{Birdie & Babies}

 Our sweet Birdie hatched five baby chicks!! She is the sweetest mama and these chicks are just precious. We spend time with them every day, holding them and loving on them. I want them to be friendly as they grow! They are just too cute for words. 

{Sweet mornings with Mason}

 The stars started to align and Mason finally got on a good schedule. He was waking up when I did, which is out of the norm for Mason. So, we started making the most of our mornings together before I had to start working. One of our favorite things we did was go to the church down the road to shoot some hoops! 

{Love and Sunflowers}

 Sunday morning, Nate had to work so Mason and I got donuts and took a topless Jeep ride out to the sunflowers. We took all of the backroads from town to town until we reached the area where I knew there were sunflower fields. All in all, it was about a 45-minute drive. Just Mason, me, the Jeep, and the back country roads. Mile by mile, it was filling my love tank to the brim! I will forever cherish this precious morning with him.