". Of course I start crying. Nate says, "What about Daddy?" And Mason says, "Daddy Best Friend"!!!! Melt!!!!!

Then he asks us to sing songs. We ask him "What do you want to sing?" and he says, "cds" meaning ABCs. After that we had to sing "Parney" {barney} like 19 times and then he eventually fell asleep! 

Oh how I love this boy!!!

{and for some random pictures! I didn't take any this night because it was dark and we were going to "sleep" haha}

{Bass Pro Shop and a $2 Bill}

A couple weekends ago we met some of my relatives from Paris, TX in Garland for some shopping at Bass Pro Shop, visiting and lunch. 
We absolutely love Bass Pro Shop and jump on any invite to go there.
We had a group of about 16 so needless to say, we were there a couple hours.

Nate, Mason and I ventured off a bit to go look at something specific while the rest of the group was still looking at boats.
I was busy occupying Mason while Nate was looking at pants and belts.
They had a tent set up so I put Mason inside of it to play. {he loves tents}
I noticed this older lady watching Mason and I.
Eventually she walked over and started talking to us.
She asked the typical questions; his name, age and if he was our only one.
And then she asked me if I had a baby book for him at home.
I told her yes ma'am I do and she asked if she could give me something to put in it for him.
Of course I said Yes ma'am!

She handed me a $2 dollar bill and said - "Since he's about to be 2 years old I want to give him this. He is just too cute and sweet and I couldn't pass him up".
How sweet is this?
My heart completely melted!! 
One of the nicest encounters I've had with a stranger. Ever!
And the cool part?
I have a $2 bill in my baby book that my papa gave me when I was turning two!
Pretty sure it was a God thing!!

{Dr Appt - 2-13-12}

On Monday, Feb 13th we had to take Mason into the Dr. 
Around 3:20 that morning I felt that his feet were extremely hot.
I've grown to know that if his hands and feet are burning up that he's more than likely running fever.
And that he was.
Thermometer read 102.9.
We woke him up to give him some tylenol and I held him for a bit. 
Once he was settled back down I went to lay him down and I heard that he was about to throw up.
He threw up a little bit...mostly milk.
Nathan and I are terrified any time he vomits.
You can read why here...

So, I held him for a little bit longer and he fell asleep in my arms.
He slept great...never got sick again and the fever went down.
But, I went ahead and made him a Dr. apt.

Mason's pedi is out on a mission trip and our normal Dr office was completely full...so we had to see a family practice doctor at a different office.
But, he was great with Mason. 
Mase didn't fuss one single time.
{such a big boy}

My instincts were that he had strep again, or was getting a tummy virus.
Boy was I wrong! Ear infection - in both ears.
They weren't that bad...just red and a little "dull" as the Dr. stated. 

Omoxicillin for 10 days!!

I would have never guessed ear infections because he slept well and wasn't that fussy.

Some instagram pictures from the Dr's office:

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{If you came over}

If you came over to our house....

Mason would greet you at the door with a wave and a hiiii
before he starts running around the house like a crazy kid.
He gets excited because he gets company close to never.
Next he would tell you to "sit" and "play".
And proceed to drag out every tractor that he owns from the toy bins in the living room.
He would pretend to be playing with you, but instead he studies your every move.
After you've seen every toy in the living room he'd show you to his bedroom to introduce you to those toys.
But first, he will make a bee-line to his bed and jump around like a silly monkey.
Then I'm sure he'd show you all of his riding toys and you'd end back up in the living room. 

When it's time to leave he will give you a soft hug and say bye. 
And then he'd ask about you for the next 30 or so minutes until he falls asleep in Mama's arms!!

Fingers in the mouth?! Yep, new teeth coming in!

{Mason Update}

It's been a while since I have done a "Mason Update"...so this may get long and might be all over the place. But, I want all of this documented!! So here goes:

From his 18 month well check up:
Weight - 25.4 lbs
Height - 32.5 in
Head - 19 in

Shirts - some 24 months but mostly 2/3t
Jeans - 18 months {getting small}, 24 months and 2t
Pajamas - 24 months, 2,3 and some 4t
Shoes - 6 or 7, depends on shoe
Size 5 diaper {still hates diaper changes}

4 on top
4 on bottom
4 molars {I think more are coming in now} 

Still random. Sometimes eats like a horse and sometimes like a bird.
Favorites are grilled cheese, rice, beans, cheese enchiladas, Macaroni & cheese
Favorite snacks - marshmallows, fish crackers, raisins.
Favorite drinks - milk, sprite and apple juice

Mason's vocab is actually quite large. He's saying 5-7 word sentences and will repeat anything you tell him to. 

a little over 2 hours M-F at school
weekends are random. We try to keep you on your school schedule, but that never happens. {except the part where you still wake at the butt crack of dawn} 

- Bath time is still your favorite. I love it too, but it can be quite the chore. You never want to get out...so Daddy and I work in shifts. I will wash your hair and your body and play for a bit while Daddy gets his things ready for work the next day, then we switch. A bath is never less than 30-45 minutes these days. And colored bath fizzies? Yeah those are a must!

- You know all of your colors and like to point them out. And 9 times out of 10 when you are talking about something you say the color before it:
brown blanket
green tractor
blue car

- You love to point out boys and girls. 
Mommy's a girl
Daddy's a boy
Mason's a boy
{every single day} 

- You know most of your ABCs and love to sing them...but mostly at bed time. We'll lay down and you say "sing". I ask what you want to sing and you say, "cds". So cute!

- You can count to 10 and love to do so. You count pretty much everything.

-You've never been much of a tv kind of kid, but lately you love to watch Barney and Chuggington. You know all the words to the "Barney" song and the Chuggington theme song. You sing, dance, and count with Barney. It's so cute to watch. There is one episode we have recorded that Barney sings the "Wheels on the Bus" song. You get so excited every time.

- You also know twinkle, twinkle little star, Wheels on the bus, and Old McDonald.

- Sometimes you will call us by our first names instead of Mommy & Daddy. Especially when you're being facetious. You have a silly, silly personality Masonbug.

- Speaking of Masonbug - I called you that the other day and you corrected me - "Mason Hall bug". Thanks baby! 

-  You're still attached to your blanket and puppy. They've been through lots with us.

- You're starting to get a HUGE imagination, too! 

Oh Masonbug - life with you is so grand! You keep us on our toes and leave a permanent smile on our faces. We couldn't be any more proud of you. You have such a sweet, sweet soul and a heart bigger than Texas. You are polite, always saying please and thank you and generous with hugs. We love you more than words can ever say sweet boy.


{Wordless Wednesday}

Love this little boy!!!

{Happy Valentine's Day}

Happy Valentines Day!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day
filled with lots of love ♥ 

Mason is having a Valentine Party today at school.
I love this Valentines for his friends:



...and Bingo was his name-o